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Lacey Wildd (Paula Simonds) QQQ Cup Breasts and Her Breast Implants Before and After Photos! Lacey Wildd (Paula Simonds), 45 years old, was the former showgirl, now more famous for her extreme plastic surgery: the MMM size breast implants, which will soon turn her breasts’ size into QQQ cup! Why Lacey Wildd risks and suffers to take extreme breast implants? Lacey Wildd said this was not about fame and she just wanted to support her 6 children. But it seems this is not the true reason because Lacey Wildd once suggested her children to have bigger picture and her bigger breasts would bring fame and earnings considerably. Media likes to compare Lacey Wildd with justin jedlica as they have quite a lot in common with their obsession with plastic surgery.
Luckily we have found some photos that you can see Lacey Wildd with natural breasts and sweet smile! Justin Jedlica, this 32 year old man took more than 90 plastic surgery procedures, which cost him higher than $100,000 to become the  “human Ken doll.”, now it comes out that justin jedlica not only becomes the human Ken doll, but also faces “life-threatening” because of too much implanted silicone injected.
With $23,000 donations from social media, Lacey Wildd is ready to take new breast implants procedures which would make her breasts weigh 42 pounds! However, the record has been unofficially been broken since then but this is not listed in Guinness World Records.Sheyla Hershey (pictured) has had over 30 breast augmentations.

Most of these procedures have taken place in her home country of Brazil where there are no restrictions in place upon the size of implants. Her 38KKK breasts are filled with whopping 5,500cc saline implants.In September 2010, Sheyla, had her KKK sized implants removed. Moreover, natural large breasts drop with the age, 31 May 2009 This is the largest visitor-contributed breast implants and breast augmentation surgery picture gallery on the 'net!
Until they were banned for causing medical problems, polypropylene implants were responsible for the appearance of women with extreme implants, bigger than any that had been seen before. They were legal up to around 10 years ago and one of the most famous ambassadors of these was Maxi Mounds (see above).Polypropylene implants continue to cause an increase in breast size after they have been situated. This is because the polypropylene material causes irritation of the breast tissue, causing a seroma to build around the implant.
More pictures of Chelsea CharmsPast & Present TrendsAs breast enlargement prices started to fall and cosmetic surgery become widely available, large breast augmentation sizes were quite popular. Lolo Ferrari and Maxi Mounds shot to fame as they shocked the world with breast sizes that had never been seen before. However, this is usually due to a larger chest size.With extreme breast implants, the constraints of the above factors are ignored.

However, as a rough rule of guidance, very large are considered to be 600cc and upwards and extreme implants are considered to be anything greater than 1000cc.Although silicone implants are more popular, these larger implant sizes are usually achieved using saline implants.
This valve allows the implant volume to be increased or decreased at a later stage without requiring a surgical procedure.
Saline solution is simply added or removed using the valve and the flexible outer shell of the implant allows it to expand as more saline is added.Small volumes are usually added on each occasion to allow the breast skin to stretch gradually.
More and more is added until the oversized result is achieved.Polypropylene implants are also associated with the extreme size although they are banned now. As described above, breast sizes grow automatically with these implants.Issues With Extreme Breast ImplantsVery large breasts come at a physical cost to the body. Gravity acting upon the sheer mass of the implants are an obvious issue causing related back problems.
Even though this may be partly desired, it can easily spin beyond acceptable levels and become overpowering.

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