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Don’t you hate it when your geriatric new husband accidentally reveals your pre-plastic surgery pictures to his Twitter followers? The picture posted by Hugh shows Crystal and Hugh celebrating their first Christmas together, holding a heart-shaped frame that contains a pictures of the couple. Clearly, Crystal has spent some time with her plastic surgeon, who has carved and sculpted her into an acceptable wife for Hugh Hefner. Crystal has clearly crossed the line with the plastic surgery and instead of enhancing her natural good looks, she has completely changed her face and body with the end result being that she looks much older than her 27 years. You kind of have to wonder if Playboy has a resident plastic surgeon, since all of the girls that Hugh buys plastic surgery for all turn out looking pretty much the same.
You forgot to mention that it definitely looks like she’s had lipo on her stomach, especially in that last picture in the 4 extra ones you posted of her! Madonna is a household name for many people for both the good and the bad as, she seems to be hated and loved in same measure.
Looking at Madonna in recent time the possibility of her having numerous plastic surgeries has finally come to light.
Known to be a performer on stage and having a skimpy fashion style sense that many think is not her age, it seems like Madonna has to keep everyone silent by looking good. Having taken a selfie too soon after a plastic surgery procedure, Madonna seems to have spilled the secret that she is indeed not as young as she wants to be portrayed. No doubt when one looks at Madonna smile they will see perfect round cheeks with a lot of blush.
Without a doubt Madonna has indeed had some work done to make her nose a little bit more attractive.
When it comes to releasing new albums and going on cover photo shoots Madonna has been rumored to use collagen to make her lips fuller.
Like many celebrities, when Madonna is asked if she has had any plastic surgery her answer is always a no. With the previous Madonna Plastic Surgery’s being total success to the extent of even experts disagreeing, it seems like Madonna has changed Surgeons. The social media can simply be defined as a shadow that follows celebrities on their daily routines. Nicki Minaj is one of the most talked about recording artist when it comes to getting a little work done. Nadya Suleman was the talk of the town, when the world learned she was pregnant with octuplets – giving her the nickname Octomom. As one of the most popular female rappers of the late 90s and early 2000s, Lil Kim was a dominant force.
As one of the stars of the huge cult classic tv show Twin Peaks, Lara Flynn Boyle was recently photographed and people could barely recognize who she was.
Kathy Griffin spent years being told how much better she would look if her nose wasn’t so big. Roseanne Bar was one of the funniest women of her generation, staring in her own self-titled tv show, Roseanne. One of the most talked about celebs of the past year, has been Caitlyn Jenner and her transition into becoming herself. As the mother and manager of some of the most famous reality tv stars in the entertainment world, Kris Jenner has made quite a name for everyone in her family.
As previously stated, social media can be extremely abusive to celebs, including to reality tv stars like Christopher Maloney of the X Factor.

