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All Facial Plastic Surgery procedures are performed by Aaron Shapiro, MD, Board Certified in Facial Plastic Surgery. Previously, Facial Plastic Surgery could only be done in the Operating Room under general anesthesia. There is a complete Laser and Facial Center that will enhance Facial Plastic Surgery to obtain optimal results. Ideal candidates for fat grafting are in good health and without a history of abdominal bleeding or swelling following other procedures.
If you are interested in receiving a fat transfer in Buck County, contact the Center for Facial Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation. If you are considering minor surgery for droopy eyes in Bucks County, contact the Center for Facial Plastic Surgery for a free consultation. You may be a candidate for laser blepharoplasty on your lower eyelids if you have a small amount of fullness around your eyes and minimal laxity to your skin. With the Combination Neck Lift in Philadelphia, the Silhouette threads are used, and a traditional neck lift is also performed – so the patient gets the best of both worlds. Patients interested in the Combination Neck Lift should call today to schedule a consultation and learn if the procedure is right for them. When you meet with a silhouette face lift doctor in Philadelphia, take the time to discuss your specific treatment goals.
A combination face lift in the Philadelphia area involves using silhouette threads with some of the techniques used during a standard face lift procedure. Before you schedule your silhouette face lift, you should plan to take two to three days off work for recovery. Prior to the discovery of the silhouette face lift, doctors removed sagging skin by cutting it. When people reach their late thirties or early forties, they may begin to have sagging skin around the neck and jaw line. The Silhouette Lift uses special threads that are inserted under the skin from the neck to the temple area. Local anesthesia is administered for the procedure, and the pain of the treatment is reported to be minimal. Patients may experience some redness or swelling from the treatment, but many of them can return to work right after the procedure.
The results continue to improve over the next two weeks as the face and neck adjust to the Silhouette Neck Lift. The neck lift procedure in Langhorne is not as effective as plastic surgery that removes excess skin, but it can drastically enhance a person’s appearance. The sun’s ultraviolet rays cause the worst damage to the skin, and they do so in a couple of ways. UVA is more dangerous to skin than UVB because UVB can be blocked by clothing, cloud cover and even glass, and is most dangerous during the summer months. Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, is a service offered by cosmetic surgeons that reshapes the nose. The amount of time the rhinoplasty procedure takes depends on the amount of work requested by a patient.
There is no guarantee that the Bucks County rhinoplasty procedure can keep the nose looking exactly the same forever, because patients could receive an injury to their nose after surgery that changes the appearance of the area. Post-surgery care will be addressed and explained to patients by their medical professional. The combination facelift performed by Center for Facial Surgery in Langhorne, PA is different than a traditional facelift in that it is less invasive and requires less time to heal. Once the threads are inserted and tightened, the skin will regain a more healthy, youthful appearance.
Another great aspect of the Bucks County combination facelift is that the threads can be adjusted as needed. During a Philadelphia eyelid lift, there are numerous activities that will occur, and it is a good idea for those considering the procedure to understand what to expect. The performing surgeon will be able to answer specific questions regarding individual circumstances during the consultation, but it is a fairly non-invasive procedure requiring only local anesthesia, and the entire procedure is normally completed within one to two hours.
There is not much pain associated with the procedure; however, bruising is likely to occur. Prior to undergoing surgery, the performing surgeon will be happy to discuss the possible risks and ensure the patient is fully aware of the possibility of personal impact.
For some people, a laser liposuction with skin tightening is not enough to return the muscles and skin on their necks to a smooth and youthful appearance. The mini neck lift is appropriate for men and women who have just begun to show signs of aging in their necks. People who have more extensive sagging skin in their cheeks and neck in the Langhorne, PA area can benefit from a silhouette neck lift. Oct 2011, Dr Kamol visited his friends plastic surgeons at VU Medical center in Amsterdam- the Netherlands after having a conference in Paris.
If you like the results you see here, request a complimentary consultationrequest a complimentary consultation to learn more about how this procedure can help you achieve your ideal appearance.
At our Center, we have a brand new state of the art facility where procedures can be done under local anesthesia with oral sedation.
In many cases, it is used as a body sculpting procedure that removes stubborn pockets of fat from the thighs, buttocks, stomach or the arms that don’t respond to diet and exercise. As time goes by, the techniques used to perform these operations have become more sophisticated. Candidates who have a history of smoking should make this clear to the doctor during a consultation.

