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We are a group of gifted practitioners that are committed to improving the lives of our patients. If you’re not looking for a different you, but a more refreshed, younger looking you, Artefill® is a long-lasting wrinkle filler that gives you natural results. Vanquish is the latest innovation in non-invasive, non-surgical body contouring, harnessing the power of safe thermal energy like never before.
AquaShape™ is an innovative liposuction and fat transfer procedure that removes unwanted fat and then uses this natural fat to restore natural contours to the face, hands, breasts and buttocks. La Fontaine Aesthetics continues to be acknowledged as a leader in the aesthetic industry with the highest quality procedures available delivering the most impressive results to patients.
Using a laser to heat and destroy tumors -- called laser ablation -- may be an effective way to treat small breast cancers, potentially saving some women from a lumpectomy, new research suggests.
Schwartzberg predicts, if her research continues to bear out, that the new technique could replace lumpectomy for some women and be more cosmetically appealing. Study findings on the laser technique were to be presented Thursday at the 2015 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium.
The researchers behind the new study evaluated 60 women with early stage, small breast cancers that measured up to 2 centimeters in diameter, or about three-quarters of an inch.
After laser ablation treatment, the tissue that was heated slowly shrinks and forms a scar, according to the Society for Interventional Radiology. The researchers found that 91 percent of the patients had complete destruction of the cancer when the laser procedure was performed according to technical guidelines. The researchers also found that the MRI findings were similar to the laboratory examination of the cancer cells (pathology) findings. Researchers have looked at laser treatments for breast cancer for about 15 years, she said.
Kathryn Lawrence, 51, a graphic designer in Brighton, Colo., took part in the clinical trial. One strength of the study, Kruper said, is that it drew patients from 11 different sites, with both radiologists and breast surgeons as researchers.
The details need to be worked out, she added, such as the optimal size of the tumor to treat with laser and ways to predict which women won't respond. From our SponsorsEveryday Solutions are created by Everyday Health on behalf of our sponsors. Is your breast skin streaked with aging and sun damages, splashed with discoloration, marked by stretch marks, wrinkles, or flawed by scars? At Canadian Optic and Laser Clinic (COL Clinic), we can help your breast skin return to its youthful appearance with the notable effects of photo rejuvenation. The laser uses light energy to tighten and stimulate collagen production in the breast skin. The best candidates for breast skin rejuvenation procedure are women who are physically healthy, psychologically stable, and realistic in their expectations. The results of laser breast enhancement are long lasting, but consider that the aging process can produce the new damages again.

Information and services provided through Make Me Heal and this Site are intended for educational and informational purposes and are not a substitute for the advice of your physician or other medical professional. Come in today for a consultation so we can talk about how our effective, top-quality treatments can help you achieve the image of your dreams.
With the Liquid Face Lift, Artefill decreases under-eye hollows and smile lines, as well as, lifting the cheeks giving elegant and natural results that can last over 7 years. Specifically designed to redefine your core, Vanquish treats the problematic midsection by targeting unwanted fat cells without damage to your skin or surrounding muscle tissue. Unlike temporary fillers and implants, AquaShape™ uses your own natural fat to achieve long lasting results in a safe, simple and effective out-patient procedure with minimal downtime.
Our non-surgical treatments are easy to fit in to your busy schedule and the results can be dramatic. With CoolScupting®, The Vanquish® and minimally-invasive Tickle Lipo® liposuction, we can develop a personalized plan to take away unsightly bulges and return those shapely curves.
With advanced lasers, we commonly treat the ‘red flush’ of rosacea, broken capillaries on the nose and checks, and the small red bumps (angiomas) on the body. Our licensed Aestheticians specialize in facials, skin peels and, the ever popular, brow and lash tint and wax. It involves placing small probes in the center of the cancer and then using heat from the laser to destroy the tumors. Barbara Schwartzberg, a breast cancer surgeon at the Sarah Cannon Research Institute at Rose Medical Center in Denver. Findings presented at meetings are generally viewed as preliminary until published in a peer-reviewed journal. Overall, there was an 84 percent complete tumor destruction rate with the laser treatment, the study found.
That suggests that in the future MRI alone could be used to track success of the laser treatment, Schwartzberg said.
In July 2013, after she found out she had early stage cancer in her left breast, she opted to join the trial. Since the laser clinical trial was completed, she had a traditional lumpectomy to treat that cancer. View all.ConnectDon't miss out on breaking news, live chats, lively debates, and inspiring stories.
If so, the revolutionary laser skin treatment can be used to smooth your skin and diminish the appearance of imperfections. This procedure can also be used to complement other cosmetic treatments, as one component of a comprehensive beauty plan.
If sagging or heavy breasts are a problem, you may decide to have other procedure at a younger age.
However, a transient pigmentation change, and discomfort in the treated area may be expected.
The minor lines and blemishes will be gone, leaving you with a fresh perspective on your appearance.

Schwartzberg is also the chief medical officer for Novian Health, the company behind Novilase Breast Therapy, and the sponsor of the study. Join the conversation!Free NewslettersPersonalized tips and information to get and stay healthier every day. Unsightly breast scars and breast stretch marks, or stripe, have presented problems for women for centuries. By uniquely merging three leading-edge technologies, we offer you a total skin rejuvenation system that targets all layers of photo damaged and aged skin. If you wish to improve the appearance of your breast stretch marks, and don’t want to go through a long recovery period to achieve optimal results, laser breast stretch mark removal may be the right treatment for you. Breast scars and stretch marks are generally considered unsightly, disfiguring and unacceptable by many people.
Using LHE and IR Laser technology, we target superficial layers of tissue to remove sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles and even out skin tone and texture.
The absorption in turn causes an increase in cells’ energy to produce new fiber and collagen. The practitioner will evaluate your skin’s characteristics to make a recommendation regarding what procedure is right for you. There is no downtime, but there will be some temporary redness and swelling for the first few days. Our laser breast treatment technology improves clinical outcomes targeting superficial redness and pigmentation while minimizing pore size and fine lines.
As your practitioner passes the laser light over your skin, this incredible control allows treating the skin around the breast tissue at different angles.
For 2 days you need avoid activities can increase the skin temperature like sona, hot tub, Jacuzzi, and high intense exercise. Although there is definite improvement in most cases, none of the breast stretch mark treatments are perfect. Our state of the art, Multiplex Technology, targets deeper tissue layers by heating the collagen structures.
After the treatment, expect to have mild swelling and some skin redness, all easily treated with ice packs. The tightening of the skin will cause a lift in the skin, much like what happens with a laser facelift. Most people require a series of treatments 3-6 session with interval 2-3 weeks to see the optimal results. Because the lasers reduce wrinkles by encouraging new collagen growth, the improvement is gradual. At the time of your third treatment, approximately twelve weeks after you initial treatments, you may begin to note improvement.

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