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Did you know that in 2008, 219,000 cosmetic procedures were reportedly performed in the U.S.
30 Things You Need To Stop Doing Right Now (30 pics)It's Time To Stop Drinking When (65 pics)It's Not Normal. Daryl Hannah made a "Splash" in the 80s, but today is better known for her changing looks.YouTubeMost people in Hollywooda€”arguably the most image-conscious place on the planeta€”have reportedly had some nips and tucks.
Reality star Heidi Montag, 25, had 10 procedures in one day, including a facelift and nose job. Former Playboy playmate Shauna Sand's lip injections have totally changed the appearance of her face.
34-year-old British glamour model Katie Price has gone through extensive surgery, including a nose job and lip injections. Television actress Nikki Cox was reported to undergo cheek and lip implants at just 34-years-old. Pete Burns is best known as the singer from the hit "You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)." He made a documentary about his plastic surgery nightmare. Soap opera actress Joan Van Ark, best known from "Dallas" and "Knot's Landing," shocked attendees of a charity event she attended looking completely different.

Finnish escort Johanna Tukiainen, who shot to fame after a sex scandal with the country's foreign minister, has undergone numerous procedures in recent years.
Italy's Michaela Romanini used to be considered one of the most beautiful women in the country.
Former beauty queen and television presenter Bruna Felisberto reportedly had a nose job and cheek implants.
A top celebrity plastic surgeon recently told Slimcelebrity that he is pretty sure Kim Zociak has had a full face lift. While it’s no surprise that many celebrities have a few nips, tucks and enhancements to their bodies sometimes it can be difficult to tell unless you have visual proof. I also agree that it is a shame that all of those people men and women are that much unhappy with their selves. Some are obvious surgeries, but many others are just make-up, lighting, and even a few Photoshops.Not all of these people have gone under the knife.
Check out these before and after pictures to see clear evidence of celebrities that went under the knife.
U can spend so much money trying to hide those wrinkle by engaging in ridiculous so called anit-age operation but u cannot stop age.

Daily we add hundreds of pictures, dozens of videos, flash games, celebrities and other great stuff.
That's one of the reasons why a celebrity, who underwent a plastic surgery, doesn't surprise anyone. Although her new face raised suspicions of the new plastic surgery, she insisted she this is just the result of the massive makeover. But it's still very interesting to compare their photos before and after a plastic surgery.
Yeah, they can fix some imperfections but is it really worth it to have a monkey face after a few years when the skin will declare war to the face ?

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