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Body fat transfer is a natural alternative to breast augmentation and is ideal for women interested in more modest, natural looking results compared to silicone implants that can increase the bust size significantly. Bednar Cosmetic Surgery offers one of the latest advances in breast augmentation surgery in Charlotte, NC that uses a patient’s own body fat to enhance the figure. As an added benefit, liposuction is used to remove the fat that will be used in the fat transfer to augment certain areas of the body. A fat cell transfer for breast augmentation is slightly more expensive compared to a silicone implant procedure; however a fat cell transfer is two procedures in one (augmentation and liposuction) and offers results that will last a lifetime.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. This 24 year old Singaporean spent SGD 8,000 for Macrolane filler injection to the breasts (100 cc in each breast) only 6 months before she came to Medan. Fat transfer can be done to the breasts for augmentation and reshaping of the breast to create a long-lasting and natural result.
Although more than a decade ago the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) did not recommend the use of fat grafting for breast augmentation, more recently, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons Fat Graft Task Force has stated that there is no strong evidence for or against autologous breast augmentation.
With the recent mass recall of breast implants in France where at least 30,000 women were affected, it appears that autologous fat grafting for breast augmentation may offer a safer option compared to breast implants. This client eventually had whole body transformation by getting liposuction done on her arms, abdomen, waist, flanks, lower back, hips, saddle bags, outer, inner, front and back of thighs, as well as knees over 3 sessions in 4 months time.
Take home message: Filler injection for breast augmentation does work, but it is extremely expensive! A word of caution on the use of dermal filler for breast augmentation: there has been no long-term study to prove that is safe.
Although breast implant has been the gold standard for breast augmentation for a few decades, a recent United States FDA report indicates that there is a possible association between breast implants and breast cancer. Anecdotal evidence in our clinic showed that with the right technique, autologous fat transfer to the breasts may last a lifetime, without the need to change breast implant every 10 years and without having to go through the risk of major surgery and general anesthesia, as in the case of breast augmentation using breast implants.
There is currently no standardized technique of harvesting and grafting fat to ensure survival of the grafted fat cells. Hence, amongst the 3 available options for breast augmentation, autologous fat grafting appears to have a very promising future, if performed by experienced surgeons using the right technique to ensure viability of the fat cells. This Singaporean woman who is a mother of 3 children weighed barely 45 kgs, but had pockets of stubborn fat here and there. After completing whole body liposuction and 2 sessions of autologous fat grafting breasts augmentation, this patient returned to Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie Indonesia 4 years later for a third session of fat grafting to breasts as well as to forehead. When we launched our Extreme Makeover Whole Body Transformation in 2010 where clients received 3 sessions of whole body liposuction as well as 3 sessions of complimentary autologous fat transfer to either the breasts or buttocks for slightly more than SGD 10,000, only 2 women signed up. Take home message: The whole intention of offering a whole body transformation package at a ridiculously low price is to create awareness that to sculpt a masterpiece, all areas of the body should be sculpted in a 3-dimensional form, instead of the current practice where surgeons only work on 1 or 2 areas within the same segment of the body.
As a matter of fact, someone who is already within her ideal weight range but have ugly pockets of fat here and there, is the best candidate for body sculpting!
This Singaporean college student in her early 20s presented with slim upper body, but heavy bottoms and small tubular breasts. She returned to us for a second session of autologous fat grafting to her breasts, after purposely gaining weight, during which we harvested fat from her outer thighs and calves.
This Singaporean lady in her mid 30s found it very hard to get rid of the fat in her heavy bottom and thighs despite her rigorous physical activities. This Singaporean lady in her mid-20s had 2 sessions of body transformation involving her upper body and mid section. This young lady in her early 20s from Singapore had staged whole body liposuction with fat transfer to breasts and buttocks. This 34 year-old Singaporean mother of 2 children had VASER Liposelection done in Singapore 5 months before coming to Medan for revision. This young lady in her early 20s from Singapore weighed barely 45 kgs but had heavy bottoms.
This runway model from a leading modeling agency in Singapore appeared very good even in tank tops and shorts. This Singaporean student in her early 20s came to Medan for liposculpting and autologous fat grafting to breasts and buttocks.
This flight attendant with a major airline in Dubai who is in her early 20s would like to have au naturel E or F cup breasts without inserting any foreign objects such as silicone implant into her body.
