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It can be a preferred technique to fix drooping breasts and reposition the nipple to alleviate your look. A survey suggests that individuals who underwent breast augmentation surgery or breast lift surgery enjoyed benefits beyond improved appearance and self-esteem. Both the young (between 19 – 34 years) and mature women (between 35 -50 years) found the technique attractive enough to adopt it.
Breast augmentation, which is largely considered a safe procedure, also has potential for complications.
Being a surgical process wherein implants are placed into breasts, breast augmentation has risks associated with anesthesia.
A pre-existing medical condition can increase your risks and would want a discussion with the doctor before planning the surgery. Depending on the type of procedure performed and the type of implant used, breast augmentation can have certain negative effects. Breast lift and augmentation has gained attraction not only as a method of raising and firming the breasts alone but also the overall physique and personality. A brief outline of the advantages and disadvantages of breast lift and augmentation has been provided here to help gain clarity over the subject.
Breast augmentation is basically meant to increase your cup size by placing implants into the breasts to give them a larger size. Breast lift can provide the body a whole new contour and fitting physique. A single procedure may take care of both these things, or the lift can be done some time after the augmentation is complete.

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, breast augmentation was the most popular surgical practice among plastic surgeons in 2010. Differences in breast size, post-delivery and post-pregnancy changes and underdeveloped breasts were some of the reasons for undergoing the procedure.  There was considerable enhancement in women’s outfit and relationship satisfaction post surgery. With general anesthesia, there can be complications like aspiration, nausea, increased blood pressure, allergic reaction and increased heart rate. The saline implants, which are done in breast augmentation, can leak demanding attention and care. Commonly observed ones include loss of sensation in the breast or nipple area, irregular breast contour, inflammation of blood vessel and difficulty to breast feed.
The technique also facilitates additional cleavage due to the new positioning of the breasts. Loose, elongated or sagging breasts can benefit from breast lifts to get a firm and attractive appearance. Breast lift and augmentation can be done together or independently depending on the requirement of the person. If you wish to fix drooping breasts, the augmentation procedure alone may not reposition the nipples. A professional (plastic surgeon) can best determine the exact requirement – a breast lift, a breast augmentation or a combination. Excessive bleeding, swelling, infection, tissue death, scarring and hematoma (blood clot) are some other side effects of the surgical procedure. I did a lot of research and about a month after my 21st birthday, and I ended up spontaneously booking my trip through a medical tourism company based here in Australia with only a months notice!There is always a lot of criticism about surgeons based in Thailand, but I knew a few people who had been and had an amazing experience. You may reduce the effect of scars by choosing an area which may not be noticeably visible.

However, complications are rarely found and the risks can be reduced by choosing an experienced plastic surgeon. Plus, I did my research to find the best hospital and surgeon I could.I received my surgeons recommendation that I also needed a breast lift, as my boobs were very saggy after losing weight. I was so nervous about it all, because getting a breast lift with implants is a much longer procedure and required me to have lollipop incisions!I flew into Thailand alone, and my 6-hour operation was 2 days later. My recovery for the first 2 days was painful but bearable.I was required to spend 2 days after surgery in the hospital, where my surgeon came to visit me both days. I was waited on hand and foot by the very caring Thai nurses.Now 8-weeks post op, I could not be happier. There was a group of girls on a medical tour who arrived in Thailand 5 days after me (most of them having just implants), and I noticed they recovered a lot quicker then me.Most were out shopping on day 2, but I took it easy. I spent a lot of time resting the week after, but really after the 2nd day I had hardly any pain.
It was mostly just discomfort.Overall my experience was perfect and being a person with a past of anxiety issues and so on, there was not one time when I felt uncomfortable or scared. I want you to know that there is no shame in you considering breast implants, and you are absolutely worth the investment.If you're ready to LOVE the reflection you see in the mirror, then I'm here to guide you every step of the way! Start My Plan or Read My Story This entry was posted in Articles About Breast Implants, Guest Posts, Prep & Recovery.

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