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Mohs surgery is a special technique employed by dermatologic surgeons to remove skin cancer with high rates of cure and maximum tissue sparing. Mohs defect of the upper lip was repaired with a combination of advancement flaps and skin grafting of the philtrum.
Here are some new(er) photos of the Brangelina clan (just Angelina, Brad and Pax) out and about in Venice on Wednesday, where we saw them on Tuesday. Angelina’s already gotten some special highlights put in for her new role, but they look totally budget, like they came from one of those do-at-home kits with a gnarly comb applicator (a better photo of her new hair here).
CB get ready for the loons to attack you and tell you how they also have such weird stuff on their jaws behind their ears. Well, Photoshop or a prosthetic for a movie are certainly two of the least disturbing theories regarding her neck.
Raise your hand if you are sick and tired of hearing about these two morons day in and day out.
That is not photo shop, the pictures are from a number of agencies and she has those strange veins. Try to stretch your neck muscles and you can see them, even if you are not as thin as Angelina is.
Ursula, although I know that her veins and tendons protrude in a very weird way, the second picture is CLEARLY photoshopped, while the one in the link you posted above shows that there’s something wrong in her jaw.
I also agree with you when you say that she has had work done and it amezes me that some people are so fascinated by her persona that they can’t aknowledge the obvious.

That picture in the link you provided has been tampered with.And this can be easily proven. It is sick and disturbing the way you and this Ursula person will latch on to any lie to hate on this woman. I looked back at all her red carpet appearance photos and she has been wearing her hair down for quite some time. The sites with photos that are not obviously photoshopped seem to point out natural changes in face shape that even happened to me as I aged. Well obviously she has gills, not only is she the sexiest woman alive she is also Amphibious… And not being satisfied with having the total adoration of all the men on dry land we shall soon read an Enquirer article about her seedy love affair with AquaMan. Botox paralyzes muscles, causing one to recruit other muscles that are not regularly used to twisting the neck and smiling widely to compensate. There have been at least two nose jobs, maybe cheek and chin implants, lower facelift, brow lift, shitloads of botox and fillers. She has plenty going on with that creepy vein on her forehead and those scrawny veined hands.
You can see the difference in the pixels on the skin right near the alien scar thing and her other skin. Kind of like Tiger Woods, the media had so much sleaze on him, but their was a conspiracy to keep it under wraps till everything broke loose.
She is narcissistic, I wouldn’t be surprised if at her age she has regular face lifts and botox.

To me, that looks just like the kind of f*ckery that can go on after a facelift has mostly healed.
This is not the first time Angelina has worn her hair pulled back but it’s the first time anything like this has appeared.
Like saying she’s narcissistic, has constant surgery, spending time with their kids is just for show, blah, blah. Effects like that are always the most noticeable when someone is smiling or grimacing, too.
She is probably as plastic as Heidi Montag, the only difference is that she does not have to be paid magazines or reality TV to tell her experience.
Sometimes the same photographer will sell pictures to different agencies so if this is the case it could be the work of one person. Wouldn’t she have scars, redness, bandages if she had surgery in the last day or two?
It could alternately be some kind of prosthetic for a role, if she’s actually filming now.

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