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Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that has long been credited to enhance breast size and shape, further improving the self-esteem of thousands of women throughout Sydney. This procedure is appropriate for women from all walks of life, as long as they meet certain basic requirements. Breast augmentation surgery at our clinic is a procedure that we are proud to offer with Dr Daood being highly experienced in providing safe and quality results. Dr Daood’s patients reported feeling more feminine, more confident, and more attractive after having breast augmentation surgery. A woman’s femininity is best displayed by her curves, and one that is most observable are the breasts. Other reasons include breast reconstruction after a mastectomy, or correcting uneven breast size due to ptosis (breast sagging). There are several things to consider before finally deciding on breast augmentation surgery because not everyone can be a good candidate for the procedure. People who experienced sagging breasts due to drastic weight loss or after pregnancy can also benefit from a breast augmentation surgery. The length of your recovery will depend on the technique used, the type of implant placement, your health and how you follow post-operative instructions. You will be instructed to wear an elastic bandage or a constrictive garment for a few days after surgery. Breast augmentation is a procedure that can create impressive results especially with the right assessment, preparation and execution. However, it is important that you understand that success can be achieved only if you make the effort to find a good surgeon and follow post-operative instructions carefully.
To get a quote of the procedure, a personal consultation is best because the surgeon will also assess the amount of work that needs to be done. Since breast augmentation is a procedure that is not covered by insurance, you can avail of the different financing options provided either by the clinic or the bank. Should you decide about this procedure, the next step for any discerning patient would be to find a reliable surgeon. If you’re ready to take the next steps in your cosmetic surgery journey, book a consultation by leaving your details above.
About Dr DaoodWith almost 27 years of practice in Australia, the USA and Europe, Dr Jassim Daood is one of Australia’s most experienced and trusted cosmetic surgeon. Book consultation on (02) 9399 8799 or We will contact you within the next business day.make an online enquiry. He is a member of the member of Australian society of aesthetic plastic surgeons and Royal Australasian College of Surgeons FRACS (Plastic). We are able to offer you a range of options that will best suit your requirements, that includes surgical and finance options. Many women desire to improve the look of their breasts either to increase ones breast size or to enhance the shape. Women often opt to have breast augmentation for various reasons, often to increase breast size and improve shape. There are many options that are available to you with regards to breast implants choices as these days implants come in many different shapes, sizes and also textures. Women that have children also suffer from breasts that tend to sag and lose their round full shape and it is mostly mothers that tend to get this procedure combined with breast implants to replace the size that they have lost.
Breasts come in all shapes and sizes and not all women are happy with the shape or size of what they were given. Women with very large breasts often suffer from back problems as the weight adds extra strain to the upper back and this is one of the most common reasons why women decide to have a breast reduction. Our professional nurses and surgical co-ordinator's are highly skilled and trained within this field, achieving consistently excellent results for our patients.
Their compassion, knowledge and professionalism is paramount as they understand each intricate part of the breast augmentation and enlargement process and are here, together with our surgeon D Blackstock, to guide you from your first consultation through to the procedure itself and then the post-recovery phase. At Enhance Clinic we have structured our breast implant pricing around our patients to ensure we are able to offer you the best product at the most affordable price.
4.All Implants used at this price will be silicone textured below muscle up to 345cc size implant.

