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1-Stop resource for health-related information and online directory of general physicians and specialists in the Philippines. In honor of the end of breast cancer awareness month, I found it an appropriate time to discuss life AFTER cancer.
In a recent poll of more than 600 women conducted by Breast Cancer Care, the overwhelming majority of people who have had breast cancer (88%) said the disease and its treatment has had a negative impact on the way they now feel about their bodies. While there is no cookie cutter method for everyone, there are a few things you can do to help regain your confidence after a mastectomy or cancer therapy treatment. It may help to look at yourself in a full-length mirror fully clothed and pick out three things you really like about yourself. Reconstructive surgery can be done in several ways, including removing skin from the upper thigh, or from the lower abdominal area in order to replace the tissue that was lost during the mastectomy. Breast Reconstruction today can be performed at the time of the mastectomy, under the same anesthetic, and a new breast mound can be created using your own living tissue or saline or silicone implants are safely and effectively used to rebuild a beautiful, natural looking breast. BRCA and Mastectomy in the news with various celebrities, including Angelina Jolie undergoing Double Mastectomy to prevent Breast Cancer. Everyone has the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, but only some of us have mutations that make us more likely to develop certain kinds of cancer, including breast and ovarian. A surgeon who performs breast reconstruction surgeries must possess a thorough understanding of the intricacies of the human anatomy to be equipped and qualified to do these surgeries well. Restoring form and volume to a breast using an implant requires the insertion of a prosthesis made of synthetic material into the mastectomy site.
The most commonly used method of implant-based breast reconstruction involves preparation of the mastectomy site with an implantable device called a tissue expander.
Compared with natural-tissue breast reconstruction, there are some advantages to implant breast reconstruction. Nevertheless, the advantages of this quicker and technically less demanding reconstructive method must be weighed against the disadvantages of later complications that can lead to unplanned re-operation and implant removal. In addition to complications that can lead to unplanned re-operation, in late January 2011, the Food and Drug Administration raised concerns about a possible link between breast implants and a rare form of lymphoma called Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma or ALCL. If a woman with breast implants has no symptoms, FDA does not recommend doing anything additional. Women who see changes in the way the area around the implant looks or feels—including swelling or pain around the implant—should see a physician for evaluation.
Women considering breast implants should be aware of the very small, but increased risk of developing ALCL and discuss it with a physician.

Methods that use natural tissue can create reconstructed breasts that are a woman’s for life and also typically have the most natural look and feel. For anyone who has been through the process, or knows someone who has, you know that breast cancer is not only physically taxing, but also an emotionally draining disease as well. While it may be uncomfortable, Research has shown that the sooner you confront the physical changes to your body, the easier you may find it to gain confidence in the way you look. While it may seem like a silly exercise, coming to terms with your new appearance is the easiest way to feel more confident.
However, it is important to move forward, celebrate you, your health, and all life has to offer you! Even though mastectomies are performed sparingly today, it is still often a necessary procedure to effectively deal with breast cancer. Davison and his staff recently attended the BC3 Breast Cancer And Coordinated Care Conference in Washington, DC. Two scars are created during Tram Flap procedures a€“ a horizontal abdominal scar that runs from hip to hip - and an elliptical shaped scar on the breast. Using the Latissimus Flap - the blood supply is highly dependable and there are no abdominal complications. This process usually requires two or more surgeries, but the wonderful results are well worth it for those who choose Breast Reconstruction with Implants.
Implants come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are filled with either saline or silicone gel.
Preparation of the mastectomy site is necessary as implants used in reconstruction cannot simply be placed directly below the skin in the space created by the removal of breast tissue. Of all methods of reconstruction, implant-based reconstruction typically requires the shortest period of hospitalization. Data show that approximately 40% of women will require unplanned re-operation within just 5 years of their initial surgery. The FDA is actively investigating this possible link, however, preliminary data suggest that women who have breast implants have been developing ALCL much more frequently than women who do not have breast implants.
Women should continue monitoring their implants and obtaining regular breast screening evaluations. Our practice specializes in the most sophisticated natural-tissue reconstruction procedures that are appealing alternatives to implant reconstruction for many women. Forums, online organizations, and groups promoting local breast cancer survivor unions are all quite prominent online.

The continuing education of his staff is paramount in extending excellence in care to all of his patients.
Davison has years of specialized training and extensive experience in breast reconstruction surgeries a€“ using todaya€™s most advanced and refined techniques. Davisona€™s interest in breast and body contouring facilitates in his creation of a natural, aesthetic breast that is pleasing to the patient and grants him hundreds of happy patients.
Because there is no “donor site” from which tissue is borrowed, there is no additional scar elsewhere on the body and no need to heal at a second surgical site. According to information published by a one of the major manufacturers of breast implants, “Breast implants are not considered lifetime devices.
Nevertheless, such methods may not suit every woman who is considering breast reconstruction. Treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormone drugs can leave a woman with many physical and emotional changes to deal with. For many, breast reconstruction surgery is a way to help regain your confidence and restore your body to a more natural appearance. It is not just about physical reconstruction a€“ it is so much more about mental well-being. Genetic testing for the mutation, which can be passed down by either mothers or fathers, began in the late 1990s.
By combining meticulous skill and the supreme elements of art and surgical science - His patients enjoy results that are functional a€“ attractive and natural looking. Some women feel that breast reconstruction enhances their quality of life and helps them to feel more confident overall after a mastectomy. When complications arose, I really appreciate that you were there for me when I needed you the most.
In a relatively small number of situations, the use of a tissue matrix may make it possible to undergo reconstruction with a breast implant in a direct-to-implant procedure that avoids tissue expansion.

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