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Call our Tulsa plastic surgery office at 918-749-7177 to schedule your personal consulation with Dr. Breast enhancement is a procedure that may be used to either lift, separate, augment, reduce, or reposition the breasts to a more symmetrical silhouette. If you have stubborn fatty deposits in areas of the body that wona€™t respond to diet and exercise, body contouring may be the ideal solution for you.
Upper lid blepharoplasty will have an incision that begins in the crease of the upper eyelid and lower lid blepharoplasty will have an incision that begins just below the lower lash line where we remove some of the obvious fat pockets and remove excess skin.
You will be allowed to view many more patient photos in our office when you visit for a consultation.
He does not believe in a “cookie cutter” approach, does not take short cuts, and is always looking to advance his technique. Her eight years of experience at Cosmetic Surgical Art Center in addition to prior education and experience gained while working under the direction of other physicians provides Diane with the technical expertise needed to serve as valued asset for patients.
Diane is knowledgeable about all of the surgical procedures and is always open to answering questions or reviewing sometimes complex information so that patients are able to make the best decision for themselves. A Certified Surgical Technologist, Originally from Washington State, Jenny joined the team equipped with seven years of experience in the healthcare field – specializing in plastic surgery.
She provides comfort to her patients by assisting them through the procedure as well as answering any questions once they transition to the recovery room. She will make you feel comfortable about calling or asking questions regarding your specific care or directing you to where those questions will be addressed. If you want someone to do your surgery right the first time then come and meet Dr.Robert Marouk. Brow lift surgery is indicated when the brow region begins falling down in an inferior fashion. The endoscope is a small tube with a light and small camera that is placed through small incisions in the hair bearing regions of the scalp to release the tissue which allows it to be raised without significant scarring. Facelift incision starts just above the ear and hair line and extends down in a curved fashion in front of the ear curving back behind the cartilage to keep from having a straight line incision in front of the ear which is more noticeable. Mathers has been in practice since 1991 when he established the Center for Plastic Surgery, P.C. Bryan Whitlock has established a solid reputation for his consistently natural-looking results with breast augmentation (breast implants) and other cosmetic surgeries. Whitlock provides the following cosmetic procedures, performed with excellence and attention to detail, yielding dramatic, natural-looking results.
Body contouring is a procedure that uses various types of techniques, such as liposuction, to eliminate stubborn deposits of fat and loose, sagging skin throughout the body.
Whitlock provides many types of plastic surgery to correct imperfections in the face and diminish the signs of aging, remove wrinkles, scars, and other imperfections in the surface of the skin, and tighten the facial tissue to yield a firmer, smoother, more youthful appearance.
Whitlock also provides a variety of Medspa procedures, such as dermal filler treatments, to address every possible concern that you may have about the appearance of your face and body.
Whitlock to learn more about breast augmentation, body contouring, and other cosmetic procedures. Individual results of plastic surgery vary; these photos are for educational purposes only. Marouk’s practice is built on the cornerstone of surgical science, he also recognizes and embraces the importance of treating the whole patient by forging a professional relationship with each of them to provide educational and emotional support. Marouk’s affinity for helping people through the practice of modern medicine makes perfect sense when viewed through the lens of his upbringing. Marouk completed his Cosmetic Surgical fellowship training at Graduate Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania under the auspices of Dr. Marouk and his staff will provide you with a guided hand and the resources necessary to make an educated and well-informed decision regarding your specific needs and desires.
These ethical values go a long way in the Cosmetic Surgery profession and ultimately lead to satisfied patients and sought after outcomes.

