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Cosmetic ear surgery is a procedure to move very large or prominent ears closer to the head. Description Cosmetic ear surgery may be done in the surgeon's office, an outpatient clinic, or a hospital. You need to install or upgrade Flash Player to view this content, install or upgrade by clicking here.
Protruding ears or unusually shaped outer ear (auricle) can be a devastating deformity, especially for the maturing child subject to the ridicule of their peers. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia in adults and usually general anesthesia in a child. A “lop-ear deformity” refers to the superior part of the ear drooping downward and is caused by the absence of an ear cartilage fold known as the antihelix (the smaller curved, inner ridge of the ear that parallels the outer curve of the ear).
A “cup-ear deformity” refers to the exuberant cup-like cartilage bowl near the ear canal that produces excessive ear projection. He actually has undergone this procedure himself and understands the motivation for having the procedure, limitations , recovery and possible side effects.
Photographs of people used on the following pages are before and after photos of patients who have undergone surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures described herein and that provide a reasonable indication of typical results of the advertised procedure.
Due to the graphic nature of the content in this photo gallery, please verify that you are at least 18 years of age by clicking the check box below.
Protruding ears (big ears) can be psychologically damaging for a child, or a problem for an adult. Otoplasty or ear reduction surgery is usually performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia.
If you or one of your children has suffered severe ear damage or even complete ear loss, you can count on Dr. Please contact our Atlanta Ear Reconstruction Due to Ear Trauma Surgeon today to schedule a consultation or for more information about surgery to correct traumatic ear deformities. Breast reduction, also known as reduction mammaplasty, is designed for women with very large breasts causing them medical or psychological problems. We are all affected by ageing - that irreversible relentless process of tissue degeneration which results in the loss of elasticity and stretching of the skin, its supporting suspensory ligaments and the underlying soft tissues. In considering improvement of the shape of the abdomen, each layer of the abdominal wall affected has to be considered.
Many times, the ears protrude away from the scalp in such a way as to draw attention to themselves.
The human ear attains approximately 90% to 95% of its adult size approximately by the age of six.
The cosmetic ear surgery uses a combination of sutures to place the ear closer to the scalp as well as to create ear folds that are absent. In adults, the otoplasty operation is sometimes performed under local or twilight anesthesia. After otoplasty surgery, patients wear a headband that keeps the ears in place, all day for three weeks. There is usually no pain after otoplasty surgery and we do not use drains after the operation.
Ear surgery, or otoplasty, is usually done to set prominent ears back closer to the head or to reduce the size of large ears. When ear surgery is performed by a qualified, experienced surgeon, complications are infrequent and usually minor.
Occasionally, patients develop an infection in the cartilage, which can cause scar tissue to form.
In the initial meeting, your surgeon will evaluate your child’s condition, or yours if you are considering surgery for yourself, and recommend the most effective technique. Ear surgery is usually performed as an outpatient procedure in a hospital, a doctor’s office-based surgical facility, or a freestanding surgery center. If your child is young, your surgeon may recommend general anesthesia, so the child will sleep through the operation. Ear surgery usually takes about two to three hours, although complicated procedures may take longer.
With one of the more common techniques, the surgeon makes a small incision in the back of the ear to expose the ear cartilage.

