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Although you wouldn’t guess by comparing the breasts of a full-grown man to those of a full-grown women, male breast tissue is biologically very similar to female breast tissue.
You’ll find outlined here the best male breast enlargement techniques, complete with their pros and cons.
This option is a popular way of instantly getting bigger breasts for both men and for women, but unlike the other male breast enlargement techniques – this one does not work as well for men as it does for women.
Because most men go into the operation with very little breast tissue, it makes it difficult for the plastic surgeon to find a comfortable nook in which to place the silicone inserts. Breast enlargement surgery also comes with all the risks and complications that are inherent in surgery. Even better, they can easily be used as a powerful complement to any other male breast enlargement technique.
Herbal breast enhancement is another great option for men who want to grow breasts, but keep their male libido and reproductive powers intact. Herbal breast enhancement is a rather broad term for a huge array of herbs that are used for a wide variety of breast enhancing reasons from increasing estrogen to decreasing testosterone to balancing hormone production in the body. Overall, herbs are a very effective and safe way to grow male breasts while keeping your male libido and the ability to keep an erection intact. If you decide to opt for a herbal breast enlargement regimen, we strongly recommend Natureday.
Pueraria mirifica is a plant so it may technically fall under the broad category of breast enhancing herbs, yet it deserves its own column because it contains way more phytoestrogens than any other phytoestrogenic herb known to man.
The potency of pueraria mirifica can be attributed to the kind of phytoestrogen that it contains.
You see, estrogen is not a single hormone, it’s more of a conveniently broad term that covers a group of chemically similar hormones – namely, estrone, estradiol, and estriol. The thing about pueraria mirifica, though, is that in order to see results, you must use only farmed cultivar pueraria mirifica root. For men, bovine ovary pills have the effect of feminizing the body’s hormone production. As you might already know, women also naturally produce testosterone but the female body automatically converts around 80% of the testosterone into estrogen through a process called aromatose. For this reason, it is very important to make sure you want to completely transition to a female before taking bovine ovary. Since bovine ovary is basically animal by-products, please make sure you purchase it from a company that uses the best ingredients. Men have an obsession for breasts, and this makes a lot of women want to make their breasts bigger to attract the opposite sex. During a breast enlargement surgery, a breast implant is placed inside the breasts to make the breasts seem bigger or fuller.

Breast enlargement surgery usually lasts for about two hours, and there is not much of blood loss. A week or so before the surgery, your surgeon may advise you to quit smoking and drinking, as both these double up your chances of contracting infections during and after breast enlargement surgery.
One day before the surgery, or sometimes even on the same day, the surgeon will make you undergo routine blood and urine examination to determine your fitness for the surgery. The surgery, which takes about one to two hours, is usually done under general anaesthesia; therefore, you may have to fast for a few hours before the operation.
Your surgeon may also take photographs of your breasts before and after the breast enlargement surgery.
As the surgery is done under general anaesthesia, you would not feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure.
It is important that you rest for a considerable period after you wake up after the surgery.
Though you can go home on the day of the surgery itself, it is better not to task yourself in any way for at least the next 24 hours.
The pain and discomfort you do not feel during the breast enlargement procedure comes back as the effects of the anaesthesia wears off.  You need to ask your surgeon to prescribe pain medications for this phase.
If your work does not involve any strenuous activities, you may return to it within two to three weeks. It is also a good idea to stay away from lifting anything heavy or exercising that involves your arms or chest.
Information and services provided through Make Me Heal and this Site are intended for educational and informational purposes and are not a substitute for the advice of your physician or other medical professional. Because of this, many of the breast enlargement techniques that work for women work just as well for men. If you are willing to go down this path anyway, we highly recommend that you build up breast tissue using some of the other techniques involved before opting for breast implants. These pumps work just as well for men as they do on women and they are safe, easy, affordable, and have no side effects.
Pumps are totally non hormonal and they will not affect your moods or your sexual functions in any way. Their products contain a mixture of the most potent breast enhancement herbs and on their site you can find as many – if not more – testimonials from male users than female users. For example, analysis has shown that the pueraria mirifica plant has approximately 3,000 times the estrogenic activity of soy isoflavones. Currently, it is the only plant containing Miroestrol and Deoxymiroestrol, which have been tested to be stronger than the strongest estrogen hormone, estradiol.
The pills work by stimulating the body’s pituitary gland to activate increased hormonal production.

It will not only increase your breast size, but will also round out your hips, change the way your body stores fat, reduce hair growth, cause infertility and even change the way you smell. Most women, who feel their breasts are too small, are willing to try out all possible ways of increasing their breast size, even breast enlargement surgery. The breast implants are normally made of silicone, with silicone gel or salt water filled in them to make them soft and cushiony. For the surgery the surgeon will make an incision on the bottom side of each breast, so that the post surgery marks, if any, are least visible.
However, just as for any other surgery there are a lot of pre-surgical tasks to be carried out. The ‘before and after’ photographs may help you, and other patients of the surgeon, identify the improvement in appearance after the procedure is complete.
During the time when you are under the effects of anaesthesia, the surgeon makes the incisions, positions the breast implants and stitches up the site.
Without the support of breast tissue, men with silicone breast implants face difficulties suddenly supporting large breasts.
This makes it a huge plus for men who would like female breasts but do not want to make the full transition into being a female.
But before you actually go in for a breast enlargement surgery you must understand what exactly is done during a breast enlargement surgery.
Breast implants come in a range of sizes and shapes, and it’s for your surgeon to decide what type of implant is most appropriate for you. The surgeon will then lift the breast tissues off the pectoral chest muscles and insert the implant into the crevice this created. Here are a few things that may help you understand what to expect on the day of this cosmetic surgery to improve the shape and size of your breasts. Your surgeon may check the shape and size of your breasts and the position of your nipples and make notes about these details. Your surgeon can give you an estimate of how long you should wait before you start to live and work like before. The silicone implants usually have a certain life, which is mostly about 10 years, after which another surgery may be required either to remove them or replace them. It is important to follow the instructions of your surgeon in this regard to prevent any problems.

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