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Many women find overly large breasts to be an unwelcome burden, For women who have begun the menopause or experienced an early menopause, MicroLipo Breast Reduction is an innovative and minimally-invasive way to feel comfortable and confident in your body. Large breasts can predispose women to yeast infections of the skin in areas where the skin rubs together.
ITV Lorraine Kelly show featured MicroLipo procedure for Breast Reduction – May 2011. MicroLipo for Breast Reduction, as recommended on TATLER 2011 Guide to Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery.
Traditional breast reduction, known as surgical-excision breast reduction, involves cutting the breast with a scalpel to remove large amounts of breast tissues. Dr Gupta is our experienced MicroLipo specialist and is probably the only practitioner in the UK and Europe trained by the creator of the technique himself, Dr Jeffrey Klein. With the Microcannula Technique large amounts of very dilute local anaesthesia is injected into the fat causing the targeted areas to become swollen and firm.
Surgical scars are not visible in most patients after breast reduction by liposuction using microcannulas. Breast-feeding after breast reduction is a more likely possibility after liposuction using microcannulas than after a surgical excision. There is so little trauma to the breast tissue that x-ray examinations of the breast, known as mammograms, usually appear normal after microcannula liposuction of the female breast.
Breast reduction by liposuction using microcannulas can be accomplished totally by local anaesthesia. Measuring the breast volume is accomplished by immersing the breast in a beaker full to the brim of comfortably warm water. MicroLipo breast reduction is only suitable for women who have undergone or are experiencing the menopause with a large proportion of fat in the area. I made a decision to go ahead and the rest is history as they say – I am thrilled to bits with the whole process. My friends and colleagues can notice the difference it has made on me and every time I look in the mirror it just looks right, and not all squashed in my dress. I really can’t begin to express how much this has had an impact on me, it really has changed my life in many aspects!
I met Dr Gupta who was lovely and talked though the whole minimally-invasive procedure which I would go though only under local anaesthetic. At the beginning of this year I came across some internet articles about breast reduction by liposuction. I was given an initial appointment at The Private Clinic’s Manchester consulting rooms where I was assessed for the procedure by one of the senior nursing staff. Dr Gupta was professional yet friendly and took care to ascertain whether I was a suitable candidate and would get the reduction I was hoping for. Although I have only gone down from a 32G to a 32E, which doesn’t seem like a huge reduction, my breasts feel tiny to me compared to what they were and I am delighted with the result. You may exercise 2 hours a day and take good care of your diet but still not have your body look the way you want it in that beautiful new dress or swimsuit.
With Dubai becoming a cosmetic surgery hub in the Middle East, more and more people, not only from the UAE, are coming to the city looking for better options in aesthetics. Defining your body and losing weight basically involves a combination of diet and exercise.
Breast augmentation is a very popular surgery, not only in Dubai but also all over the world. As any medical procedure, once you decide to have it done, you should keep in mind the post-operative care you will need to have so that you would be prepared once you are discharged. Vaser Liposuction is one of the most advanced liposuction techniques available at London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery in Dubai. Vaser Liposuction uses radio frequency technology to emulsify fat before it is removed from the body.
Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries among women in Dubai and all over the world.
Getting rid of unwanted fat deposits in your body may not be an easy task, but when it comes to combating those trouble areas through surgery in a less invasive way, VASER liposuction may be the answer. VASER liposuction is one of the most advanced body contouring techniques available in Dubai. The insertion of silicone implants to a woman’s breasts can enhance size or restore breast volume. Some days you wake up in the morning, take a look in the mirror and don’t feel good about yourself or anything you see reflected.
Numerous amounts of women consider having their breasts augmented, and amongst them, countless are caught between breast implants and fat harvest. It is important to consider a few factors when choosing the type of surgery you may want to get. We all have specific body shapes we would like to have, and even though we strive to look and feel good about ourselves dieting and exercising may not be enough for what we desire. Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery operation that removes fat deposits from underneath the skin. In Korea, women’s insecurities have resulted in a massive, growing industry in Plastic Surgery. In South Korea, if you ask a girl why they want Plastic Surgery in Korea?, it’s an entirely different story.
The most common Plastic Surgery in South Korea by far is that of the double eyelid, also known as blepharoplasty.