This flight attendant with a major airline in Singapore who is in her early 20s, had VASER liposuction done on her outer thighs and buttocks in Singapore. This Singaporean student in her early 20s knew just how to put the extra fat in her arms into good use, by having autologous fat grafting into her breasts to increase it one cup size! This is another Singaporean college student in her early 20s who opted for whole body transformation. More Results Related to fat transfer breast augmentation costFat transfer breast augmentationFat Transfer Breast Augmentation Enhances The Breast So They Look Natural Without Implants. Edward Bednar, a board certified plastic surgeon with over 25 years of practice experience, Bednar Cosmetic Surgery of Charlotte specializes in body and facial rejuvenation procedures and treatments.

There have been debates amongst surgeons on the long-term implication of fat transfer to the breasts, as fat cells may die and get calcified.
In a most recent study published on the Journal of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in March 2011, researchers found that there was no statistically significant difference between breast density findings before and after fat injection, whether using the American College of Radiology classification or a personalized rating system. After all, implants are still foreign bodies which are inserted into the body, while autologous fat grafting procedure uses one's own fat.
She also had autologous fat grafting to her breasts and buttocks during all those 3 sessions. Not only has the fat transfer surivived, but the breasts have increased in size as well since the last session of autologous fat grafting! With the effects of the Macrolane injections not being very long lasting with only an estimate of the enhancement lasting up to 12-18 months, many argue that Macrolane breast enhancement leaves the patient in a more vulnerable situation than that of a person who only has to go through one intrusive operation i.e. The agency is aware of about 60 cases of anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL) in women with breast implants worldwide.
Moreover, fat grafting is not taught in medical schools or during plastic surgery training. In fact, autologous fat grafting may replace breast implant as the gold standard of breast augmentation in the near future. This mother of three teenage kids had whole body transformation involving whole body liposuction and breasts and buttocks augmentation using autologous fat grafting, as well as upper blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty and face and neck liposuction. On the other hand, she has shrunken breasts resulting from years of breast feeding 3 children as well as her hobby running.
The result of her autologous fat grafting breasts augmentation after 4 years, as well as immediately after the 3rd session can be seen on videos we have uploaded to YouTube.
Those 2 were the luckiest persons on earth, as they would otherwise had to spend at least 5 times that amount if they were to get it done elsewhere. As a matter of fact, because of her rigorous work out, she noticed her breasts had been shrinking. She did not get what she wanted: an hour-glass figure, because the sculpting was never done 3-dimensionally. As she has heavy bottom and pockets of stubborn fat in her abdomen, we planned for a whole body liposuction in 2-3 sessions, during which we performed autologous fat grafting for au naturel F-cup breasts! Although she weighed barely 48 kg, she has mild unsightly saddle bags, love handles and also a pair of thighs which were disproportionately bigger than other parts of her body. Although she was advised that the filler would last at least a year, she noticed her breasts shrunk back to almost their original size barely 6 months later.
Similarly, no significant difference was observed using the American College of Radiology Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System categorization before and after fat grafting. If one wants to debate about the risk of causing confusion in detecting early breast cancers later on in life, a breast implant causes even more confusion as it blocks away most of the view in a mammogram.
But sadly, the hard lumps which resulted from Macrolane injection still persisted and did not seem to improve over time. This number is difficult to verify because not all cases were published in the scientific literature and some may be duplicate reports. Surgeons acquire the skill needed as they perform more and more cases in their own practice. Therefore, we have moved our practice to Medan where cost of doing business is ridiculously low, and pass this savings to our clients to enable them to afford whole body 3-dimensional sculpturing. Moreover, extreme exercising in someone who is already slim and has small breasts, may reduce the breasts size even more. She will return for her second session during which we will address her abdomen and love handles, and transfer the fat to her breasts again.
But again, with the high cost of liposuction in Singapore, most patients can afford to pay to get upper and lower abdomen done only, neglecting the rest of the trunk. It was only when she undressed herself completely, it was apparent that she had some very mild unsightly bulges here and there. She is awaiting her third session, during which we will address her thunder thighs and perform further autologous fat grafting to her breasts and buttocks. After getting thighs liposuction done, she now has very prominent calves, which will be addressed next. Although her arms were slim to begin with, like most women, she had this unsightly bulge like a drumstick appearance, when pictures were taken from certain angles.
Not only that, she also noticed several hard lumps which started to occur 6 months after her breast augmentation with Macrolane. When faced with many calcifications on x-ray, the physician is faced with dilemma of whether to take out every single lesion for biopsy, or just to leave them alone, assuming that those are just calcified fat. In conclusion, radiographic follow-up of breasts treated with fat grafting is not problematic and should not be a hindrance to the procedure.
