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Here is the examples of Plastic Surgery Operations operated by many popular Hollywood Celebrities which were unfortunately resulted into Fail. More Plastic Surgery Fails of Celebrities collection will be added soon, we need your comments for appreciation.
Why not post the before and after pictures on the same page instead of posting on multiple pages to get more page views and time on site? We mere mortals are meant to feel consoled by the misfortune of these people, who are victims of the same damned celebrity monster that creates a fascination and an audience for their disasters.

Agreed, not even having the before and after on the same page makes the comparison hard to see. This could be due to bad technique or material used in wrong Surgery or mistakes by their Surgeon. I did not feel inspired seeing pics or reading mean-spirited gloating regarding these tragic results. Daily we add hundreds of pictures, dozens of videos, flash games, celebrities and other great stuff.

Famous people spend big dollars and look absolutely terrible when they originally looked at least pleasant and human when they started.

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