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Photographers: Unai San Martin, Mark Nelson, Inger Lise Rasmussen, Josephine Sacabo, Paul Taylor, Paul Strand, more.
Comment by AB: The photogravure printing process developed in the 19th century produces deep, rich, textural images.
Artists: Ryan Jones, Joshua Hagler, Ross Campbell, Erik Parra, Bert Bergen, Amanda Robinson, Heather Bernard, Lindsey Lyons, Jamie Spinello. Review by Anneliese Vobis: The artists explore various viewpoints that combine art, life and nature. Yerba Buena Center for the Arts: TechnoCRAFT - Hackers, Modders, Fabbers, Tweakers, and Design in the Age of Individuality.

Review and images by Anneliese Vobis: The quiet back room gallery is the ideal place to experience Kevin Scott Hailey's work. Artists: John Alderman, Bert Bergen, Meri Brin , Jeff Canham, Randy Colosk, Ilana Crispi, Lauren Davies, Derek Fagerstrom, Tara Lisa Foley, Erica Gangsei, Terrance Graven , Jennie Hinchcliff, Malik Johnson, Ingrid Keir, Kyle Knobel, Bessie Kunath, Miriam Lakes, Denise Laws, Kristina Lewis, Mike Mc Connell, Honey Mc Money, Daniel Nevers, Kelsey Nicholson, John Riegert, Michelle Rose, Lauren Smith, Sarah Smith, Mark STramaglia, Charlene Tan, Nicolas Torres, Scott Tsuchitani, Andy Vogt, Sam Ward, Christine Wong Yap. Review by Anneliese Vobis: Junk Mail takes us on a stroll through the jungle of that constant bombardment by consumerism-- Junk Mail. Artists: Jhina Alvarado, Howie Katz, Lucky Rapp, Mike Campbell, Rebekah Goldstein, Aximillion Duson, Scott Inguito, Lindsay Kustusch, Ytaelena Lopez, Oana Barac-Matei, Chelsea Meuhe, Cheryl Morgan, Beth Mullins, William Ullrich. Review and images by Anneliese Vobis: Abiding by the title, Landscape Re-Visited, the artwork embraces a wide range of media.

A powerful, mysterious large-scale painting by Joshua Hagler contrasts with fragile collages and geometric ordered digital photographs.
Nicely framed oil paintings, intriquing multimedia collages, eye-catching wooden treasure boxes and many more exciting projects make for a treasure hunt through this artists' collective space.
Abstract paintings balance loud encounters, creating a mellifluous dialogue between artworks.

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