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BreastCare wa are specialists in providing and fitting post surgical garments to assist people during their recovery after surgery. The reliability, design choices and comfort you can experience from our compression garments and post-surgery garments are important benefits that provide our customers with confidence and support whilst complying with your surgeons after surgical care recommendations. Bend at the waist and let your bust hang (we’re letting gravity help you out on this one).
The underwire shouldn’t dig into your sides but should fully encapsulate all of your breast tissue. Keep in mind that the underwire of your new bra will extend much farther into the underarm than you’re most likely accustomed to. Thirdlove: A SF-based lingerie company specializing in half-sizes to ensure a perfect fitting bra.
HerRoom: A really informative resource that goes in-depth into many of the things I mentioned in this post.
Pretty much everything the lingerie industry tells you is wrong (measure the circumference, add 4, subtract what…?). Wrap the tape around your bust at the fullest part, again making sure that the tape is parallel to the floor all the way around the back.

Be aware that this new measurement may contradict everything you think you knew about breast size.
If you’ve recently (in the last 6 months) lost weight, gained weight, had a baby, or are going through other hormonal changes, measure yourself again to ensure a proper fit. You may have been wearing a 34C (thanks, VS) but this new measurement is telling you that you’re a 30F.
When the bra starts to lose elasticity, start using the second or third set of hooks to ensure that you still have a tight-fitting band. You must 1) make sure the measuring tape is parallel to the floor all the way around your back and 2) exhale (to get the most compressed measurement) and pull the tape as tightly as you comfortably can without it digging in or hurting. Each breast should individually be lifted and separated in its own cup with no line of cleavage!
Always hand wash and air dry your bras to ensure their longevity and to retain their shape.
90% of the breast support comes from your band (not the straps!), so you want it to be tight.
After using this method for a while, you may find your breasts slightly bigger due to the misplaced breast tissue migrating back to your breasts.

Cups lined with a layer of knitted cotton, each equipped with an asymmetric pocket that provides accurate and comfortable wearing different types of breast implants. For example, a woman who wears a 30F and a woman who wears a 38F do not have the same sized breasts. Wide belly of a strong and slightly elastic mesh perfectly maintain and provide stability during wear.
The volume of breast tissue that a 38F bra holds is much larger than the volume that a 30F bra holds. The integrated bridge the line of cleavage, comfortable shoulder straps with soft strap are adjustable in length, flat seams help avoid irritation.

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