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If you are having severe symptoms such as urinary retention, bladder stones, blood in your urine or any damage to the kidneys, then surgery may be an option.  Discuss treatment options with your urologist. Although an enlarged prostate is not in itself a life-threatening condition, it can give rise to a number of inconvenient symptoms which if severe enough, can affect your health and quality of life.
More information on what you can expect if you suffer from prostate enlargement may be found on our page on enlarged prostate symptoms. If you are experiencing some of the symptoms mentioned above, you may wish to look at our Enlarged Prostate Symptom Checker  page. If you already know you have an enlarged prostate, the Symptom Checker page can also be used to monitor the progress you make whilst on any treatment. If you are experiencing the symptoms described on this page, have used our Symptom Checker page and think you have an enlarged prostate gland, the next thing you should do is to have the diagnosis confirmed by your doctor.
However, in order to exclude other causes of your symptoms, (including prostate cancer) the visit may involve an internal examination to assess the size of your prostate gland and blood tests. Having formed a diagnosis, your doctor will be in a position to discuss treatment options with you. There are a number of things you can do to help yourself if you suffer from an enlarged prostate.
Hi, I had a blood test a few weeks ago to check for prostate cancer, which came back as negative. Zinc is a good supplement to take, as it is thought to benefit the prostate gland generally. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, or BPH, is a condition in which the prostate enlarges as men get older.
In fact, prostate enlargement is not a prostate disease, many prostate doctor and urologist fail to understand the real cause of prostate enlargement. According to our prostate doctor and urologist, prostate enlargement has a lot to do with prostatitis. When you have prostate enlargement, you are likely to have severe prostate pain and other prostate symptoms such as calcification, fibrosis, cyst, sclerosis, lumps, etc.

Our prostatitis treatment is the best treatment for BPH, prostate enlargement and benign prostatic hyperplasia. When you are looking for a cure from prostate enlargement, you must make sure you don't have other prostatitis symptoms from chronic prostatitis. The prostatitis treatment cures prostate enlargement with a specialized prostate injection. This means you may make small changes to your lifestyle to control your symptoms, but there is no need to take medicines or have surgery. As the prostate enlarges, it presses against the bladder and interferes with the way it works.
Based on the International Prostate Symptom Score (IPSS), this is a test with 7 questions and will give you a broad indication of whether you are suffering from the problem and if so, how severe it is likely to be.
However, it is advisable to have your symptoms checked by a doctor, to rule out any underlying prostate conditions, including prostate cancer. This visit should be fairly straightforward as in most cases, a diagnosis can be made on the medical history and symptoms. In general, the treatment of an enlarged prostate will depend on the severity of your symptoms. The typical high-fat Western diet and a lack of vegetables and pulses appear to be factors contributing to prostate enlargement. All is ok but is there a herbal or other type of product I can take to reduce the size of my prostate?
Prostatitis is more than just a prostate enlargement, it is actually a comprehensive disease of prostate infection, prostatitis, enlarged prostate and BPH.
These prostate specialists have focused their prostate enlargement treatment on shrinkage of the enlarged prostate and not on the cause of prostate enlargement.
Prostate enlargement is not just the only prostate symptom, there are many complicated and mysterious prostate symptoms from prostatitis. If you do have prostate symptoms of prostatitis, a more sophisticated and specialized prostatitis treatment is a must for a permanent and complete cure on prostate enlargement and prostatitis.

The prostate medicine penetrates into the enlarged, calcified, obstructed and clogged prostate ducts. If the symptoms are impacting your quality of life and you want more aggressive treatment, you may opt for surgery or less invasive therapies. Foods such as broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage and kale appear to be beneficial as are foods rich in zinc such as pumpkin seeds, pine nuts and shellfish. Treatment for prostate enlargement performed by our prostate doctor is the best prostatitis treatment that cures prostate enlargement of prostatitis, chronic prostatitis, BPH and enlarged prostate. When one is suffering from prostatitis, the prostate infection produces waste and deposit that accumulate to form calcified, clogged and obstructed prostate ducts. Shrinkage of prostate enlargement is done by the prostate medicine that contains certain Chinese herbs. The use of the word benign is significant – it indicates that the condition is not life-threatening, in contrast to prostate cancer, the prostate problem we hear about more frequently. This is known as ‘watchful waiting’ - seeing how the condition develops If you have moderate symptoms, your doctor may recommend that you use one of a number of prescribed drugs known as ?-blockers and 5?-reductase inhibitorsIf your symptoms are severe, your doctor may refer you for a hospital appointment with a urologist, with the view of considering whether surgery may be of benefit.Herbal remedies.
The prostate enlargement causes various prostate pain and prostate symptoms to the patient. A prostate enlargement treatment must be able to cure the prostate infection first, then it can shrink the prostate enlargement with ease. When prostatitis has a satisfactory cure, prostate symptoms such as prostate enlargement, BPH and prostate pain are greatly reduced. An increasing number of doctors may also discuss with you the use of the herb Saw Palmetto in treating mild to moderate symptoms of an enlarged prostate. The herb can be used as an alternative to ‘watchful waiting’ or if there is a need to avoid the use of prescribed medicines.For more information, follow the link to treatment of an enlarged prostate.

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