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A chin that is too small compared to the rest of the face or that a patient feels is underdeveloped can be improved through chin surgery performed by Tucson board certified plastic surgeon Dr.
Chin surgery is a cosmetic procedure in which your plastic surgeon inserts an alloplastic implant in front of your chin to improve its projection and shape. If you struggle with microgenia, also known as an underdeveloped chin, we encourage you to find out more about your options for chin surgery. Defined facial features, including a properly-sized chin, are considered attractive in youth as well as during the aging process.
Chin augmentation, performed by a skilled and experienced board certified plastic surgeon, can be one of the most rewarding plastic surgery procedures. Chin augmentation can be done by itself to build out a weak chin, or in conjunction with other procedures to balance the face. The results of a chin augmentation can be dramatically enhanced with a neck contouring procedure.
If other procedures are under consideration such as rhinoplasty, face lift or neck lift, these can be “imaged” as well.
Liz will also show you many before and after photographs of patients who have previously undergone the procedure you are considering.
A ? inch incision hidden just beneath the chin is used to insert an extended, tapered silicone chin implant. It takes about 20 minutes to perform a chin augmentation and the procedure can be done under local anesthesia with intravenous sedation administered by our board certified anesthesiologist. Most of our patients lead active lives and want to return to their routines as soon as possible after surgery. The American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS) reports that chin implants are currently the fastest-growing cosmetic surgery procedure accounting for 71% of all American cosmetic plastic surgery procedures. Our impression – after performing over 10,000 facial procedures including 4,000 nose jobs – is that about 20 percent of patients who request rhinoplasty would also improve their appearance with chin augmentation.
Inserting an FDA-cleared implant made of medical grade silicone, trimmed to patients’ exact dimensions, creates these balanced profiles. A chin implant stays in place because the surgeon fixes it firmly in place with tiny surgical screws and because the body – sensing a foreign invader — develops a permanent, fibrous wrapper around the implant in six weeks, holding it fast. It’s no wonder plastic surgery statistics done by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) show chin implants increasing 71 percent in 2011 over 2010’s count. It’s easy on the wallet or purse, too, because having a chin implant at the same time as a nose job counts as one procedure, is done under the same anesthetic and saves operating room and recovery times as well time lost from work, recreation and family.
When a patient needs chin augmentation, the procedure is an ideal complement to the rhinoplasty.
Chin implants are placed in hidden, three-quarter inch horizontal incisions under chins, where necks meet chins.
Another method places the implant onto the chin by inserting it through the mouth in an incision between the gum and lower lip. Another benefit: that same incision under the chin can also be used to perform neck sculpture or an extended neck lift.
Yet, the absence of a substantial chin can seriously compromise your appearance, so it’s no wonder more people are discovering the cosmetic surgery procedure to restore, say, a receding chin to its rightful and more attractive place in your profile.
The young woman below had chin augmentation only which was inserted through a short incision under her chin. Before rushing out, however, to augment your profile, make sure you find a surgeon who is very, very familiar with the procedure.
But the one thing that prevents a complete mental picture forming in the patient’s mind about what their nose might look like after a  cosmetic rhinoplasty is…….they can’t see inside the surgeon’s mind. The surgeon can describe the appearance of an improved nose after rhinoplasty for days on end but it’s like trying to describe a painting; words alone fail. The nasal surgeon then explains to the computer artist what changes the nose will undergo during surgery. When the likely, expected after rhinoplasty look is generated on the computer screen, it’s as plain as day to anybody with eyes how much better you will look. Some patients are surprised when the cosmetic plastic surgeon also mentions that the profile is out of balance and suggests adding an implant to make the chin look less receding. The icing on the cake often happens when the actual after pictures are taken of the newly healed nose – usually three months after surgery – and fed into the imaging computer to be displayed with before and predicted pictures. People often ask why cosmetic surgery to the nose alone can make a person look so very much better. When a nose is seen as too big, twisted, humped, hooked, wide, flat or otherwise unattractive, the human eye stops on the nose.
After plastic surgery, when the nose fits the face and also flatters the profile, the eye skips over the nose and moves up to the other major central point of the face, the eyes.