Sharon Osbourne is the wife of the famous musician and Ozzfest founder, Ozzy Osbourne and previously the co-stars of the own reality show, The Osbournes. Information and services provided through Make Me Heal and this Site are intended for educational and informational purposes and are not a substitute for the advice of your physician or other medical professional.
Unfortunately for 27-year old Crystal Harris-Hefner, that is exactly what happened when her 87-year old husband posted a #throwbackthursday picture of the two back in 2008. Before tying the knot on December 31st, 2012, Crystal underwent several plastic surgeries that range from the obvious gigantic breast implants to some that were not as obvious, like her cheek augmentation.
However clocking 60 years this world Guinness record holder for most sold out female artist has is more than meets the eye.
With the most notable yet biggest tours like the girlie show world tour in 1993 and rebel heart tour in 2015 nothing seems to have aged, with the fact that it is already over 20 years . In this case she seems to be on auto-pilot when it comes to the number of cosmetic procedures done on her. Her forehead and eye area show a straight straightness that not even 30 years old can pull off. However even with some experts starting that she uses hyaluronic acid for that, the fullness seen lately seems to be much more than previously noted confirming to fans of her use of cheek implants.
However with the fact that it is temporary red carpet events of her normal lips is the only way the media and fans noticed the difference. Having more scars noticeable on her temples and nose area, another plausible reason may be that finally after all those procedures her body is finally giving way and she can no longer hide the reality of getting plastic surgery.
And this can drive a lot of celebrities to go under the knife and start fixing what most people wouldn’t even think was broken. And after having her body stretched to capacity from having 8 growing fetuses in her womb (14 children total), she decided to get some work done. She was known for her saucy and highly sexual lyrics, until she was convicted of conspiracy and perjury in a Federal Court. Fox has been in the world of entertainment since the late 80s, working on Days of Our Lives and Who’s the Boss? She’s subjected herself to numerous facial procedures, admitting that she needed to stay younger looking to compete with the incoming talent.
Well, reality tv star Heidi Montag went under the knife for 10 plastic surgery procedures in a single day. She was previously known as Bruce Jenner, the husband of momager Kris Jenner and father to Kendall and Kylie.
And as the years have been passing, Barry hasn’t exactly been aging the way most people would.
Now, she’s one of the co-host of the hit daytime show, The Talk and has no problem talking about her time spent under the knife.
However the beautiful lady who is 56 years old today claimed that she looked ageless naturally with no surgery done. Having not changed over the last couple of years it is either that she has stumbled upon the fountain of youth or is constantly going under the knife to look young.
However in a selfie that she took on Instagram both the media and her fans agree that there is a noticeable scar to the right side of her ear, supporting the rumor circulating. Experts in this case have agreed on the fact that previous procedures done were of transplantation of adipose tissue especially under her eyes.
However in her recent photos she spots a sharp thinner and in all ways more attractive nose.

Especially with the rise of social media and how celebrities allow fans into their private life, taking pictures at home, on stage, in the recording studio, everywhere. Including: skin bleaching to lighten her skin, a nose job to fix the tip, breast implants, and getting silicone implants making her butt the most talked about butt in music, costing over $5,000. She decided to go with the vaginal rejuvenation, a nose job, and lip injections for a total over $12,000. So, it’s no wonder that Fox has had a few procedures to keep up with the new incoming, younger actresses. The comedian went ahead and received a dangerous liposuction procedure, plus she got her nose job when she was 26-years old.
He’s been rumored to have had multiple facelifts, a nose job from an accident, and receives frequent Botox injections. The third place finisher has received three hair transplants, two nose jobs to get rid of what he felt was a large nose, and an eyelid lift. She’s received a breast reduction and lift, breast implants, arms and legs lifted, tummy tuck, neck lift, vaginal rejuvenation, and numerous facial procedures.
Wildenstein is known for going under the knife to get expensive facial surgeries, including numerous facelifts, lip injections, cheek injection, chin injections, and eye reconstruction. The comments that will follow after every post can be brutal and leaving a celeb thinking it’s about time to get some work done – with many regretting it later on in life. Including getting her skin bleached, breast implants, nose job, liposuction, and lip injections.
The Two Can Play That Game leading lady has gone under for Botox injections, breast implants, jaw implants, lip injections, and a facelift. Expert’s speculate that she’s had a brow lift or a facelift, lip injections, rhinoplasty, and facial fillers. She received a brow lift, chin shaved, ears pinned, nose job, two breast enhancements, back scooped out, liposuction on both inner and outer thighs, and fat injections to her cheekbones. She’s also admitted to having Botox injections, a brow lift, porcelain veneers, and chemical peels. Barr was interested in getting more procedures, but feels she’s too old and scared the anesthesia will kill her.
She went through a facial feminization and added breast implants, which includes: shaving the Adam’s apple, jaw reduction, and more. These facelifts help to remove the drooping skin over the eyes and tighten the skin around the neck. She has acquired an unusual cat-like appearance, but she loves the results, regardless of what you think. She’s racked up half a million dollars worth of surgeries, including numerous facelifts, a full body lift, a kneecap lift, breast implants, plus many more undisclosed procedures. If only it was true, the plastic surgeon should be very skillful.Besides, she was also said having botox injection.

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