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Characteristics and changes in the breast during adolescence suffered as a result, every woman has different breast size and shapes are observed. As scientists continue to research, surgeries, carried out by placing a foreign material to the nozzle from the outside. Quite a lot of scientific research on silicones time, the reliability of the proven and can be used for many years without spoiling. Fat injection to give the fullness of the breast is a method that is valid for 2-3 years in breast augmentation. Successfully used since 1962, as a result of medical research outside of Silicon which is the most reliable method of augmentation, non-surgical breast enhancement method should be considered.
With the development of research and applications, materials used in modern medicine began in 1962.

With these modern materials, many women, even in those years, increased their breast’s volume. Today, surgeons, performing their job professionally and successfully, do not use  nothing else except the prosthesis. By using our instructions, bra size chart and bra fitting guide video on this page you will learn how to determine that perfect bra size. Make sure the tape measure is level all the way around and sits flat against your bra, without cutting in. Now follow the column down from your band size (34 in this case) and find the row that includes your measurement in step 2. The 34C cup is proportionally larger to suit the larger body size.Keep in mind, measurements can only be used as a guide to find your correct size.

Band is digging in or pulls up at the back, underwires are poking your breasts or don’t sit flat on the body. You need to know how should a bra fit.In this bra fitting guide video you can see which are the most common fit problems and suggested solutions.

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