Multiple factors influence the process of arriving at the best decisions and outcomes that are by definition based on individual circumstances. Add this to an innate understanding of the emotional and psychological implications, and it’s easy to see why Diane has become such a valued part of the team.
Her calm and nurturing nature adds a personal measure that encourages relaxation and recovery. Her many years of customer service experience and her caring, outgoing personality are apparent in her interactions with our patients.
She offers the most effective cosmetic techniques and advanced technologies available including laser hair removal, Fraxel treatments and permanent make-up. If there is more than one, please select “multiple” and we will discuss when we contact you. Marouk is not only a skilled and talented surgeon, he is an honest, kind and caring person, he is the most personable doctor I have ever met.
Marouk and staff for achieving a sense of accomplishment, brightening the day of your patients, changing your patient’s world, and going that extra mile when needed. Mathers can help you determine whether brow lift surgery is indicated or just upper or lower eyelid surgery to obtain your personal goals in your appearance.
The facelift patient will spend the night at the facility with a nurse and an aide providing around the clock care. The majority of facelift patients return to work in 10-14 days after surgery depending on how much bruising they have. Whitlock specializes in quick recovery breast augmentation procedures with minimum chances of complications. Body contouring can produce the trim, taut, youthful silhouette that often cannot be achieved by diet and exercise alone. Facial surgery corrects flaws such as wrinkles, creases, folds, sagging skin, scars, and other facial imperfections, producing a luminous and smooth texture and a clean a€?refresheda€? rather than a€?tightly pulleda€? look. Medspa procedures can revitalize different areas of the face, neck, torso and other areas of the body. He has the uncanny ability to move beyond the technical jargon to explain the sometimes intimidating intricacies of cosmetic surgery in a way that fosters a strong understanding of what his patients are about to experience. He and his two siblings followed in their father’s footsteps to become successful physicians. He insists on competency, compassion and clear understanding of how these two qualities lead to positive outcomes for the patient. We suggest viewing the Patient Picture Gallery to get an accurate representation of the high caliber results brought to the table by Dr. He remained on the east coast until the year 2000 when he joined Desert Mountain Consultants in Anesthesia based in Scottsdale. She excels at welcoming patients at their first visit, helping them “imagine the new you,” working with them through the entire process and encouraging the healing process. I know you do your best each day lifting their spirits through your sense of humor and making great use of your skills and talents. Cosmetic Surgical Art Center goes above and beyond to make sure you are educated in making your personal decision about surgery. Brow lift surgery will also help alleviate the horizontal and vertical lines in the mid and upper forehead regions. The brow is moved in superior fashion above the eyebrows giving the eyes a more opened and youthful appearance in a very subtle fashion. Most people complain of shallowness in the upper cheek area, excess skin in the jowl and neck regions.
After the skin is elevated, dissection is carried into the deeper layer where muscles are tightened and pulled in a superior fashion giving a more natural appearance for the face. The majority of the swelling is gone in 2-3 weeks, but changes will continue for 2-3 months.

Mathers is certified in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and currently focuses entirely on cosmetic procedures. Some people are unaware that there is nothing to prevent non-specialized physicians from performing cosmetic surgery. Whitlock is among the top breast augmentation surgeons in the region; in fact, patients are willing to travel from Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, and all over the United States to Tulsa and Broken Arrow, Oklahoma to seek Dr.
He’s a master at jumping between the differing worlds of objective science and the subjective pursuit of beauty.
Doc spotted it right away at my post-op visit and Diane did her best to get me back in ASAP to fix it (at no cost to me).
Putting compassion into your practice, quieting concerns and fears by understanding others and valuing everyone you meet in your office. Weight loss and weight gain can significantly affect the appearance of your face, especially when you reach age 40-50.
The average time frame is 3 weeks to return to cardio exercise, and in 6 weeks, patients are released to full activity. In his 19 years of experience, he has completed over 9,000 cases with the majority being cosmetic surgery. Newman was considered by many to be one of the fore-fathers of Cosmetic Surgery and credited with introducing liposuction procedures to the United States from France. He answered ALL of my many questions at my consultation before I even asked them and took plenty of time with me. He was always available to take the time to speak to me directly before and after my surgery. Some older patients have a brow lift done because they have visual field obstruction due to significant brow ptosis (sagging).
At that age, the skin will not shrink back in the neck region as it would if you were younger. His experience devoted entirely to plastic surgery will insure the best possible outcome for his patients. A brow lift can refresh your appearance and enhance your self confidence but not necessarily make a drastic change in your appearance. Our facelift surgery is a multiple layer approach where muscle and fat layers in the deeper part of the upper portions of the face is lifted and reshaped as well as the jowl and neck areas. If the surgeon does not have the proper certification, he will not be credentialed within this specific category at major hospitals and patients should be wary. Whitlock performs hundreds of breast augmentation surgeries yearly, assuring you that you will be in the most capable and expert hands while maintaining affordable rates to keep this procedure accessible to all women. He was raised within a medical context and has the innate predisposition to excel within it, a unique perspective not shared by many of his ilk. Marouk pioneered several modern surgical techniques which are at the forefront of Cosmetic Surgery. This method provides a more natural look than a typical facelift where only excess skin is removed. John Medical Centers in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but operates almost exclusively at Cherry Street Surgery Center, LLC in mid-town Tulsa which he established in 1995.
John Anesthesia Group, a rotating group of board certified physician anesthesiologist who will be with the patient from start to finish.

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