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Season One of E’s hit reality series, Botched, introduces us to plastic surgeon’s Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif. If you’re trying to avoid the nightmare, it’s essential that you pick a qualified doctor to perform your cosmetic procedure. Before you consider any form of cosmetic procedure or surgery, it’s important to know the risks. Just because a doctor has a nice website, doesn’t mean he’s qualified to do your procedure.
Reality star, Saaphyri, sought out the Botched surgeons because her previous surgery left a noticeable indentation across her abdomen. If you’re opting for a surgery, such as breast augmentation or a tummy tuck, you’ll want to double check that your surgeon is board certified.
If you’re not opting for a surgery, and instead opting for a cosmetic procedure (botox, laser hair removal, etc.), you’ll want to determine if your doctor is licensed to administer the procedure. If there’s one thing to be learned from E!’s Botched, it’s that some surgeons and doctors are only in it for the money.
This guide will help you effectively screen your doctor, so you don’t end up on an episode of E!’s Botched. Every week, the surgeons meet with two patients, each of whom has experienced a cosmetic procedure gone wrong.

The following is a guide to choosing plastic surgeons, and other doctors qualified to perform cosmetic surgeries. Unless you want to be the next patient on Botched, it’s imperative that you do a little digging into the good doctor’s background. She didn’t check her surgeon’s credentials, and by doing so she literally put her life on the line. If a doctor or surgeon rushes through this important step, they may not be the person you want to administer your procedure. The surgeons are charged with fixing a variety of botched plastic surgeries, offering each patient a second chance at happiness.
By adhering to this guide, it’s more likely you’ll choose a doctor with the skills to keep you from becoming yet another botched case.
Dubrow admits that plastic surgery has a 5 to 15 percent complication rate, but the complications associated with repairing botched surgeries increases to 35 percent. Ask for references, and inquire as to whether or not the doctor has ever botched a surgery before. In truth, Saaphyri was lucky to leave the office alive, considering another patient died under her prior surgeon’s care. In the case of no licensing, you can ask for references to determine if a doctor is qualified to administer your cosmetic procedure.

Also, if the doctor asks unpredictably or unprofessionally, exercise good judgment and seek out someone who makes you feel comfortable. If you’re going to have any cosmetic procedure done, it’s a good idea to research it completely, so you know what to expect. The Botched surgeons were able to eliminate some of Saaphyri’s scarring, as well as augment her breasts because (unlike her previous doctor) they are more than qualified to handle the procedures she needed. In other places, such as Washington State, there are only minimal requirements for administering cosmetic procedures, such as laser hair removal, which is why it’s imperative to seek out qualified, above-average facilities to have any procedure done. If he’s simply attempting to sell you a dangerous procedure, he’ll sugarcoat the hard stuff. Cross reference the information he gives you online, and if he’s not being honest about risks, just walk away!

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