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Two weeks before surgery, you should stop all medications that can increase bleeding during surgery such as aspirin, Aleve, Naprosyn.
Some patients will intentionally grow their hair longer to cover their ears, as after surgery, the ears can be swollen, bruised and red for 1-3 weeks.
If your ears protrude excessively out from the side of your head (prominent ears or outstanding ears), then otoplasty or ear pinning surgery can bring the ears closer to your head and in a more natural position. If you wish to improve the shape and position of your ears, call for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Cosmetic ear surgery is a procedure to move very large or prominent ears closer to the head. Description Cosmetic ear surgery may be done in the surgeon's office, an outpatient clinic, or a hospital. Breast reduction, also known as reduction mammaplasty, is designed for women with very large breasts causing them medical or psychological problems.
We are all affected by ageing - that irreversible relentless process of tissue degeneration which results in the loss of elasticity and stretching of the skin, its supporting suspensory ligaments and the underlying soft tissues. In considering improvement of the shape of the abdomen, each layer of the abdominal wall affected has to be considered. Many times, the ears protrude away from the scalp in such a way as to draw attention to themselves. The human ear attains approximately 90% to 95% of its adult size approximately by the age of six.
The cosmetic ear surgery uses a combination of sutures to place the ear closer to the scalp as well as to create ear folds that are absent. In adults, the otoplasty operation is sometimes performed under local or twilight anesthesia.
After otoplasty surgery, patients wear a headband that keeps the ears in place, all day for three weeks. There is usually no pain after otoplasty surgery and we do not use drains after the operation.
If you have macrotia, a condition which causes overly large ears, or protruding ears, you may be a good candidate for ear plastic surgery. The ear plastic surgery procedure involves surgically removing the cartilage which gives the shape and flexibility to the ear, or folding and stitching it into place.
Ear plastic surgery is a viable procedure for people with macrotia (overly large ears), protruding ears, lop ear (the tip of the ear folds down), shell ear (missing features), or just unhappy with the general formation or appearance of your ears.
A more practical benefit of ear plastic surgery is that it is an outpatient procedure; you may return home the same day you receive the procedure. Introducing Rejuvalyft on Thursday June 30 – Refresh, renew and lift your looks without surgery! Probably no other physical characteristic cries out for facial plastic surgery more than protruding ears. Adults may also benefit from this procedure, which improves self-esteem with relative ease. If you are wondering how otoplasty can improve the way you look, you need to know how otoplasty is performed and what you can expect from this procedure.
When considering otoplasty, parents must be confident that they have their child's best interests at heart. Adult candidates for otoplasty should understand that the firmer cartilage of fully developed ears does not provide the same molding capacity as in children.
After the surgeon and patient decide that otoplasty is indicated, your surgeon will discuss the procedure.
Understanding The SurgerySurgery begins with an incision just behind the ear, in the natural fold where the ear is joined to the head. In other instances, the surgeon will not remove any cartilage at all, using stitches to hold the cartilage permanently in place.
What To Expect After The SurgerySoft dressings applied to the ears will remain for a few days. Facial plastic surgery makes it possible to correct many facial flaws that can often undermine one's self-confidence.
If you would like to learn more about Otoplasty, you may call or email the office to schedule a consultation.
During the surgery your ears are set back closer to side of your head, at a normal angle, and your ear reshaped to a normal contour. With the two surgical techniques mentioned, your ear will now be smaller and more proportionate to your face and not appear too big. Lo performs all his ear surgeries in the safety and sterility of Pennsylvania Hospital or the Tuttleman Surgicenter. All herbal medications should also be stopped as they can cause bleeding and interfere with anesthesia. Risks include bleeding, infection, temporary and permanent loss of feeling to the skin of your ear, skin discoloration, and healing problems. Lo has been performing ear correction surgery for 22 years, beginning with otoplasty and ear reconstruction surgery for children at St.