Shapiro removes excess fat, muscle and loose skin by making tiny incisions into the eyelid. Because a lot of people worry about wrinkles on their face, the neck is neglected until it is too late.
The revolutionary technique is performed without general anesthesia and without the need for hospitalization.
With a neck lift, an incision is made above the lower part of the ear and is extended to the hairline behind the ear. Are you looking to restore sagging eyebrows, correct the effects of prematurely aging skin, tighten up loose skin around your cheeks and neck or a combination of all of these?
Although this type of face lift is not invasive, you may experience some tenderness in the affected areas. Those who have jobs that involve a lot of physical activity may need to wait two to three days before returning to work. The sagging skin will be visibly lifted, reducing the wrinkles that were present before the treatment. At the end of the two-week recovery period, patients have softer, more youthful appearances. Candidates for neck lifts just need to be in good general health and have the required skin thickness.
It feels wonderful to be out on a warm sunny day, but there’s no question that the sun does a number on human skin.
UVA rays bombard the earth for most of the day and in all seasons and isn’t blocked by cloud cover. Since no one wants to stay out of the sun all the time, the best treatment is a sunscreen, a cream or ointment that absorbs the energy of ultraviolet rays. Depending on how the patient desires to look, they can have their nose size decreased, enlarged, and completely change the shape and overall appearance of the nose. Patients who have trouble breathing can receive a rhinoplasty procedure to reshape their nose in a way that no longer constricts their ability to breathe.
In some cases, the surgery can be completed in under and hour, while other patients may have to stay overnight and receive a procedure that takes multiple hours to complete.
Results of surgery depend on what the patient desired to have done, and what goals they chose with the assistance of their medical professional to accomplish with surgery. Again, healing time depends on what work the patient chose to complete, and in what amount of time.
Though this is a natural process we all go through, it does bring about changes in our appearance that we may not readily welcome.
There are different types of procedures that can be done to help erase years from the face. This process is done by inserting thin threads (known as Silhouette Threads)into the areas of the face where the skin is sagging. In later years, after the procedure is completed, The skin can be tightened up again should sagging occur as the patient ages more.
While these effects inevitably give the individual an aged look, those suffering from droopy eyes Philadelphia do have the option to combat this natural sign of aging. The main goal of the surgery is to remove excess fat and drooping skin from around the eye. While it depends on the complexity of the surgery as well as the individual patient, most eyelid surgery Philadelphia patients are fully recovered within around 14 days.
If the procedure is being performed in anticipation for a particular event, it is a good idea to have it completed at least a month ahead of time to ensure these bruises have had a chance to heal. While negative side effects following this type of procedure are rare, some patients have noted downward placement of the lower eyelid, but these cases normally corrected themselves with time. If you are in this situation, you are encouraged to contact the new patient hotline at the Center for Facial Surgery in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. Around the age of 40, many people notice that they have unattractive fatty deposits, sagging skin and wrinkles on their neck.
Shapiro combines the use of the silhouette threads with the surgical neck lift to obtain results that can withstand the normal demands of aging.
Jamal Yousefi and his staff at Younger Image Plastic Surgery Center provide plastic surgery specials to patients in Washington, DC, Vienna, Woodbridge, and the surrounding areas of Virginia.
We encourage you to print your favorite photos and bring them with you during your consultation to help communicate your goals and expectations.
These photos are of an actual patient of our practice who has provided consent to display their pictures online.
Goldfarb, MD, FACS, a nationally recognized Board Certified Surgeon, lecturer and physician trainer for innovative procedures and lasers. Shapiro is a Staff Member of Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and a National and International Lecturer and Trainer. The fat that is removed is then used as a filler that is injected under the skin to smooth out wrinkles and other signs of aging, usually in the face.
For example, one technique used in our cosmetic clinic in Langhorne, PA utilize the benefits of stem cells to enhance the effects of the transfer. Aaron Shapiro is a certified plastic surgeon who has experience with the eyelid lift Langhorne procedure as well as numerous other procedures to enhance your appearance. When he first began his career, patients had to check into the hospital and have cosmetic procedures performed under general anesthesia. When it becomes evident that a laser liposuction or skin tightening procedure on the neck cannot be enough to get the neck looking youthful again, a neck lift in Langhorne is in order. Men might notice jowls and women might notice marionette lines, but both may discover that their neck is just not as tight as it was in their 20s. Just local anesthesia and about 45 minutes time is all that is needed for this job to be complete.

