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Double chin surgery is a disproportionate chin and the shape does not fit can affect the overall shape of your face, giving the appearance of your face looks a bit like a bird and pointy.
Are you the overall fit and have a good body shape but cannot get rid of stubborn fat on your chin? Bacon: Is There Anything Left To See?June 18, 2015, No Comments on Bacon: Is There Anything Left To See? With the official recognition of the FDA CoolScuplting ™ technology, all the unwanted fat in the chin can be frozen forever in the process of treatment for one or two sessions, making this treatment as an ideal solution for those who prefer a non-invasive way to have a beautiful chin. Perlman provides outpatient Plastic Surgery services in his California State Licensed and certified facility contained within his Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery center.
A submental lift was designed to eliminate fat and repair platysma muscles in men resulting in a  tight and smooth looking jaw and neck line.
This surgery will reshape the chin and may be recommended for patients who underwent rhinoplasty to achieve facial proportion.
Minimal pain and without the need for recovery time, Laser lipolysis is promising a 20% reduction in fat content.
This type of procedure is a direct neck lift, which involves placing an incision right over the midline neck region in order to remove excess skin.
Generally, a neck lift surgery in Bangkok or Phuket takes from 2 to 4 hours and is performed using general or twilight anesthesia.
There is a risk in the use of implants and although rare, you should be informed about the possibilities before surgery.

The actual time varies on the scope of the surgery and if it is being performed in conjunction with other plastic surgery procedures such as brow lifts, eyelid surgery, chin augmentations, tummy tucks or other treatments. You may have managed to get back into shape you want through exercise or a special diet, but not necessarily be able to get rid of fat cells that excess on the chin. To qualify for treatment you should be in fairly good mental and physical health and not have any restrictions on travel.The treatment begins by one of our Thai surgeons making small incision beneath your chin.
The goal with designing the incisions this way is that the intervening skin can be excised along with any excess underlying fat.
These small incisions allow the doctors direct access to the platysma muscle and fatty regions. The muscle is then tightened and fat removed via liposuction.  Once your platysma muscles have been tightened and fat removed, the skin is re-placed to its original location.
Any excess skin or fat is removed permanently and the incisions are closed using medical grade dissolve-able sutures. Our surgeons may also sometimes place a small drainage point near the neck to help collect any extra fluids from the operation. We were able to perform the patient's Grecian Urn-style direct neck lift in our office procedure room using just an injection of numbing medication. The drains are a temporary precaution and removed during your followup examinations and before you are discharged from one of the private clinics or hospitals in Thailand. Besides removing excess skin, I also performed direct removal of deep neck fat from under the skin, paying careful attention to sculpting the soft tissue to create a smooth contour.

Our surgeons may recommend medical grade neck compression garments to help reduce swelling and retain the new shape.
This compression garments need be worn for the first few days.Neck Lift Surgery in Bangkok and Phuket Before and After PicturesNeck Lift Surgery Vacation LengthThe minimum time recommended for your Neck Lift surgery in Bangkok or Phuket Thailand is 5-7 nights.
A Non-surgical Neck lift using Vaser, laser liposuction can be done in as little as 2-3 days. Botox neck lifts can be done in under 1 hour and do not require any special precautions.Neck Lift Prices in Bangkok ThailandThe total cost having Neck lift surgery in Bangkok starts at only $1850 Dollars or about €1325 Euros, The prices for Neck Lift in Phuket are generally 20-35% higher depending on what type of Neck lift procedure you choose (surgical vs non-surgical).
The final costs we provide will include any hospital stays,anesthesia fees,hospital fees,followup fees with no taxes. The costs we quoted do not include any additional hotel stays, airfare or airport transportation.
To get more accurate prices and a more detailed price breakdown or to get all-inclusive package pricing that will include ALL your treatment,hotels, airport transportation costs while saving an additional 20-30% off the Neck Lifts surgery our doctors will need to see your pictures and brief medical history.

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