Lo has been using a proven otoplasty technique that gives natural and long lasting results. Adrian Lo is a board certified plastic surgeon specializing in cosmetic surgery serving patients from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Virginia and worldwide.
It can be performed under local anesthesia, which numbs the area around the ears, or general anesthesia, which will cause you to sleep through the entire operation.
This procedure removes breast tissue, and skin from the breasts, making them smaller and firmer.
Rita Kirby specializes in otoplasty surgery and will make the appropriate recommendations to correct your cosmetic ear problem. This incision is usually not visible and there are never any incisions in front of the ear. After the initial three weeks, patients only need to wear the headband at night for another three weeks. If you’ve had previous ear surgery and are unhappy with the results, you may undergo corrective ear plastic surgery as well.
This type of surgery can enhance the shape or position of the ear or ears; it can also make the ears more proportional to each other or to the rest of your face. The surgeon will make an incision typically on the back of the ear, and will close it after the procedure with stitches. Many people have disproportionate ears as compared to the size of their head, and this is totally normal. The boost in your self-confidence and self-esteem allows you to feel more comfortable with your ears. Adults undergoing the procedure may need to spend the night in a hospital for supervision because of the potential for additional complications. Children, long the victims of cruel nicknames like "Dumbo" or "Mickey Mouse," are the most likely candidates for otoplasty, but this surgery can be performed at any age after the ears have reached full size, usually around five to six years of age. Often, adults choose this surgery in conjunction with other facial plastic surgical procedures. Trust, based on realistic expectations and exacting medical expertise, develops in the consulting stages before surgery. A positive attitude toward the surgery is an important factor in all facial plastic surgery, but it is especially critical when the patient is a child or adolescent. A consultation with a facial plastic surgeon can help parents decide what is best for their child, not only aesthetically, but also psychologically and physically.
During the consultation, the surgeon will examine the structure of the ears and discuss possibilities for correcting the problems. Following a thorough medical history, your surgeon will explain the kind of anesthesia required, surgical facility, and costs. The surgeon will then remove the necessary amounts of cartilage and skin required to achieve the right effect. After sculpting the cartilage to the desired shape, the surgeon will apply sutures to anchor the ear until healing occurs to hold the ear in the desired position.
Brent Kennedy at the Institute of Facial and Cosmetic Surgery to scheldule a complimentary consultation. Brent Kennedy is certified by both the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery and The American Board of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery.
The ears will look good after the surgery and you will be pleased with the results but the right and left ear will have minor differences in shape, size and the amount of setback in relation to the side of the head. By bringing your ears closer to your side of your head and reshaping your ear cartilage, Dr. For more information about cosmetic surgery in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware areas , please Contact Dr. The procedure usually lasts about 2 hours. During the most common method of cosmetic ear surgery, a surgeon makes a cut in the back of the ear and removes the skin to see the ear cartilage. Breast ptosis is defined as a drop of the nipple below the level of the fold beneath the breast (inframammary fold). The skin can be stretched with pregnancy, the fatty layer can increase with weight gain and the muscle layer may also be stretched or weakened with pregnancy and surgery. The purpose of ear surgery is to create a natural shape to the ears and to help bring the ears to proportion with the rest of the face. This surgery is typically performed on young children (4-14 years of age), though adults do typically undergo ear plastic surgery.
Ears are a prominent feature of our face and they are hard to cover up – even harder for people with short hair! If you are considering of ear plastic surgery let our plastic surgeons know, we are happy to answer your questions.
Even if the ears are only mildly distorted, the condition can lead to self-consciousness and poor adaptation to school.
Not only is it possible to "pin back" ears, but ears can also be reshaped, reduced in size, or made more symmetrical.

Even if only one ear needs "pinning back," surgery will probably be recommended on both ears to achieve the most natural, symmetrical appearance.
Typically, your surgeon will suggest a general anesthesia for young patients and a local anesthetic combined with a mild sedative for older children and adults. In some cases, the surgeon will trim the cartilage, shaping it into a more desirable form and then pin the cartilage back with permanent sutures to secure the cartilage.
If you are accustomed to sleeping on your side, your sleep patterns may be disrupted for a week or so because you cannot put any pressure on the ear areas. Because this scar is in a natural crease behind the ear, the problem of visibility is inconsequential.
This operation is done under local anesthesia and the earlobes can be re-pierced by the doctors. Lo concentrates exclusively on teenage and adult patients that require otoplasty surgery, but did not have the opportunity to have otoplasty surgery as a child.
Lo will discuss with you the role of cosmetic surgery of the ear or otoplasty in helping you achieve your goal of a normally positioned and shaped ear. Associated with the drop of the breast is a general softening of the breast because it has been stretched over a longer area. Many people suffer from low self-esteem because they are unhappy with the appearance of their ears, and they may even develop a complex about it. People who undergo ear plastic surgery benefit from a more proportional appearance, a more aesthetically-pleasing ear shape and size, and improved quality of life resulting from the satisfaction that comes with correcting a condition which was previously troubling you. What is important for successful otoplasty is that the ears be in proportion to the size and shape of the face and head.
Headbands are sometimes recommended to hold the ears in the desired position for two weeks after the surgery. Typically if you have your surgery on a Tuesday, you might go back on Monday or if you have surgery on Thursday, you might go back on Monday.
The majority of his adult patients are extremely pleased to have finally achieved the normal ear shape and position they have always desired. During the surgery, you will be made comfortable by the anesthesia doctor using twilight sedation or general anesthesia. Rebecca Jackson of Napa Valley Plastic Surgery perform Otoplasties (ear surgery) on Northern California patients who live in the San Francisco Bay Area up to Sacramento and beyond, including the counties of Napa, Sonoma, Marin, Solano, Contra Costa, San Francisco, Yolo, Sacramento and El Dorado. A small ellipse of skin on the back of the ear is also removed to help maintain this angle. Stitches are used to close the wound. Why the Procedure is Performed The procedure can be done after a child reaches age 5 or 6, when ear growth is almost finished. Patients seeking Otoplasties (ear surgery) who live in the cities of Napa, Sonoma, Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Novato, San Rafael, Fairfield, Vacaville, Vallejo, Sacramento, and Chico should contact Dr.
At this time, you will be able to see the early results of your surgery and you should be happy!
The cut or incision is made behind your ear, so that after healing, the incision is not normally visible. The ears at this time will be corrected and reshaped but will have some swelling, mild redness and bruising.
Your ear cartilage will be reshaped to give it the normal curve and contour that is often missing. If the surgery is done in a hospital, the child should go home the same day or the next day. The ear bandages are removed after 2 - 4 days, but the child will need to wear a light head wrap for 2 - 3 weeks to promote healing. If one ear seems to protrude more than the other ear, adjustments will be made to make it as even as possible.
You will be advised to wear a light ear compression sweatband for 3 weeks at home and at night.
After both ears are repositioned, the incisions are closed and a dressing is applied to both ears. Rebecca Jackson have offices in the cities of Napa, Sonoma, and Vacaville, and they maintain a Nationally Certified Surgery Center in Napa. After the surgery, you will stay in the recovery room for a period of time before being allowed to return home with a family member, friend or caregiver.
After the surgery, you will be instructed to keep your head elevated to decrease the swelling and pain. At this time, you will have to wear a sweatband or sports band to keep the ears in the set back position for 1 additional week. After that, you are encouraged to wear the sweat band at home, at night and during sporting activities for an additional month.

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