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A hematoma is a collection of blood inside the body.  An auricular hematoma is caused when the trauma leads to accumulation of blood on top of the cartilage. If you suspect that you have an auricular hematoma, you should see a physician immediately.  If auricular hematomas are not addressed early they can lead to a condition called cauliflower ear.
For completeness please include the following six views where applicable: portrait, left oblique, left profile, right oblique, right profile, base view. After a complete ear examination by our medical ear expert, surgical options can be discussed between Dr.

Notice the distortion of the auricle by blood collecting between the overlying skin and the underlying cartilage 3a.
Early evaluation of the ear after drainage and splinting of the auricle demonstrates normal ear contours and no re-accumulation of fluid or blood. Usually there are no associated problems with the ears and hearing level is unaffected by this procedure. Newman operates on children beginning at age 6 so that the ear has reached maturity from its growth phase.

There is no need for suture removal, which parents and children appreciate because of the special technique that Dr.

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