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Our conveniently accessible location on Millsaps Drive in the center of our Hub city makes things easy for you before you even step into the office. As medical specialists in the practice of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, our area of medical practice deals with medical and surgical conditions involving the head and neck area in both children and adults. ENT specializes in the diagnosis and medical and surgical management of diseases of the ear, throat, head and neck. This specialty specific center caters to the needs of the otolaryngologists and aesthetic plastic surgeons associated with Central California ENT Medical Group and the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Pavilion.
Allow parents of small children and one family member or friend of the adult patient in the recovery area. After you've arrived for your surgery, you will encounter an unfamiliar face belonging to an important medical specialist- your anesthesiologist. Anesthesiologists are physicians who have had four or more years of post-graduate training in anesthesia after graduation from medical school. Keeping the patient comfortable and well extends beyond the operating room to the recovery room and even to intensive care units where anesthesiologists help to restore critically ill patients to stable condition. Your anesthesiologist will usually meet with you immediately before your surgery in the preoperative patient area. During the preoperative visit, the anesthesiologist will review your medical history, brief you on the anesthetic procedures associated with your surgery, discuss the selected anesthetic, review your laboratory tests, and prescribe any necessary preoperative medications. Your anesthesiologist is personally responsible for your comfort and well-being before, during, and immediately after your surgery in the surgical facility.
The anesthesiologist's responsibilities also extend into the recovery area where specifically trained nursing staff will continue to monitor your emergence from the anesthetic medications, monitor your vital functions, administer oxygen as needed, and give any medications ordered by the anesthesiologist or the surgeon as required. Usually you are free from the major effects of the anesthetic medications within a short time after your surgery ends, but you should not plan on caring for yourself, driving, consuming alcohol, or making any important decisions until, at least, the day following your anesthetic and surgery-- some of the subtle effects of the anesthetic may persist for many hours. Your anesthesiologist, surgeon, and the nursing staff function as a team to determine when you are able to leave the recovery area and return home. Like your surgeon, your anesthesiologist will have the anesthesiology office bill your medical insurance company if your procedure is covered under your medical insurance plan. The Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Service at New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai (NYEE) provides comprehensive care and management of all facial cosmetic and reconstructive conditions with the most advanced techniques and equipment available. Aesthetic facial surgery, including facelifts, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, otoplasty, browlift, cheek and chin augmentation, facial liposuction and autologous fat grafting are routinely performed with the supervision of our board certified staff. Reconstructive facial surgery includes management of post-traumatic, post-surgical and congenital facial malformations. Treatment of facial skin cancers and other lesions is performed with an emphasis on natural appearing and normal functioning reconstruction after ensuring total tumor removal. The Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery clinic meets weekly on Tuesday mornings from 9:00 am at NYEE.

Our ENT experts specialize in the evaluation and treatment of patients with ear, nose, and throat disorders. Once inside, you’ll find yourself in a warm and courteous environment where you are welcomed in and never rushed through.
Department members have extensive experience in head and neck oncology, pediatric otology, neurotology, and endoscopic sinus surgery. Smith heads a team of licensed health care providers at the Institute that includes a physician assistant, two audiologists, and two estheticians. With over $4 Billion borrowed and over 250,000 people empowered, this is a name and a program you can trust. A vital member of your surgical team, your anesthesiologist has critical responsibility for your welfare during your surgical procedure. Their course of study included in-depth training in the broad field of medicine to prepare them for their critical responsibilities in the operating room.
Many life-saving procedures- such as open heart surgery and organ transplants- would not be possible without the benefit of the numerous advances that have been made in anesthesiology. You or your surgeon may request you meet with your anesthesiologist or one of his colleagues prior to your surgery date either by phone or in the office if you have special concerns or unusual medical problems. This is the time to ask questions or discuss any concerns you might have about your anesthetic. Under general anesthesia, the patient is usually unaware of the surgical procedure and the passage of time-- it's almost as if you were asleep, but a heavy sleep induced with potent medications.
In the operating room your anesthesiologist will directly manage your anesthetic and manage your vital functions throughout your surgery. Frequently, patients receive additional medications for surgical pain or nausea in the recovery area for these two common problems beyond what was given during the surgical procedure in anticipation of the patient's post-operative need. If needed, post-operative pain medications may augment any lingering anesthetic effects for a number of hours. You will be asked to pay any deductible or unpaid portions of the anesthesiologist's bill just as you will for your surgeon's bill. Ayala is Board Certified in ENT and Facial Plastic Surgery and Board Eligible in Sleep Medicine. The latest techniques in endoscopic facial aesthetic surgery, CO2 laser resurfacing and pulse dye laser for vascular lesions, are offered as refining adjuncts in management of the aging face.
Cosmetic procedures are offered through the teaching service at a significant cost savings.
We even provide an on site surgery center to offer you the most convenient and comfortable outpatient surgery experience. As specialists in this area, we have each completed four years of medical school, one or two years of training in general surgery and three or more years of advanced training in subspecialty areas of head and neck surgery and facial plastic surgery.

The Institute is organized into Centers of Excellence to better delineate the scope and passion of the practice while assisting patients in understanding what sets the Institute apart from all other medical practices in the area. At the Allergy Ear Nose and Throat Institute, we do many things that are out of the ordinary, in fact, we represent the a€?cutting edgea€? of ear, nose, and throat practice.
During surgery, anesthesiologists administer anesthesia to relieve the patient of pain and, at the same time, manage the patient's vital life functions, including breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure. It is also when you should relate to your anesthesiologist any problems you or any blood relatives have had with anesthetics in the past, any allergies you have, or to tell the anesthesiologist if you smoke, drink alcohol, or take any medications or non-prescription drugs, including illicit drugs. The anesthesiologist is also responsible for administering intravenous fluid or blood replacement therapy for you. If you have made special arrangements, particularly for surgery and anesthesia not covered by your medical insurance, then those arrangements will be followed. Our professional and dedicated staff will walk you through each step of the surgical process from scheduling through recovery.
We also strive to do these things to the very best of our ability, exceeding expectations, and reaching for the highest standards of excellence. These doctors are adjusting the amount of anesthetic to the patient's individual requirements for that specific surgery and monitoring the patient's vital functions to determine if a potential problem is developing. A personal patient-to-physician relationship helps to communicate important information about you and about your anesthetic that will usually help allay your concerns and ensure a smoother and safer anesthetic experience.
All this information is critically necessary to understand how best to give you a proper anesthetic. Your surgeon and the anesthesiologist will often suggest to you the type of anesthesia best for your specific surgery given your specific needs. ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery has helped improve countless lives by helping patients hear better, breathe better, feel better and look better.
Our Centers of Excellence represent areas of our practice where we believe that our expectations of excellence can be achieved not just rarely, but routinely. The preoperative visit with both the surgeon and the anesthesiologist is a good time to discuss the type of anesthetic with your doctors and to ask about your anesthetic needs. Our mission is a commitment to exceeding our patienta€™s expectations with excellence in health care, delivered with personal compassion and to the glory of God.

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