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After a breast implant or augmentation surgery, the patient will have a long road of recovery ahead. Immediately after waking up from the anesthesia given by the surgeon during the breast implant procedure, you will be in the recovery room. During recovery from your breast augmentation surgery, the surgeon may recommend you ice your breasts to reduce swelling.
Your implant surgeon may prescribe an antibiotic regimen following your breast augmentation. You may experience soreness, pain, swelling and bruising of your breasts, as well as tenderness, numbness, loss of sensitivity or oversensitivity of the nipples. If you have excessive swelling or pain in your chest following your breast augmentation surgery, alert your implant surgeon immediately. A very real risk of breast implants, especially silicone implants, is they may rupture or leak, causing some of the symptoms above during and after recovery. You may choose to complete some or all of the recovery following your breast augmentation surgery in a special spa or other location that specializes in recovery following breast augmentation. If you're dreaming of a curvy figure, but concerned about the risks of breast implants, there's good news!
The recovery period following plastic surgery is a crucial time for healing in order to achieve maximum benefits. Plan ahead – ask questions before the procedure and figure out how long the recovery period is. Ask for help – following your surgery, the extra care will only expedite your recovery time and bring you piece of mind. Drink fluids and eat easy to digest foods – rehydrating your body following surgery will help to restore lost fluids during surgery. For Tummy Tucks and Liposuction, avoid aspirin and anti-inflammatory medication – taking other medications have the possibility to interfere with medications prescribed to you and increase any risks.
Information and services provided through Make Me Heal and this Site are intended for educational and informational purposes and are not a substitute for the advice of your physician or other medical professional. When planning for breast augmentation surgery, knowing what to expect during the recovery period should be of similar or equal importance to the surgical preparation itself. Before we list and discuss individual variables that can affect your breast surgery recovery, let's examine a basic timeline for breast augmentation recovery.
The first 24-48 hours of breast augmentation recovery are naturally the most difficult and uncomfortable for the patient. During the first 24-48 hours of breast augmentation recovery, patients need lots of rest and should avoid physical activity as much as possible. At 1-2 weeks into their breast augmentation recovery, patients will usually notice that swelling, bruising, pain and numbness have partially or fully subsided. By the first or second week, breast augmentation recovery patients should be able to remove the surgical bra, and start resuming their normal dress and routine. After a month has passed, most patients' breast augmentation recovery should be at or near completion.
Many doctors and plastic surgeons will still advise breast augmentation recovery patients to limit strenuous exercise and breast contact at this point. Now that you are familiar with the standard timeline for breast augmentation recovery, it's worthwhile to skim over other personal variables and surgical options that can affect your individual breast augmentation recovery. Skin: Patients with hyper-sensitive skin types will likely exhibit bruising, swelling and scarring to a greater degree than other patients. Medical History: Certain illnesses, conditions and medications could affect the ease and length of breast augmentation recovery. Implant Type: Adjustable breast implant types like saline, which can be filled and adjusted post insertion, usually require smaller incisions and create less tissue trauma.

