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This price includes a full consultation with one of our highly trained surgeons , Breast implants and breast implant warranty and full after care. All of our surgeons can be found on The Specialists Register and have a wealth of experience which enables us to offer our clients beautiful breasts with a natural appearance. Please feel free to take a look at our surgeons credentials on our surgeons page available at the following link Breast surgery at The Belvedere Clinic our surgeons.
Breast augmentation is a similar procedure to breast enlargement surgery but is usually performed to create better symmetry, shape and overall appearance.
This offer is completely genuine as part of our 36yr anniversary and timed for the opening of our new cosmetic surgery facility, we welcome anyone to visit our clinic and see our expansion programme in progress.
Ferne McCann unveils the results of her rhinoplasty Guide to Breast Uplift (mastopexy) Six things to prepare before your breast augmentation Top five cosmetic procedures undergone by celebrities during award season Why did an athlete have Botox leading up to the Rio Olympics 2016? Pre and Post operation care provided by qualified and compassionate nursing staff in our own hospital. The Belvedere Clinic maintains it’s high level of recommendations and client testimonials by utilising the best care staff and the top Cosmetic Surgeons in the country. We are delighted to retain the services of Mr Navid Jallali at Belvedere Cosmetic surgery group. Mr Jallali  currently holds a Consultants position in Charing Cross Hospital in the Plastic Surgery department.
He has worked in a number of prestigious hospitals including Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge, The Royal free Hospital in London and the Mount Vernon Hospital in Northwood.
He is fully registered with the General Medical Council in England and appears on the Specialist register for Plastic Surgery.
In his career to date, Mr Jallali has made a number of presentations on Plastic Surgery , nationally and internationally. He is available for consultations for most cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures and operates at our own hospital in Abbey wood.
Mr Joffily is one of busiest Plastic Surgeons here at the Belvedere Cosmetic surgery group. First qualifying in medicine in 1998, Mr Joffili went on work as a plastic surgeon in a number of hospitals in Brazil, after his initial surgical training. He has held Lecturer posts in Plastic surgery in the University Estadual de Campinas in Brazil and has published a number of articles on Plastic Surgery.
Together with his registration in England he is also registered with the medical council of Irelandand the regional council of medicine in Sao Paulo, where he is a member of the Brazilian society of Plastic surgeons. Mr Joffily is available for consultations on most cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures and operates from our own hospital in Abbey Wood London.
Ash is a Consultant & Honorary senior lecturer at Royal Free Hampsted NHS Trust Hospital and University College Medical School, London.
Our Cosmetic Surgeons have proven track records of best practice standards in the field of cosmetic surgery. Our Surgeons also hold the qualification, Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons (FRCS) or the equivalent qualification from another European or Commonwealth country. Mr Allen Rezai is a highly experienced cosmetic surgeon, a breast and facial surgery specialist, and one of the most sought-after and respected Consultant Plastic, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgeons in the UK. Mr Rezai believes not only in providing his patients with the highest possible quality of outcome, but also in educating each of them as to what procedure and treatment options are available and appropriate, empowering them to make fully informed decisions about the best and most effective treatment plan suited to their specific needs and circumstances.
Not only Breast Augmentation surgery: as a specialist breast surgeon, Mr Rezai provides all of his patients with the most sound and appropriate advice based upon their individual circumstances.
Whatever your breast surgery requirements, Mr Rezai and his team have your best interests at heart and will provide you with Honest Advice, Expert Care and a Bespoke Treatment Plan.
Breast Uplift surgery is the solution to sagging and uneven breasts, decreased breast volume, drooping nipples and stretched areolae, recreating a youthful shape and lift to your breasts.
Autologous fat grafting breast augmentation is an excellent and natural way to enhance breasts using one’s own body fat. At Harley Body Clinic we basically use ultrasound Vaser Liposuction to extract the autologous breast fillers for small to moderate breast augmentation and contouring. The main benefit of autologous fat grafting procedure is that it is the safest alternative to synthetic breast implants and having an invasive surgery under general anaesthesia.
It is ideal for correcting small breast atrophy with a moderate breast enhancement that can achieve a fuller volume and good skin texture and smoothness.
Fat grafting can also be combined with breast implants in some complex cases to achieve optimal symmetry in the breasts.