When people hear the words “cosmetic surgery” and “implants” used in the same sentence, they usually think of buxom Hollywood movie stars and models who sometimes overdo it while going for a more feminine figure. Probably the most common are the implants that augment a weak profile when a patient is having rhinoplasty or a revision nose job. Unlike breast implants which come with a choice of saline or silicone fillings, facial implants are made from a solid medical grade silicone.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) 17,143 lip augmentations – not involving injections – were done in 2010.
Consequently, most patients who want fuller lips now choose injections of Restylane, Juvederm and other facial fillers. In about 20 percent of rhinoplasty cases, a chin implant is also used due to the patients’ receding chin lines. Jaw and chin implants are often placed from inside the mouth while cheek implants can be inserted through the lower eyelid, leaving no scars whateve on the facial skin. Nasal implants are small and can be inserted from inside of the nose, again leaving no surgical marks on the facial skin.
Patients should select their cosmetic plastic surgeons with great care because facial implants require a perfectly sized pocket which can’t be too large or too small or problems with the implant will show up later. Top facial plastic surgeons make sure some implants last by stitching the implant to the fascia, a tough sheet of tissue that covers the facial bone.
One of the most recently invented was a lip implant that worked like a breast implant; the insert was placed in the lips and then filled with saline to pump up the kissers.
Along with jaw implants, a chin implant can be inserted through the mouth while cheek implants are placed through the patient’s lower eyelids. Nose implants are often donated cartiledge from the patient’s own ear or from a small piece of his rib, and most often used to raise the bridge of the nose. An older use for lip augmentation is with PTFE, a material which is about the same as Gortex. The next day, the “patient” and “mother” plus the segment’s reporter presented themselves at the appointed time for surgery and then revealed to the doctor who they were and asked how and why he could possibly make these recommendations for an 11-year-old. If one had blepharoplasty and chin augmentation he or she would expect to pay a bit more than you would elsewhere, although not greatly more than in other large cities that have very sophisticated practitioners of cosmetic plastic surgery including New York City, Miami and Houston. When looking at costs in Hollywood or anywhere else, always be mindful to ask about “the entire cost.”  You need to know what additional costs there would be for the outpatient surgery center, and anesthesia specialists, medications and perhaps even a postoperative recovery facility in which to stay for one or two nights. To learn more about your surgical and nonsurgical options for cosmetic enhancement, or to book a consultation please use our Consultation Request Form. Modern techniques of facial liposuction utilize mini and microcannulas (very small suction tubes) to safely and dependably remove unwanted fat. Isolated deposits of facial, cheek and neck fat may be present in individuals who are otherwise fit and healthy. Modern techniques of facial liposuction utilize mini and microcannulas (very small suction tubes) to safely and dependably remove unwanted fat from these areas resulting in an improved facial contour. The tumescent technique for local anesthesia has revolutionized liposuction by eliminating both the risks of general anesthesia and the bleeding once associated with liposuction surgery. Individuals in good general health with areas of excess fat that do not respond to diet and exercise are excellent candidates for facial liposuction. On the night before your surgery we ask that you not have anything to eat or drink (including coffee, tea and juice) after 12:00 am. A simple blood test to measure your hemoglobin level is performed prior to surgery and, if you are over 50 years of age, a cardiogram is required for your safety. A compression garment is placed over the treated areas to speed healing and to reduce swelling.
Severe pain following liposuction is unusual but pain medication will be prescribed and should be taken if necessary. A deposit is required at the time the surgery is scheduled in order to hold a specific date for you. Alfaro's anesthesiologist will administer a local anesthetic with sedation so you sleep through the procedure.
Harmony between the chin and other facial features is key to a pleasing appearance for both men and women.
Rhinoplasty to correct the shape of the nose—or procedures to improve the jaw and neckline, such as liposuction of the neck, face lift, or neck lift—can enhance the results of chin augmentation.
As part of our unique Rapid Recovery peri-operative program, we have tailored our surgical procedures, anesthesia, medications, and post-operative massage and skincare to minimize post-operative discomfort and accelerate recuperation.