In most cases, ear surgery will leave a faint scar in the back of the ear that will fade with time.
Adults and children are usually up and around within a few hours of surgery, although you may prefer to stay overnight in the hospital with a child until all the effects of general anesthesia wear off. The patient’s head will be wrapped in a bulky bandage immediately following surgery to promote the best molding and healing. Within a few days, the bulky bandages will be replaced by a lighter head dressing similar to a headband. Besides protruding ears, there are a variety of other ear problems that can be helped with surgery.
Surgery can also improve large or stretched earlobes, or lobes with large creases and wrinkles. Sometimes, however, the correction can leave a scar that’s worse than the original problem. It can be performed under local anesthesia, which numbs the area around the ears, or general anesthesia, which will cause you to sleep through the entire operation. Ear reshaping or cosmetic ear surgery (otoplasty) may make a significant improvement in your appearance, self-esteem and improve how you live the rest of your life (*). Troell and his staff are happy to discuss the Ear Reshaping procedure with you and answer your questions. In the event that this Website uses the image of a non-patient model, we will make reasonably attempts to state that the photo used is of a non-patient model. Dr Simoni relaxes and repositions the cartilage so that it lies closer to the side of the head and secures this new position with permanent sutures. If you are accustomed to sleeping on your side, your sleep pattern may be temporarily disrupted.
Mark Mitchell Jones of Atlanta Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, Georgia is recognized as a national leader when it comes to ear reconstruction surgery for patients who have ear injuries from trauma. Jones is one of the leading authorities on ear reconstruction and has created the Guide to Microtia to help parents understand the defect.
Mark Mitchell Jones is a proven leader when it comes to plastic surgery to correct ear trauma. Mark Mitchell Jones serves patients coming from Alpharetta, Atlanta, Brookhaven, Buckhead, Cumming, Duluth, Dunwoody, Sandy Springs the Southeast and all over the United States. This procedure removes breast tissue, and skin from the breasts, making them smaller and firmer. Rita Kirby specializes in otoplasty surgery and will make the appropriate recommendations to correct your cosmetic ear problem. This incision is usually not visible and there are never any incisions in front of the ear.
After the initial three weeks, patients only need to wear the headband at night for another three weeks. Ears are almost fully grown by age four, and the earlier the surgery, the less teasing and ridicule the child will have to endure. It can’t answer all of your questions, since a lot depends on your individual circumstances.
Nevertheless, as with any operation, there are risks associated with surgery and specific complications associated with this procedure. Such infections are usually treated with antibiotics; rarely, surgery may be required to drain the infected area. Children who feel uncomfortable about their ears and want the surgery are generally more cooperative during the process and happier with the outcome. Occasionally, your doctor may recommend that the procedure be done as an inpatient procedure, in which case you can plan on staying overnight in the hospital.
For older children or adults, the surgeon may prefer to use local anesthesia, combined with a sedative, so you or your child will be awake but relaxed. Skin is removed and stitches are used to fold the cartilage back on itself to reshape the ear without removing cartilage. Even when only one ear appears to protrude, surgery is usually performed on both ears for a better balance.

The ears may throb or ache a little for a few days, but this can be relieved by medication.
Be sure to follow your surgeon’s directions for wearing this dressing, especially at night. Surgeons can even build new ears for those who were born without them or who lost them through injury.
The procedure usually lasts about 2 hours. During the most common method of cosmetic ear surgery, a surgeon makes a cut in the back of the ear and removes the skin to see the ear cartilage. The procedure can be performed under local anesthesia with minimal discomfort and rapid recovery. Troell can help you achieve a significant improvement in your appearance and self-esteem with cosmetic ear reshaping surgery. Headbands are sometimes recommended for two to four weeks after the surgery to hold the ears in the desired position and to keep you from displacing them while sleeping.
Unfortunately, parts of the ear are frequently injured in accidents due to its exposure from its projection from the head. He has had 20 years of schooling and training at some of the most prestigious institutions and hospitals across the United States and Europe as well as over 20 years of experience in plastic surgery. He carefully assesses each damaged ear individually before organizing a reconstruction plan. Jones will discuss your concerns and desires with you and explain the details of the surgery. Breast ptosis is defined as a drop of the nipple below the level of the fold beneath the breast (inframammary fold).
The skin can be stretched with pregnancy, the fatty layer can increase with weight gain and the muscle layer may also be stretched or weakened with pregnancy and surgery. Ear surgery on adults is also possible, and there are generally no additional risks associated with ear surgery on an older patient. Please be sure to ask your doctor if there is anything you don’t understand about the procedure. Children can go back to school after seven days or so, if they’re careful about playground activity. Don’t expect both ears to match perfectly-perfect symmetry is both unlikely and unnatural in ears.
Jones is double board certified in plastic surgery and otolaryngology (ENT) and has done over 500 ear surgery procedures using the time tested rib graft technique. He will also take the time to have a full understanding of your situation so you will be satisfied with the results. Associated with the drop of the breast is a general softening of the breast because it has been stretched over a longer area. Occasionally, the surgeon will remove a larger piece of cartilage to provide a more natural-looking fold when the surgery is complete.
You may want to ask your child’s teacher to keep an eye on the child for a few weeks. Fortunately, much of this damage can be corrected in the hands of a skilled and experienced reconstructive surgeon. Jones also developed proprietary methodologies to improve the rib graft technique and solve issues patients have encountered. Stitches are used to close the wound. Why the Procedure is Performed The procedure can be done after a child reaches age 5 or 6, when ear growth is almost finished. Jones employs staged reconstructions for traumatic deformities because of the fragility of the ear tissues. In certain cases, this approach allows the ear being reconstructed to settle into its shape in stages, resulting in a more natural and better looking outcome.
If the surgery is done in a hospital, the child should go home the same day or the next day. The ear bandages are removed after 2 - 4 days, but the child will need to wear a light head wrap for 2 - 3 weeks to promote healing.

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