In South Korea, well-meaning parents are offering their daughters Plastic Surgery as a reward for finishing school or university. In conclusion, Plastic Surgery in South Korea is not just women living in this country who feel that way.
However, it involves a skilled technique where fat is removed from the area and then hundreds of tiny droplets are inserted into the skin in a four-hour procedure. Dr Khouri has worked with two surgeons at the Harley Medical Group in the UK, who will offer this procedure next year. Rodrigo Alves — aka one of the many Human Ken Dolls — has pretty much dedicated his life to resembling the toy, and he’s not finished!
After spending a whopping $200,000 on plastic surgery procedures, the 30-year-old turns to Botched docs Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif for a nose job on Tuesday night’s episode. Ex-Emmerdale and current Coronation Street actress Claire King has recently spoken out about her plastic surgery, and claimed that undergoing a facelift saved her career. The 52 year old actress was a television regular for many years, playing Kim Tate on Emmerdale for over a decade, and also had a main role in Bad Girls for four years.
But when she got to her mid-40’s, she noticed how the phone just stopped ringing, and considered quitting acting altogether, until she got the call from Coronation Street.
Before her facelift, Claire had felt so low that she didn’t want to leave the house, and felt extremely vulnerable, stating that she didn’t feel wanted anymore.
In February 2013, Claire decided to go under the knife, to get rid of her sagging jawline and double chin, and to try and drum up some more work. The procedure was a complete success in all aspects, as she went on to land a regular spot on Corrie, and feels completely rejuvenated.
If you have any questions regarding any of the procedures we offer here at Belvedere Clinic, please do not hesitate to contact us. Ferne McCann unveils the results of her rhinoplasty Guide to Breast Uplift (mastopexy) Six things to prepare before your breast augmentation Top five cosmetic procedures undergone by celebrities during award season Why did an athlete have Botox leading up to the Rio Olympics 2016? Pre and Post operation care provided by qualified and compassionate nursing staff in our own hospital. This can leave some women with excessively large breasts, causing pain, physical impairment and psychological problems. He has performed nearly 2,000 MicroLipo procedures, including well over 200 MicroLipo Breast Reduction procedures to date.
Jeffrey Klein who wanted to achieve excellent cosmetic results but with rapid post-operative return to normal activities.
Liposuction reduces the weight of the breast and allows the natural elastic tissue in the breast to retract and produce a visible breast lift.
Because there is minimal trauma to glandular breast tissue it is reasonable to predict that a breast reduction by liposuction should not interfere with future lactation. In contrast, after excisional breast reduction, x-ray mammograms show calcification and other changes in appearance. An accurate measurement of breast volume is necessary for planning the amount of fat to be removed from each breast.
Traditional breast reduction by excision is associated with more complications than breast reduction by liposuction. I was never able to find the ‘perfect dress’ as what would fit my waist would never fit my chest! Dr Gupta made me feel very much at ease, I was awake during the procedure yet the nurses and doctors reassured me that I was fine. I was lucky enough to see a surgeon who I was introduced to by Channel 4 TV programme.
I have been considering having a breast reduction since 2006, but had been put off having conventional breast reduction due to the recovery time following the operation. I read as much as I could find about the procedure and felt my age and breast size met the criteria for this type of reduction to be successful. She was of the opinion that liposuction breast reduction would be beneficial to me, and I was then referred to see Dr Gupta in Harley Street for a consultation.
The procedure took about an hour and a half and whilst it was uncomfortable at times it was not painful. I can wear clothes I hadn’t been able to wear for years, and I feel much less selfconscious about things like taking off my cardigan. The search for a perfect body shape or a rejuvenated look, make cosmetic surgeries rise in popularity in the region. Sometimes, even with a lot of hard work, you may notice that some fat deposits don’t go away. The reasons women opt for breast augmentation in Dubai are many, from balancing breasts with unequal size to improving their self-esteem by enlarging their breasts. Most patients report a boost in their self-esteem and confidence after the procedure and the reasons for undergoing surgery are many, from cosmetic to medical. Areas affected can range from the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, to the back of the arms, the neck and elsewhere. This extreme and very permanent measure is now the norm in Korea where 1 in 5 women have already had work done.
This type of surgery creates an extra fold of skin above the eye that is visible when the eyes are open.
It has been calculated that 1–in–5 Korean women have undergone some form of surgery, and the figure is rising.