Looking at the person’s profile, draw an imaginary line from the lips down to the tip of the chin. If the patient has a receding chin, chin augmentation can take the eye away from a nose that is too long. We again return to computer imaging and put a picture of the patient’s current profile on the screen. The cosmetic facial surgeon places the chin implant either through the mouth or through an incision hidden under the chin.
If you’re getting rhinoplasty, having a chin implant at the same time can double your attractiveness rating. The human eye perceives a natural, attractive profile when you imagine a vertical line drawn from the upper lip toward the feet. And the best way to put cosmetic surgeon and patient on the same page is through computer imaging like in the three pictures above. The resulting scars face the shoes and are so well hidden you must know what to look for to find it.

But the most important factor is how familiar and comfortable the plastic surgeon is with the technique he or she favors.
Taking first place in the “most-increased” category of the 2011 plastic surgery statistics was a newcomer:  chin augmentation. That’s convenient for both plastic surgeon and patient because both procedures can be done through a single, well-hidden incision placed far under the chin.
The surgery is not difficult and takes us about an hour but some major nerves running through the treatment area are critically important.
Rhinoplasty done alone in such cases usually does not improve patients’ facial appearances because the profile isn’t balanced. But the mouth is in motion far too much, causing some lip implants to break through the skin.
Moreover, solid silicone has been proven safe and is routinely used to make artificial joints and heart valves.
If a rhinoplasty is done without adding to a receding chin, the patient’s profile will be unbalanced and the new appearance of the nose less attractive. An experienced cosmetic plastic surgeon can see the start of an infection even before the patient is aware of it. Frankly, it was one of the saddest and poorest commentaries on professional conduct I have ever seen as the doctor tried to weasel out of having blessed the surgical undertaking the day before.  On this visit under tough questioning, he attempted to back pedal in saying something to the effect of “.
Localized areas of fat may also run in families and are commonly seen in the neck, chin and jaw line or jowl areas and may urge these people to look in to facial liposuction. At the same time, this facial liposuction procedure will allow for a relatively speedy recovery. Light non-cardiac exercise can be resumed after one week and increased over the ensuing 7 days. As with all facial plastic and cosmetic surgery, final results are achieved after 6 to 12 months.
Our quotes include all costs: pre-operative tests, anesthesia, facility charges, the services of our staff and applicable taxes. He will either make an inconspicuous incision below your chin or a small incision on the inside of your mouth, behind your lower lip. Alfaro will likely prescribe medication to help you manage any possible pain during this time. Recovery after chin implant surgery is relatively quick—especially with the Parker Center’s Rapid Recovery Program. Patients who choose a chin augmentation with a neck contouring procedure are typically very pleased with the results.
Then, a computer artist fills in the chin changes as described by the cosmetic plastic surgeon.
That process uses an existing profile picture of the patient; an artist then incorporates the changes in the profile as explained by the plastic surgeon.
After healing, the resulting scar fades into the width of a single hair and is so slight, it’s nearly invisible. Solid silicone facial implants are perfectly safe; in fact, the same material is routinely used in artificial joints and heart valves. Implants come packaged in sterile materials and are soaked again in sterile agents after opening while the pocket is irrigated with an antibacterial solution before closing. During your consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss your treatment options with Dr. Once recovered, all patients proceed home accompanied by a responsible adult or to an after care facility.
Liz is an expert in Computer Imaging and will make changes to your pictures, under the direction of Dr. Parker and in your pre-op education visit with our Nurse Educator, your anticipated recovery will be discussed in detail.
Both nose and chin determine the profile, but our eyes register a receding chin when we see a lower lip sitting behind the upper lip. Following your chin surgery in Tucson, your underdeveloped chin will be normalized and your profile will be improved.
Parker reviews these images the night before surgery, brings them to the operating room and uses them as an artist does sketches while sculpting. Patients can return to normal activities in three to four days and exercise in 10 to 14 days.
Computer imaging will be performed to show you the expected result following your facial liposuction procedure.
Alfaro may explain an oral hygiene routine for you to follow, which will help you avoid infection.

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