It is important that the doctor understand exactly what you are looking for before you agree to the procedure.
This silhouette face lift procedure is performed under general anesthesia and takes approximately 60 to 90 minutes to complete on an outpatient basis. This produces a lifted effect and a face that is healthier and younger looking than before the procedure. Silhouette Neck Lift in Bucks County is a minimally invasive procedure that reduces those signs of aging and helps patients look dramatically younger.
But if the damage has been done, other treatments include vascular pulsed lasers to remove spider veins, Botox injections for wrinkles, or retinoid creams. Plastic surgeons performing the procedure also give their patients insight on what look would be most appealing and complimentary with their face.
Allowing the nose to fully develop can change the shape, size, and overall appearance of the nose completely, so it’s critical that this natural growth take place. Detailed information that’s dependent on the patients person choices will all be explained by the doctor. We may still feel and act young, but our skin can sometimes make us appear to be older than our actual age. This may occur gradually over several years or there may even be dramatic changes in the skin within only a few years. With the increase in technology, cosmetic eye surgery Philadelphia is an increasingly popular option proven to reverse the droopy eye appearance.
While much of the bruising can be hidden under makeup, the full effects of the surgery can take some time to completely manifest. The mini neck lift is a simple procedure designed to erase these early signs of aging for Langhorne, PA residents.
Shapiro inserts a specialized thread into the upper side portion of your head and through the cheek area.
However, if some patients prefer more anesthesia they can have the procedures done at an Out-Patient Surgery Center. Stem cells are found in nearly every multicellular organism, and they are capable of renewing themselves through a process called mitotic cell division while differentiating themselves into different cell types. You may not be able to control getting older, but you can take steps to hold onto your youthful appearance for as long as possible. Technology has advanced to the point where most procedures can be completed on an outpatient basis at the Center for Facial Plastic Surgery. The initial incision is made with the utmost care, in a natural crease so no unsightly scars are left. Most silhouette face lift doctors have computer technology available that can show you what you would look like after the silhouette face lift procedure is completed.
It is ideal for people looking to stabilize and lift sagging facial skin, crow’s feet, the jowl area and nasal folds. It is gentle enough to allow you to have other procedures performed at the same time, such as Botox and Restalyne. Retinoids, which are made from Vitamin A, speed up cell division and the sloughing of dead skin cells and induces the formation of new blood vessels, which can smooth out fine wrinkles and lines. The rate at which skin ages may be determined by the environment, how skin is care for over the years and even heredity. Because the fat comes from the patient’s own body, it is often safer to use than other fillers.
Side effects and recovery time for most plastic surgery procedures has also decreased significantly in the last two decades. Typically, a patient is back to their normal activities in two days time and within two weeks you can see a soft and natural recovery on the face, as all the post-op bruising and swelling has subsided. If you are considering getting a face lift to reduce the effects of aging and enhance your appearance, consider contacting a doctor who specializes in silhouette thread face lifts. Shapiro makes tiny incisions in the troublesome areas and gently pulls the skin back into place. The fat also undergoes a purification process before being injected back underneath the skin, making the process even safer. This procedure is revolutionary because it uses a very special kind of thread which is inserted under anesthesia and used to tighten jowls and shape the cheek and neck area. Compared with other forms of face lifts, silhouette face lifts offer a faster recovery time and results that last longer. It is inserted along the upper side portion of the head through the cheek, but it is still a minimally invasive procedure.
Perhaps most importantly, a silhouette face lift does not require excessive tissue dissection. More, the body actually launches an immune response, as if the ultraviolet rays were an invading organism. But the UV ray isn’t anything like a bacteria or a virus and the body attacks its own healthy collagen and elastin, the substances that make skin supple and springy. After years and years of this, the collagen and elastin are ruined and the result is wrinkles, furrows, age spots, spider veins and leathering. Before the silhouette neck lift was invented, this same procedure required a hospital stay and a long recovery period.

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