So, the best is of course never to put anything inside the breasts so as not to cause any confusion. These fillers (for breast augmentation) typically last 1 year or so, but in her case, it was almost completely absorbed by the body in 6 months time.

Most cases reviewed by the FDA were diagnosed when patients sought medical treatment for implant-related symptoms such as pain, lumps, swelling, or asymmetry that developed after their initial surgical sites were fully healed.
Ultimately, just like pilots, surgeons who have performed the most fat grafting procedures are the ones who can ensure the highest safety profile and success rate. During the first session, we performed liposuction of double chin, arms, abdomen, and fat transfer to buttocks. As she would like to look even better, we performed a whole body transformation for her, including autologous fat grafting to fill up the hollowed areas of her buttocks, as well as to augment her buttocks even further. She had actually read through our liposuction case studies and understood that to obtain excellent result, 3-dimensional liposuction involving all areas should be done. A Google search on the internet revealed that complication of hard lumps forming after Macrolane injection is actually quite common.
However, once a woman has decided to get breast augmentation done, then the safest bet probably is to get autologus fat transfer to the breasts. However, based on years of experience and follow-up of our existing patients years after autologous fat transfer procedures, we find that the risk of fat cells dying and getting calcified is almost zero, by using a special harvesting and injecting technique invented by Dr Arthur Tjandra.
These symptoms were due to collection of fluid (peri-implant seroma), hardening of breast area around the implant (capsular contracture), or masses surrounding the breast implant.
Although it is hard to compile photos from patients as most of them are lost to follow up, we are glad to have a number of grateful patients who were so happy with the result of their fat grafting, that they emailed to us the photos or returned to us to have their photos taken long after their fat grafting procedures.
Ten months later, she returned for augmentation rhinoplasty, liposuction of the whole thighs, saddle bags and jowls, as well as fat transfer to her breasts. However, having read some malicious gossip on the internet which said that Medan and other places in Indonesia were very unsafe for ethnic Chinese to visit, she chose to have her liposuction done in Singapore.
Since she also models for lingerie and swimwear, it is very important for her to have perky derriA?re. A journalist of The Sunday Times in UK wrote about her first-hand experience with Macrolane injection. Examination of the fluid and capsule surrounding the breast implant led to the ALCL diagnosis. We are, therefore, able to put together serial photographs which take you through the journey of fat grafting and whole body transformation by removing and transplanting fat! Thereafter, she had Asian double eye lid surgery and another session of fat transfer to her breasts increasing her breast size from completely flat-chested to a decent B+ cup now. The result would have been much better if liposuction was performed on her inner thighs as well! Completely unsatisfied with the result, she had no choice but to visit us in Medan to get a revision done 4 months later, during which we also performed autologous fat grafting to the dented areas which were caused by over-suctioning. Today’s innovative 2-in-1 procedure will have you saying goodbye waistline, hello cleavage! There are 3 very important variables which determine the success rate of an autologous fat grafting procedure: technique of harvesting fat cells, technique of processing fat cells, and technique of re-injection into the breasts or any other areas of the body. This is one of the most frequent problems often observed with machine-assisted liposuction!
During the first session, she had thighs liposuction and autologous fat transfer to her buttocks.
Another report on the Daily Mail, also in UK, stated that 16 out of 20 female clients injected with Macrolane complained of abnormal lumps and pain.
But, even then as the filler is slowly broken down by the body, just imagine the agony of watching your breasts shrinking day after day before the filler completely disappears, as what Qiu Qiu has experienced!
Three months later she returned for her second liposuction, this time on her abdomen and arms, as well as further autologous fat grafting to buttocks. UK Health Centre, a patients advisory group, advised against the use of Macrolane injection for breast augmentation. Similarly, Aqualift filler is not approved for use in Singapore due to the lack of clinical data to support its long-term safety and effectiveness in tissue reconstruction.
She went to Sun Plaza and observed that it was packed with ethnic Chinese people without being robbed or harassed by the Indonesians as what gossipers on the internet said! Get quotes from leading clinics and professional unbiased adviceBreast Augmentation: Guide to Implants, Size, Cost, RecoveryWhat Exactly is Breast Augmentation?
On 7 December 2010, Health Sciences Authority (HSA), a regulatory body in Singapore, sent emails to all doctors to warn them to stop using Aqualift medical filler gel after a patient who was injected with it developed unusual lumps in her breasts. We charge only SGD 1,000 currently, for autologous fat transfer for breast augmentation, which can last indefinitely if the fat cells survive. In this typical case which we followed up for 15 months, this patient's breasts size have in fact increased from C-D cup immediately post-op to a current D-E cup 15 months later!

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