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If you want to remove the eye bags without surgery then the quickest and simplest way to do this is placing something cold on them. This type of surgery can also be a good choice if you have excessive amounts of skin on your lower eyelids. A blepharoplasty procedure can create eyelid fold lines on upper eyelids for patients that do not have this line or want to have a more noticeable eyelid fold line.
Whether the reason for an eyelift procedure is medical or purely cosmetic, it will provide a younger appearance throughout the eye area.
Please don't forget to check your spam filter for any correspondence from us if you do not see an email from us within one business day. Patient Testimonialsbed hair, nothing female at all… and 100% of the people I dealt with called me ‘maam – even the guy at the cable store after he checked my driver’s license!!
Eye Bags: The fat around your eyes can place excessive pressure on the skin, ligaments and muscles around your eyes.
Baggy eyes can also occur when skin becomes too lax, results in too much skin in the area giving wrinkled look. Blepharoplasty surgery, eye lid surgery or eye bag removal surgery is an operation to correct the effects of aging, sun-damage and puffiness surrounding the eyes. Special eye creams, cosmetic highlighters and concealers cannot disguise eye bags or drooping lids. A consultation with an eye bag removal surgeon offers you the opportunity to have your questions answered and become better informed about the approaches and alternatives that are available today. A meeting is scheduled between you and your chosen surgeon, who will explain the procedures, the potential risks and non-surgical alternatives. Our reputation is underpinned by our dedication to patient care, before, during and after treatment.
Surgery on upper eyelids involves an incision above your eyelash in the crease line, extending to the crow’s feet. Your surgeon will apply ointment to stop your eye area from drying out and your eyelids will be taped with paper to support stitches. The Liberate Process12345Book your consultationOnce you have chosen your surgeon, there are a number of ways to make contact and arrange your initial consultation. You can send your questions via the contact us page or email us directly here and a member of the Liberate team will contact you to answer any questions you may have and book your appointment. During an initial consultation, your surgeon will discuss with you your concerns and examine you to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for surgery.
NextSecond consultationFollowing your initial consultation, your surgeon will ask you to take time to think over all the information you have been given and talk it over with your friends and family.
This is a good opportunity to ask any questions that may have arisen since your first appointment. NextSurgeryWhen all your questions and concerns have been answered, the surgeon’s secretary will arrange a convenient date for your surgery. NextAfter careWith Liberate surgeons, you can rest assured that you will be looked after: before, during, following your surgery and beyond. All Liberate surgeons make it a priority to see you following your surgery and are available for follow-up appointments.
You’ll get to know each other well in advance, and your surgeon will remain with you throughout the whole process.
Whether you're thinking of a tummy tuck, liposuction, thigh lift or tattoo removal, you can trust Liberate to help you achieve the look you want. Unlike many other organisations, we allow you to choose whichever surgeon you’d prefer, throughout the UK. Liberate offers a wide range of facial procedures including facelift, brow lift, neck lift, eye bag removal, nose reshaping (rhinoplasty), chin implants, scar revision and ear reshaping. Liberate surgeons are highly qualified and experienced in these procedures and you can choose which surgeon you see.
Whatever procedure you are considering you can feel confident you’ll make the right choice with a Liberate cosmetic surgeon.

