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When large amounts of cartilage are needed, costal cartilage can be harvested from the chest. I see numerous patients visiting the clinic who have heavy large breast complaining of severe back and shoulder pain causing them endless agony.
Heavy breasts most often encountered in middle aged females may occasionally be seen in much younger college going girls. Often these patients have frequent rashes on the skin between or  below the breasts leading to an eczema. A breast reduction is an effective procedure which magically eliminates back and shoulder pain immediately after surgery. Sensation of the nipples can reduce after a breast lift but return to almost preoperative levels in 3 months.
To conclude, a breast reduction surgery apart from improving the aesthetics of the breast alleviates the agonizing symptoms of a large heavy breasts.
Rejuvapen - Strax Rejuvenation 4300 North University Drive #A 202, Lauderhill, Fl.
Toriumi feels strongly that the patient's own tissues should be used for augmentation in rhinoplasty.

Toriumi spends a great deal of time carving the costal cartilage grafts to decrease the chances of warping.
Patients with saddle nose deformities (when the nose is too scooped out) often need large amounts of cartilage for reconstruction. Costal cartilage was used to lengthen her nose and create a more normal appearing lateral view. Most of them have indentations on the shoulders and some even have neck pain and or pain down the arms.
Apart from the psychological discomfort of having heavy breasts, this condition results in rolling in of the shoulders forwards and downwards, leading to a poor posture. It typically lies around the areolar and goes down the midline of the breast and continues in the breast fold below the breast. Years after his reconstruction he continues to have a good aesthetic and functional outcome.
The muscles of the back now have to exert an excessive pull to counteract the weight of the breasts to keep the center of gravity in the correct plane. Besides this the breasts look much better; the areolar dimensions are reduced and the breast tissue and skin is reduced causing a lift to an aesthetic level.

It is especially useful for patients who have had previous surgeries that leave them with little or no available cartilage. Dean in Bahrain Royal Hospital and I was really devastated and sad and he told me about the new treatment “PLATELET RICH PLASMA therapy for hair growth”. Patients presenting with a foreshortened nose (upturned tip) frequently need costal cartilage grafting. I started the treatment out of desperation and I am surprised, shocked and very happy with the results.
Strax Rejuvenation provides the operating facilities and exam rooms for both surgical and non-surgical interactions between the patient and surgeon.
Strax Rejuvenation also facilitates financing options for patients when so desired by that particular qualified patient.
Strax Rejuvenation serves patients nationwide but is conveniently located from all cities in the South Florida region.

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