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Fat was harvested from the abdomen, flanks and back by liposuction.  The fat was transferred to the buttock area to augment the size and improve the shape of the buttocks.
We invite you to call us at 301-652-5933 for more information or to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Buttocks Augmentation (Butt Implants) Pictures of a 37 year old, Female, 128 lb, Fair patient by Bivik Shah, MD, Columbus, OH.
While Buttock Augmentation or Butt Implants have grown in popularity, there are many options and questions for those considering a buttock enhancement.
If you weren’t born with a natural hourglass figure, there are several plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures that can reshape your body, add contours in just the right places, and help create a more feminine, attractive silhouette. Beyonce’s steamy Grammy number was made hotter not just by the appearance of her hubby alone but because of her famous derriere. Wear your pads when you want to pack a little extra punch and take them out whenever you like. The main reason most patients prefer fat injection compared to butt implants is that the latter requires long recovery.
Also called as Brazilian Lift, the fat injections is more preferred since it poses lesser risk. Through using the natural tissues of the body, you can achieve a butt lift with a softer, more natural feel compared to implants. One of the biggest drawbacks that fat injection has is that the amount of fat that the patient has will determine if she is a candidate for fat injection. Get 21 Tried And True Fashion Tips Absolutely FREE.Simply fill the form below to get instant access. Buttocks enlargement or augmentation involves placing a silicone gel implant inside the muscle of the buttocks or placing the harvested fat from the abdomen, injected on the fatty layer of the buttocks. The information provided in this website is intended to help educate prospective clients regarding basic information related to each particular cosmetic procedure as well as the specialty of cosmetic plastic surgery .
If you are offended by such material or are not at least 18 years of age, please click on the CANCEL button now. Lynch MD, a board certified plastic surgeon, with a practice in Chevy Chase, Maryland, specializes in Breast Augmentation,Eyelid Surgery, Tummy Tuck, Liposuction, Botox, Face Lifts, Breast Implants) Please click here to apply for our affordable plastic surgery payment plans.

Everyone would agree that Queen B has one enviable ass that we were inspired to do some squats. The advantage of going through butt implants lies in the ideal shape and size of your butt.
In fact, many physicians no longer offer butt augmentations since it can cause displacement leading to asymmetry. Unlike implants, there is no risk of rejection since the  plastic surgeon will use your own fat.
Most women seeking this procedure would only want to have an increase in the projection of the buttocks; however, some would like to have this done to correct asymmetry in size. While it may be used by the patient to make a logical decision prior to any procedure and consultation, it would not guarantee the results. We not only provide you with a list of doctors who perform the surgery you want, but we also help you filter those doctors by location.
While the procedure lasts around two hours, the downtime lasts up to a month before you can engage in stressful activities. This will be partially reabsorbed and will not shift around or puts your life at risk in the long run.
While the fat injected doesn’t shift, some of the fat may be naturally absorbed back in the body.
Allergies, bleeding problems and medications taken are to be reviewed and when needed a cardio-pulmonary clearance will be required. Some girls get so insecure at the size of their back side that they decided to go through the knife. The implants are inserted under the muscle in order to make your butt look and feel natural.
Problem also occurs when the body creates fluid to surround the implants which is called seroma. Fat is injected in the muscle where it will get the same texture and feeling like your own muscle mass. This means that you have at least 25% to 50% increased sized depending on your body’s reaction to the injections.

If you have decided to get professional butt augmentations, you must choose between implants or fat injections.
Generally, there is enough tissue to hide the implants to give you a natural lift, unless if your ass is flat. To add up that, you cannot get the best results with a single procedure alone which means you have to go through the process every 3 months until you get the result you wanted. Recasata will then provide you with the comprehensive information you need, for you to decide on the perfect procedure that would match your concern. Bivik Shah, the options for fat grafting to the buttock (Brazilian lift) and buttock implant augmentation were discussed. While recuperating, walking can be painful and sitting may be prohibited depending on your doctor’s recommendation. Fat injection heals also fast which means you can quickly go back to your usual activities in shorter time. Fat requires blood flow that you are still not allowed to wear tight clothes or sit down for longer period while recovering. She decided to have buttock implants because she was too thin to get a significant amount of fat for fat grafting. Bonus is that you can also get the benefit of liposuction on your problem areas such as stomach. One of the major risks that this method has is the chance of rejection since your body may reject foreign chemicals. You can still see the scars at the top of the buttock crease, but will fade over the next 6 months to 1 year.

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