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With the invention and creativity of cosmetic surgery, if there's something about your body that you don't like, and if you have the money and the guts to go under the knife, you can get almost anything done.
Abdominal etching costs between $4,000 and $6,000 and is only recommended for certain patients. This procedure has actually been around for decades, but it can take a really long time to get the desired look, so not many people go for it.
I understand the need to boost one's self-esteem, but when you work out and then see results, that gives you ten times more boost than some surgery quick fix will do. I have to agree - I would much prefer my boyfriend with a bit of lovehandles (like he has now), than the fake, creepy 6-pack surgical abs. I find it oddly comforting to know that women aren't alone in having ridiculous body issues. If you have too much or too little fat on your belly, it won't turn out as well (an inch or two of pinchable belly fat is the key here).

The surgery takes only about an hour or two, but a patient can feel pain for days, and swelling can persist for weeks or even months. I think I'll stick to good old-fashioned cardio to burn fat and crunches to strengthen and tone my abs. It looks like he has on one of those superhero kids' Halloween costumes with the fake plastic muscles.
And also, I've read that most patients gain 10-15 pounds throughout the year following plastic surgery. More professionally known as abdominal etching, this procedure will turn your pudgy belly into a washboard.
You may also experience complications such as bleeding, infection, or a build-up of fluid known as seroma (that can be drained with a needle).
Exercising not only makes me feel good, but when I work hard for my results, I also feel proud and confident.

I guess I didn't realize that men are also feeling the pressures of society's standards to look good. It's a kind of precision liposuction, where the doctor sucks fat from your belly, revealing the abdominal muscles that lie underneath. At first, when I saw the name of this procedure, I thought they carved out or put little implants in your belly to make it look like you have a 6-pack, but that's not the case.

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