The breast uplift procedure mainly focuses in achieving firm and perky breast contour without affecting its fullness and volume.
The fat sometimes gets absorbed by the body and hence the breasts can lose some of its perkiness and volume with time and require a second session or breast implants.
We recommend patients to have several small sessions to conceive the best results rather than a single large session with large volume fat injection. Even though it is an outpatient surgery, patients are going to need someone to accompany them home and at least the first night of the surgery. Fat grafting breast augmentation is largely performed on an outpatient basis under local anaesthesia and patients can go home on the day of the surgery.
However, the process of fat grafting spans longer than a traditional breast implantation as it takes careful assessment to harvest the fatty tissues and to refine the filler to inject into the body. At Harley Body Clinic, our surgeons unanimously use ultrasound assisted Vaser Liposuction for extracting the fat, that can promisingly be minimal invasive and very precise in removing the fat selectively from the targeted area without causing bruising and scarring.
In some cases patients are recommended to wear external tissue expanders (Brava) to prepare the breast and allow it to naturally growing more tissue and increase vascularity creating more natural space to receive the breast fillers. The procedure begins with anaesthetising the donor area by subcutaneously injecting a wet or super wet local anaesthesia that numbs and stiffens the area. Once the surgeon is satisfied with breaking the fat all inclusively and evenly from the donor zone, the fat is aspirated out of the body and stored in a sterilized medical container. The breast fillers are injected into the breasts carefully, layer by layer to achieve a desired augmentation and contouring. The best thing about fat grafting that it requires minimal downtime and quick recovery, and when performed on best candidates the procedure can be really predictable.
Click on the name of your local town to be taken to the very best local breast enlargement specialist in your area. The size and selection of appropriate implants is something which you will discuss with your surgeon in detail during your consultation. Initial results can be seen immediately, however, it can take between two and four months to appreciate the final result.
There will be scars of about 4-5cm in the creases below the breast where the implants have been inserted. Surgery planning begins with an overall evaluation to ensure you are healthy enough for the procedure.
Our breast surgeon may wish to collaborate with your primary care provider for any additional information.
Our breast surgeon will discuss the procedure in detail with you during your pre-operative consultation. A transaxillary incision is well concealed in the armpit and more removed from the breast area, so it is less noticeable. You can have your implants placed above the muscle (subglandular) or below the muscle (subpectoral).
Many women take an extensive look at before and after pictures to see what benefit they can achieve from Breast Enlargement.
Our Breast surgeon has before and after pictures of their work available in their portfolios, and will be more than willing to show you the amazing results they have achieved. To book you procedure now or for any other queries book online or call 0208 311 4464 where a member of our dedicated staff will be happy to help.
Ladies with small breasts or have breasts that have decreased in size due to weight loss or child birth, often remark that surgery has given them back their confidence and made them feel more feminine.
He has also published a number of articles and contributed to books on the subject of surgical techniques in Plastic Surgery.
He has worked in Harley Street as a Plastic Surgeon in the UK and he is much sought after in London due to his vast experience and recommendation from other Patients. His Plastic surgical training was in The London Deanery in some of the largest & busiest hospitals in the UK.
They are on the Specialist Register of the General Medical Council and meet the requirements of the Care Quality Commission for practising in the UK.
They possess a tremendous depth of knowledge and experience, backed with a commitment to patient satisfaction, safety and wellbeing, helping you make your desired image a reality.
Established in 2003, his Harley Street practice has built a worldwide reputation for excellence, founded upon his unsurpassed surgical skills, breadth of experience, and unique ability to achieve the most natural results from the least invasive treatments. The most rewarding aspect of plastic surgery for him is guiding his patients through the whole process and watching how it enhances their lives.

That’s why, in addition to applying the very latest techniques in Breast Surgery, Reconstructive Surgery and Non-Surgical Rejuvenation treatments, we provide all of our patients with the highest levels of care before, during and after their treatment. Women who have certain bulgy areas such as abs, buttocks or thighs, could reuse some fat taken from that area and transfer it into their breast to enhance the breast size and contour.
The minimal invasive surgery gives you soft, absolutely natural and fuller breasts, and is an excellent and safer alternative to prosthesis saline or silicone breast implants. The procedure can be carried out on an outpatient basis with minimal invasiveness and downtime. Any residual asymmetry that cannot be corrected with breast implants alone, an additional fat injection helps achieve the same.
But sometimes, keeping the fuller volume of the breasts is not possible when there’s large atrophy.
As large volume fat grafting sessions would leave less room for correction if there’s any irregularity, such as some women gets tissue dimpling with fat getting absorbed by the body, or find asymmetry.
It is quite a simple and minimal invasive procedure compared to the traditional breast implantation, including with the incision types, placement types etc.
Usually multiple areas of the body is selected to harvest the fat, in a bid to achieve a full body proportion in the process. Then the VASER Lipo probe is inserted into the skin via small adits or 1.5-2mm tiny incisions. Then the extracted fat is purified from the anaesthetic solution, and other impurities, to prepare the refined breast fillers.
Our surgeons majorly choose to use injecting small amounts of fat fillers for better precision and better definition, as opposed to a large transfer at once.
Restoring the balance between your breasts and hips makes your hips look smaller and creates a more proportional figure. Blood testing and a baseline mammogram for women over the age of 35 or those with a family history of breast cancer may be recommended prior to any breast surgery. Breast tissue, body type and implant type and size will all be considered before you and your doctor finalise a surgical plan. This location can accommodate every size and shape of implant, is often concealed, and is known for fast recovery times. It is known to have fast recovery times, but does not accommodate every size and shape of implant.
Our Breast Surgeon will decide which placement location is best for you based on your goals, breast type and other factors.
He is involved in pioneering research work on regenerating new tissues through new biomaterials & tissue engineering.
In addition to his specialist area, Ash has expertise in all aspects of cosmetic & laser surgery as well as non-surgical rejuvenation.
The procedure also serves as a dual purpose, as it primarily focuses on breast enhancement, it can simultaneously contour a difficult bulgy area of the body from where the fat is extracted.
Often breast implants are used to achieve the desired augmentation in conjunction with breast lifting.
With small sessions it is easier to detect how the fat fillers are working on the individual patient and do something about it, also there’s room to save for enough fat to do it. The surgeon brisk the VASER LIpo probe into the fatty tissues in order to break it, whilst the ultrasound releases pulsed vibrations that make the job easier by melting down the fat from deep layers in minutes without the need of strenuous poking of the cannula and the risk of any tissue damage or bruising. A complete history of all health disorders, medications, and allergies will be considered in pre-operative screening prior to surgery. It is important to recognise that similar to other medical devices, breast implants – saline or silicone – are not lifetime devices.
An inframammary incision gives your surgeon the most precise access to where your breast implant will sit after surgery. Ash also deals with complex soft tissue reconstruction following accident or cancer surgery.
Replacing breast implants with fat grafting procedure can have excellent results, to scupt the breasts. It is possible that at some point in your life they will need to be removed or replaced, and you should talk to your surgeon about this prior to surgery.

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