7.Surgery will take place on the next available date, or a date of Enhance Clinics choosing. Should a patient choose to go larger than a 345cc implant but below a 645cc implant they will automatically fall under our complex breast implant price of $5999. All patients who chose implants over 645cc will incur a surcharge of $500 to cover the extra cost of the implants.
Every lady should learn to do the breast rolling exercise at the 2 weeks review of breast enhancement surgery.
In this video Dr Blackstock gives you a insight on the many questions you will be asked and the many topics he will cover with you in a breast consult. The FDA of the USA recommends that everyone that has a silicone breast implants is to have an MRI (no medicare rebate available - cost approx.
Breast Implants, also known as breast enlargement or breast augmentation, involves using silicon or saline breast implants (we prefer to use saline) to fulfill your desire for fuller breasts or to restore breast volume lost after weight reduction or pregnancy. At Enhance Clinic we pride ourselves on our caring and helpful approach to all our prospective clients.
The decision to undergo breast augmentation is a very serious and delicate process, involving both physical and emotional strain. Incisions are carefully placed, and with the aim being to hide them, in the creases under the breast or placed in the skin around the nipple. All potential clients having breast augmentation surgery will have to consider the question, should I place the implant below or above the muscle? Implant placement depends on the amount of breast tissue available to hide the implant to ensure it cannot be seen or felt. In general, it is preferable to place breast implants behind the muscle so that they are partially covered.
Breast Enhancement is a highly individualised procedure and you should do it for yourself, not to fulfill someone else's desires. You are dissatisfied with your breasts losing shape and volume after pregnancy, weight loss, or with aging.
The size is proportionate to your body size, the laxity of your skin and the tension of your muscle. Generally less then 3cm, the implant is inserted in the crease of the breast, this is a much smaller scar then other types of implant. We preferentially use saline implants, this is because the scar is smaller, you will have a choice of variable size for each implant and you can correct left to right variations. As the implant is placed under the pectoral muscles, it does not affect the mammary glands therefore allowing you to still be able to breast feed in the future.
Contact us today on or to find out more on how he can help with your Cosmetic Surgery and Non Surgical Treatment enquiries. At Enhance Clinic, we are all about enhancing what your already have, giving Mother Nature a little helping hand. Those who chose to have it done found themselves reaping its aesthetic benefits, giving them more confidence in their new form. With years of experience fine tuning his skills and technique, he has earned a number of satisfied clients over his 27 years in practice.
On top of that women also wish to feel more confident with their bodies and look better with certain clothes.
Some women also choose to brave the knife for this procedure because their work demands for them to have a perfect form.
Be prepared of the overall cost of the surgery, and not simply rely on cheap procedures that will only put you at risk for botched or dangerous outcomes. A person who wants to regain normalcy with her self-image after a mastectomy can also achieve that through this procedure. It will take months before you finally heal from it but you will already be able to go back to light activities within a few days. With a successful operation a woman can achieve a better form giving her better confidence with her body.
The actual cost of the entire procedure will be decided upon consultation because there are a lot of factors that have to be considered.

There are several plans available to help you afford the cosmetic procedure you wish to undergo.
You might need to look around so that you can be aware of the different approaches that are available to you. At your consultation, Dr Daood will discuss every aspect of your surgery in detail to ensure you achieve the best results. Each woman has unique desires and expectations which we take time to understand and incorporate with planning of procedures. Our services include breast reconstruction, breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift, and male gynaecomastia. Barnouti is a Specialist plastic surgeon in Sydney that specializes in Breast Augmentation, Breast implants, breast lift and breast reduction. Barnouti is well respected and has helped thousands of women achieve the look women desire when it comes to having better looking breasts.
Sometimes the desire is to correct natural inconsistencies such as breasts not being the same size or to reconstruct a breast because of an accident or some other unfortunate circumstance. Whatever your reason for breast augmentation we have something to cater to any of your needs.
One unfortunate occurrence that tends to happen with the passing of time is that the effects of gravity often starts to take hold. Just as some women are disappointed with having to live with small breasts that do little to fill out a dress, there are women that have large breasts that can be felt as a burden to have to carry around.
The other reason is that of appearance, as women with large breasts  often desire something smaller and in proportion to the rest of their body. At Enhance Clinic we pride ourselves in our quality results, excellent service and memorable experience. Where the opposite hand comes across and sits on top of the breast on the firmness that is the implant and presses down (so the left hand on top of the right breast) and the same hand (right for right breast) rolls the natural breast tissues up over the implant. We really advise you to look back to this video as this is a great video to watch as you are able to perpare yourself for the many topics that will be covered and allow yourself some time to think of any questions you might have for Dr Blackstock on the day of your breast consultation.
Typically most women find that they or their partners don't notice the small scars made under the breasts.
Generally those with minimal breast tissue benefit from sub-muscular (sitting under the muscle) placement to provide more cover above the actual implant thereby preventing visible rippling of the implant.
Saline implants are completely safe and there is no danger to you as it is only salty water which can be absorbed by the body. This is why Breast Augmentation is a procedure that remains to be among the most requested around the world. Any active diseases or chronic conditions can put you at risk for complications, but this will still be evaluated by the surgeon accordingly.
It is best that you ask around to get a good idea of how much the procedure costs in general.
For information about your procedure, recovery time and post-operative care, please click on the links to the left.
One of the areas that women notice this is in their breasts and this is one of the reasons for getting this procedure.
The scars from implants heal well and should ultimately be a fine, white, barely visible line.
It seems that behind the muscle placement is superior from a mammogram and ultrasound imaging point of view. Should something happen to the implant during your lifetime, the company will replace the implant free of charge.
It has been said that women with implants touch their breast more, therefore early detection is better.
This also prevents you from the pitfalls of going for shady practitioners who offer cheap procedures but with substandard service and results.

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