Implant Placement: It's widely held that submuscular breast implants (below the chest muscle) make for longer, occasionally more difficult breast augmentation recoveries compared to subglandular implants.
Incision Type: There are 4 main types of breast implant incisions, inframammary (in the breast crease), periareolar (along areola edge), transaxillary (armpit), and TUBA (belly button).
Other things to keep in mind when planning your breast augmentation recovery include in-patient accommodation costs, the amount of time off work you'll need for a full recovery, and potential surgical complications and breast augmentation side effects. If you've already decided that you want to have breast augmentation surgery, or are seriously considering it, a licensed and board-certified plastic surgeon can give you all the information you need to plan the surgery and the recovery the right way! By meeting with a qualified breast augmentation surgeon in your area, you can discuss all of your pre and post breast surgery options, receive knowledgeable treatment recommendations, and plan your breast augmentation recovery and surgery with the help of an expert! Breast augmentation recovery bras are an important part of the healing process after the breast implant procedure. Surgical Augmentation braDainty lace gives a feminine touch to this simplistic, yet effective bra.
Surgical Bra with 2" elastic bandThe B2 bra has adjustable hook & eye shoulder straps and front opening, no underwire and no darts or seams. Surgical Bra with 1" elastic bandThe B style bra has a simplistic design with a 1" elastic band under the bust line. Molded Cup Bra with built-in Implant StabilizerB15 has seamless formed cups made of F5 certified fabric. Standard Implant Stabilizer BandOne of our most popular styles, ISB is an implant stabilizer band made of supportive elastic. Economy Implant StabilizerAn economy version of our implant stabilizer, ISB2 is a light-weight, adjustable band made of soft polyfilament elastic with VELCRO® closure.
To prevent fluid build-up in your chest, the implant surgeon may leave surgical drains in your chest; this will help with swelling as well. This paired with a pain reliever will reduce swelling and inflammation and reduce the risk of a secondary infection.
Also if you notice excessive bleeding or pus from your implant site or nipples, implant extrusion or displacement, implant leakage or deflation, numbness or dizziness. With saline the risk is slightly reduced as saline is natural in the body where silicone is not. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. It is important to remember to never rush your recovery progress because allowing your body to properly heal will lead to more gratifying results.
If your surgical area is bandaged, you can still apply ice as needed, do this every so often and make sure you ask your surgeon when you can stop icing the healing area.
Make appropriate accommodations so your recovery period does not affect your work, family and activities following your procedure. This is a normal part of plastic surgery, follow your surgeon’s instructions and the bruised and swollen area(s) will heal naturally.
Ask your surgeon for daily hygiene instructions and when it is safe for you to return to your daily activities. This will reduce swelling and bruising while increasing the recovery period without compromising your results. Our recovery kits are made up of popular combinations of healing products to help accelerate healing while minimizing swelling, bruising and scarring, and alleviating pain and discomfort. A breast surgery patient should always conduct personal research, as well as consult with their plastic surgeon prior to the procedure; to educate themselves and to inform their expectations for breast augmentation recovery and results.
It's helpful to have an idea of what most breast augmentation recovery patients go through, before considering personal risk factors and recovery options. It's very beneficial to have someone remain with the patient throughout this period to prepare meals, help administer pain medication, and assist them with other recovery needs.

Tubes may initially be attached during breast augmentation recovery to alleviate drainage, but these can usually be removed in a day or two—unless otherwise dictated by the surgeon.
Depending on how the patient feels—and unless they work as a fitness instructor—they may be able to return to work at this juncture of their breast augmentation recovery.
Some find that the breasts are still sensitive, and the implants may still be shifting into their permanent placement, but patients should generally be resuming their normal routines at this point. Rushing through the recovery process, especially if you're still experiencing swelling or other symptoms, is not the best way to facilitate top results.
This knowledge will give you realistic recovery expectations, and can even help minimize your breast augmentation surgery risks. Placing an implant below the muscle, as opposed to just below the skin, creates more incisions and overall disruption, which will stretch and change the course of recovery.
Each incision type carries pros and cons in terms of scarring, internal tissue trauma, etc. Our website offers a wide variety of breast augmentation recovery products for every step of the healing process. The patient’s implant surgeon may recommend a supportive bra to reduce swelling, or the implant surgeon may know of a specialty recovery place like a spa that helps the patient during recovery.
Many implant surgeons recommend sleeping in a recliner chair or on your back propped up with pillows, which reduces swelling and fluid build-up. If you experience excessive chest pain that will not pass, spitting up blood, severe swelling or discoloration, convulsions, or extremely high fever, notify your implant surgeon and get to a hospital immediately. There are different recovery methods for different areas of the body that undergo plastic surgery. You should avoid exposure to sunlight and always use sun block and have proper UV protection.
Some patients also report a tight feeling in their chest, and may experience swelling, bruising, and minor pain or discomfort in the incision areas. The specifics of breast augmentation recovery in this time frame vary greatly from patient to patient. Intense physical activity or strenuous exercise should still be avoided for a few more weeks to be on the safe side. Incision scars will continue to fade past this point, although they will never disappear entirely. The incision you and your doctor choose will likely affect the length and ease of your breast augmentation recovery, as well as the permanent scarring results. In the first four weeks after your breast augmentation, many doctors recommend protecting your breasts with compression bras while getting plenty of rest. But the main thing the patient needs during recovery following breast augmentation is time. You’ll also want to get up and walk around as much as possible, to reduce the risk of blood clots forming during recovery from your breast implant surgery. OTC pain relievers like Tylenol are recommended to ease this first stage of breast augmentation recovery. Some patients may experience a total reduction of bruising and swelling within 4-5 days, and others may exhibit these symptoms well into their second week of recovery. Choose from the breast augmentation recovery products below while preparing for your breast implant procedure. You may also notice splashing or creaking noises coming from your breasts while the silicone implants settle.

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