People from all over the world flock to Seoul for plastic surgeons with expertise in Korean features and competitive pricing in comparing with another countries such as Thailand and Malaysia in Southeast Asia. In the UK last year, cosmetic surgery was up by five per cent, with male breast reduction rising by an astonishing 44 per cent, according to statistics given at the annual conference of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) in Cardiff last week.
One surgeon who raised eyebrows when he presented his pioneering findings was Dr Roger Khouri, from Miami, who has been working on his 'implant-free breast augmentation' for the past five years on 50 women, ten of whom live in the UK. All testimonials are provided voluntarily by our patients and clients and all photos and videos have been consented to and have not been altered in any way.
Breast-feeding may not be possible after traditional surgical-excision breast reduction because the excisions and subsequent scaring severs and blocks the milk ducts. In the hands of a surgeon who is well trained and experienced at doing liposuction totally by local anaesthesia, breast liposuction is routinely accomplished with virtually no pain. If the breasts are originally unequal in size, then the surgeon can remove an appropriate extra volume of fat from the larger breast, and thus improve the symmetry of the breasts. A complication that can occur with liposuction is excessive bruising due to the use of a poorly designed elastic compression garment and inadequate post-operative compression. Finding bikinis that would fit and support me was a nightmare, and going underwear shopping only ever left me with buying and ugly one and not the pretty lace one I wanted to buy! He talked more about the microcannula and how the tinniest incision is made to my breasts to extract breast tissue and fat. I then searched the internet to find out where I could have the operation done in the UK, and found that the only Dr. Dr Gupta also felt that the procedure would be beneficial and I arranged to have the reduction on March 14th of this year at the clinic in Knightsbridge.
I had started a course of antibiotics the day before the operation and was also given a course of pain killers. I was perfectly fine to walk to the tube station afterwards, and then travel home on the train (with my husband). Also I had become rather lopsided before but Dr Gupta measured them beforehand and took more out of one side than the other to even them up. These trouble areas vary from one person to another and may be on the abdomen, thighs, hips or other areas. The hottest issue was the advance being made in 'fat grafting' which was called a 'new weapon to treat patients'.
They have been monitored with regular MRI scans to see the breast growth and to check for any problems. It wasn’t surgical and there is more or less no scarring – I booked myself in for a consult straightaway! Within a few days the discomfort began to decrease and I returned to work nine days after the procedure. I was uncomfortable for a few days afterwards but this was mainly aching ribs and back due to the very tight compression garments you have to wear – I only needed to wear these for 48 hours and felt much better after that. Mr Rajiv Grover, consultant plastic surgeon and secretary of the BAAPS, says: 'It has only recently been discovered that adult fat contains stem cells which can regenerate into other types of soft tissue such as fat, breast and collagen-producing cells of skin. I tired easily for a further two weeks, but almost exactly four weeks to the day from my operation I was back to full health, and feeling really well.
Dr Khouri, a microsurgery specialist for more than 25 years, says his method is poised to become the alternative choice for many women. The adits were completely healed within a week and my breasts were down to their present size after about three weeks.
All in all, I don’t really think about them any more whereas I used to be totally preoccupied with them.
Because the sad truth here in Korea is that a nose job and a “double eyelid surgery” will get them those things.
This procedure is done under a local anaesthetic, there's no incision, no scars, it is all natural and lasts for ever.' The dangers of cosmetic tourism were also highlighted - BAAPS research found that on 90 per cent of websites offering treatment overseas, no mention was made of risks or complications.
Dr Khouri says this is not a vulgar breast augmentation 'for pole dancers', meaning it cannot give women a disproportionate new cup size. A shocking 55 per cent of patients were offered a mere telephone consultation before travelling for surgery abroad.
One in four surgeons reported having an increase in the number of patients who have experienced complications due to surgery overseas.
One in five procedures will have wound-healing issues, with a tummy tuck still the procedure most likely to cause problems. Mr Nigel Mercer, president of BAAPS, said that although patients in the UK could return for follow-up consultations and had legal rights to follow up a complaint, there was no such enforcement in place for those who have treatment overseas. While the NHS will undertake any necessary medical treatment - for example, to treat a leaking breast implant - it will not replace it.
Anyone considering cosmetic surgery should first visit their GP, as the General Medical Council stipulates that all GPs must be kept informed of surgery.

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