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Every year, millions of chemical peels are performed with excellent, reliable results and because we are right at the beginning of “peel season” I’m dedicating this blog post to a thorough discussion of chemical peels. Today, scientists have identified a variety of acids which can be used in varying depths and combinations to bring beneficial changes for our skin; a few of acids we’ll talk about are lactic, glycolic, salicylic, Jessner, and trichloroacetic acid (TCA). Medical Estheticians today have a wide array of peels to work with and generally stay within the “superficial to medium depth” range. The ingredients are categorized by their strength: Alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) peels consist of lactic, fruit, or glycolic acids and are the mildest of the formulations. This type of peel consists mainly of Salicylic acid,  naturally derived acid created from sweet birch, willow bark, and wintergreen. In contrast to other chemical based exfoliation peels, this treatment does not contain any chemicals or synthetic agents. The Green Peel is perfectly safe and has no side effects, but gives a really deep, amazing exfoliation though friction-based manipulation of the skin. After the procedure, you will generally experience several stages of healing until the skin finishes peeling. Day 6 and 7: Your skin should finish the peeling and feel soft, fresher, and more youthful. After having seen all the peels that are available, it can be a little overwhelming to decide which one to choose. We encourage our clients to utilize proper “at-home” care for the duration of their peel to get the best possible results. At 360 Skin we’re here to answer any and all questions you may have and help you decide on which peel(s) will help you achieve your skincare goals.
I’m from Toronto and at 26 I am considering making a change into the medical esthetics field because I took think more men can help in this industry and I have a passion for skin care and more so on the anti-aging side. I think owning your own business, while much more expensive to start-up, is where you will be most fulfilled career-wise and ultimately make the most money. This lift hill is only 107 feet tall, but the first drop is an eye-popping 162 feet thanks to use of the hilly terrain in this part of Missouri. Ansel Elgort is a young and promising American actor who is not so popular but still, if to judge by his talent he will have a bright future.
Ansel Elgort was born in New York on March 14, 1994 in a family of legendary photographer Arthur Elgort. Those who haven’t yet got to know better this young actor may have the question how tall Ansel Elbort is. Having received such experience Ansel decided to move on and try his hand in cinematography. Almost at once, having finished this work he was offered a role in the film adaptation The Fault in Our Stars. Speaking about his personal life it is necessary to say that he is not a lady man and officially it is known that he dated only one girl.

Chemical peeling (also called chemical exfoliation) involves the application of a chemical solution to the surface of the skin in order to carefully remove its outermost layers revealing the fresher, healthier layers below. Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) peels consist of salicylic acid made from willow bark (also found in aspirin). AHA peels, such as lactic and glycolic, are excellent for acne (and acne scarring), mild oil production, enlarged pores, and blackheads. Salicylic peels are used for skin that is more oily or acne prone and has anti-inflammatory properties as well.
A Jessner peel dissolves the top outermost layer of skin and provides a smoother, softer appearance to the skin reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
The Green Peel consists of a special blend of plant and natural herbs including Russian nettles mixed with hydrating and lightening agents.
This friction stimulates blood circulation and intensifies your bodies own natural metabolism and you end up with healthy, more youthful-looking skin. Most patients experience a warm to somewhat hot sensation that lasts for two to five minutes.
Each peel varies from person to person with regards to how much and how long the skin will peel. At 360 Skin we encourage our clients to prepare for their journey by first stopping in for our Repair Facial, a deep cleaning facial with extractions.
Our preference is that clients OVER hydrate their skin before, during, and after the peeling process so as to “feed” the skin that is vulnerable and new. It’s now the beginning of Fall, the perfect time to start a series of peels and make sure you look your best for the Holidays. I do think that men are becoming more and more accepted in the field, but having said that even here in San Francisco we are a very small minority. Ansel is a handsome man and now he is only 21 and his career in Hollywood has recently begun.
His father worked for a famous and respectable magazine ‘Vogue’ and his works were considered to be a masterpiece in this sphere.
Despite lack of experience, Ansel is not a first-timer in the world of cinema and the theatrical performances. This drama film was released in 2014 and a young actor did a great job and perfectly played his role.
According to historians, Cleopatra used fermented goat’s milk (lactic acid) as a peel to lighten and even out her skin tone. The amount of skin removed depends on the type of chemical used, the strength of the product, and how long the product is left on the skin. AHA peels are also designed to boost collagen and elastin production which will address firmness and fine lines.
This peel penetrates the skin easily and acts to dissolve and remove the oil deep inside the pores eventually encouraging the sebaceous gland to slow its oil production.

You can expect a bit of heavy peeling from this treatment and should see flaking for 2-3 days.
Because of this many clients prefer to do this peel when they have a free weekend to avoid the sun and stay indoors. This would be done one week before the peel and will make sure the skin has been thoroughly cleaned, assessed, and we ensure that your pores are free of oil, debris, bacteria, and sebum. His mother also was a creative person and was a well know choreographer and opera director.
Though he starred only in a couple of films, Ansel Elgort movies were very successful and received various awards, so unambiguously, they worth seeing. Peels can be used on most areas of the body, but are commonly used on the face and backs of the hands.
Salicylic peels are very safe, a bit more intensive than an AHA peel, and result in a fresh, healthy epidermis that is smoother, less oily, and more even regarding pigmentation.
A deeper chemical peel sometimes feels as if you have hot sauce on your face, but again it is brief and tolerable.
At this visit we will discuss your goals and do a quick “patch test” to make sure that you are not allergic to any of the peel ingredients. Tailoring your skill set to a particular bend of esthetics is probably going to help you the most int he end. I write my blog as an educational outreach for my clients, but also to help explain issues to myself so that I am better versed at speaking on these topics and understand them as well as possible. He participated in every possible school performance and it bears mentioning that everyone was impressed by his talent and his ability to correspond to the given role.
Because of the fact that his father was a famous photographer Ansel frequently took part in various photo sessions. Their relationship lasted during two years and last year the couple broke up because of the actor’s busy schedule. Being based on a Veronica Roth’s novel this film was released in 2014 and received a great number of positive comments.
The actor is filming now in November Criminals and The Divergent Series: Allegiant – Part 1. Ansel started building his career from the profession of a model and worked for Elle, Vogue, 7000, Teen Vogue, Rolling Stone and many other magazines and brands. At the age of seventeen he even worked together with a prominent British model Cara Delevingne.

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