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Fat was harvested from the abdomen, flanks and back by liposuction.  The fat was transferred to the buttock area to augment the size and improve the shape of the buttocks. We invite you to call us at 301-652-5933 for more information or to schedule a personal consultation with Dr.
Buttock implants are used in buttocks enlargement surgeries to increase the size and appearance of the posterior.
Butt implants are usually solid silicone implants, differing in texture from saline fluid-filled breast implants. As we use our buttocks more than other parts of our body for sitting, lying and walking, recovery from butt surgery can be a bit more painful than other cosmetic surgeries; however, you can be back to regular activity within two weeks. The S-Curve Buttock Lift gives women the oomph they have been looking for by transferring unwanted body fat from other parts of body.

Lynch MD, a board certified plastic surgeon, with a practice in Chevy Chase, Maryland, specializes in Breast Augmentation,Eyelid Surgery, Tummy Tuck, Liposuction, Botox, Face Lifts, Breast Implants) Please click here to apply for our affordable plastic surgery payment plans.
Butt enlargement surgery often involves taking fat from elsewhere in the body and putting it in the butt region for added size; however, if you are reasonably fit and do not have much excess body fat, this may not be an option. If extra fat is available, you may choose to add this to the middle or lower portions of the buttocks to give them an overall rounded effect.
While breast implants have a very gel-like feel to replicate breast tissue, butt implants are firmer to replicate the muscles of the buttocks. Everlasting beauty and appeal has long been associated with curves, made famous by the likes of Jennifer Lopez.
Butt implants are then used to add girth to the rear, and any excess body fat can be used to contour the butt's size.

Ashkan Ghavami has launched a treatment named the S-Curve Buttock Lift which will give each patient of every size the perfect curves. By using fat transfer methods, he can offer women a more curvaceous and feminine shape with this technique of buttock lift. Ghavami explains that the goal of the treatment is to enhance the silhouette and shape of the whole body, but a significant aspect of this procedure is creating a shapely, round buttock.

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