Liberate is one of the only cosmetic surgery providers to offer you the opportunity to choose your surgeon, from our selection of highly qualified, experienced consultants around the country. If lines and wrinkles are affecting your self confidence, give us a call and we will show you how they can quickly and easily be corrected. With line and wrinkle treatments, dermal fillers, skin peels, scar removal, laser hair removal and  thread vein removal, your Liberate surgeon can help you achieve the look you want. It is general observation that as people age around 30 or so, they begin to experience problems like wrinkles, crow’s feet, eye bags, hooding eyes or under eye dark circles. Blepharoplasty which is known to remove under eye bags and overturn the process of various eye-related problems has now been replaced by newer techniques like laser blepharoplasty and various other eyelid rebuilding techniques involving application of laser. The latest laser eye bag removal surgery or the modern blepharoplasty is a union of new laser with non-surgical skin revival technique which helps in rejuvenation of eyelids and also removes eye bags without any problems. This technology is quite advantageous as it assists in removal of the eye bags with wrinkles and makes the skin look more refreshing.
By making an incision with the help of laser on the inside area of lower eyelid (also known as the transconjunctival blepharoplasty), you can get away from the visible scar which was made in the conventional blepharoplasty. Transconjunctival lower blepharoplasty- Involves discharge of arcus marginalis and grafting or repositioning of fat to eliminate the eye bags and the dark circles.
Lux2940 Fractional Erbium Laser eyelid skin peel-Involves removal of sun damage, wrinkles and stiffens the skin of lower eyelid.
In the first step, loose skin is eliminated and canthal ligament comes into notice which protects the lower eyelid via the upper eyelid cut, so that it may be stiffened. In the second step, the incision is actually made on conjunctiva which avoids any visible scar and the shape of eyelid is not disturbed too. In the third step, the canthal ligament is tightened by a stitch (a technique called canthopexy) and the lower eyelid tissues are shrunk too.
The fourth step includes the complete rejuvenation of the eyelids with the help of a high-tech method called Lux2940 Fractional Erbium laser eyelid peel. This surgery can be performed on either the upper or lower eyelids depending on the reason for it being performed. This will help to ensure that vision is not obstructed by unnecessary skin getting in the way. Surgery for this reason can be performed on top eyelids, lower eyelids or both at the same time depending on the person’s specific circumstances.
This will also create tighter, lifted skin throughout the area that will help to achieve a more youthful appearance. Procedures that are medically necessary can help to ensure that further more invasive procedures will not need to be performed in the future because of damage to your vision or eye.
Jeffrey Spiegel, Advanced Facial Aesthetics located in Boston, MA offers a variety of cosmetic surgery procedures and treatments including Botox, FFS, Rhinoplasty and many others. Its purpose is to lift drooping eyelids, removing excess skin and improve smoothness and contours around the eyes. We want you to feel comfortable and reassured with your cosmetic surgery procedure, keeping you informed and supported throughout. Lower lids and circles beneath the eyes are accessed without incision from inside the lower lid.
You will have some swelling around your eyes but will be able to go home with assistance and rest until the effects of anaesthesia have passed.
It is best practice for the surgeon to invite you back for a second consultation before you go ahead with any surgery. The surgeon will go through the procedure in more detail and ensure you have realistic expectations of the results possible.
If you have young children make sure you have appropriate child care in place in order for you to recuperate and relax at home without having to look after the children.
Each surgeon is highly trained and qualified, so you can expect to see great results, very quickly. This method also evades the possibility of any difference in the structure of lower eyelid.

In the conventional blepharoplasty, the lower eyelid generally weakens and turns downwards (a situation called ectropian or the hound dog eyes or sad eyed appearance).the modern technology avoids this trouble. The main reason to get under eye wrinkles, under eye bags and dark under eye circles are age factor.
If you do not take ample sleep or you have habit of smoking, then also you may get under eye bags.
This skin would hold up the fat ad resist fluid formation which would help in bags or wrinkles from showing up. The procedure is a good choice for many individuals that have any of the cosmetic or medical conditions described below. An additional benefit of this surgery is that you will have tightened skin that will help to erase years from their look. A trained plastic surgeon will follow the natural contour of the lower eyelids to make a series of outward incisions. Removing excessive fat deposits from the lids and tightening the skin can make eyes seem less puffy and create a significant improvement in the patient’s happiness with their appearance. A procedure performed for this reason leads to a subtle change that may easily be combined with other procedures that the patient desires. Blepharoplasty procedures take a few hours, after which you can return home to relax and recuperate.
Skin is lifted up and outwards to make sure there is sufficient tension before the cut is stitched. This can be very useful for you to view the surgeon’s previous results to get an idea of what can be achieved. Non-surgical techniques like Botox and equipments like Aluma radio frequency skin tightening device help in improving and preventing skin aging troubles around eyelids like crow’s feet and wrinkles, although, eye bags removal needs surgery.
Moreover, in this case, it is achievable to discharge the arcus marginalis and hence eliminate the eye bags and the dark circles. The excessive fat and skin can then be either tightened or removed to achieve your desired look.
While some may see these types of procedures as unnecessary, many patients have experience profound psychological issues with self-esteem, anxiety and depression that can be turned around quite quickly with the care of a trained surgeon.
There will be some swelling and bruising, but in a couple of weeks improvements will be evident.
Bags are caused by an accumulation of fat; with age the skin stretches and muscles around the eyes weaken. As you grow old, the ligaments which are responsible for holding the under eye fat begin to loosen up and the skin under the eyes becomes less elastic. This type of surgery can create a dramatic change for those who have excessive skin on the lower eyelids – this is especially true if an upper eyelid surgery and lower eyelid surgery are performed at the same time or are combined with other procedures such as a face lift.
This is an expensive option but can make your eyes look several years younger and remove the wrinkles and under eye bags.
The surgeon can also tighten loose or sagging muscle tissue along the upper eyelids before stitching the incision site closed. Eye lift surgery tightens up the under eye skin and make your eyes look young and beautiful. This can help to improve vision as well as delay any associated medical problems including damage to the eye itself. But apart from this method, there are some ways through which you can reduce or remove these eye bags without surgery.

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