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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Regardless of whether you choose silicone, saline, or gummy bear breast implants, a full C or double D, there is one more thing you must consider: breast implant incisions. This is one aspect of the surgery that you and your surgeon will decide on together, however, it is good to know about each one beforehand.
Here are the four most common types of breast implant incisions, along with the pros and cons of each one. Pros: The periareolar incision is preferred among many plastic surgeons and patients alike because it allows the surgeon precise control over the placement of the implant, and visible scarring is very minimal. Cons: A small percentage of patients (two to five percent) lose nipple sensation, and about 20 percent are unable to breastfeed following surgery. Pros: Because this type of incision is directly on the breast, it allows the surgeon to place the breast implants in a very precise manner, which creates more natural-looking results. Cons: The inframammary incision does leave a scar, but it is easily concealed under a bra or a bikini top. Pros: This technique is the least invasive of the four, and results in zero breast scarring and a decreased recovery time. Cons: Because this is considered a blind procedure, there is an increased risk for asymmetry.
To learn more about breast augmentation (breast implants), contact a plastic surgeon near you.
The information on this site is not a substitute for diagnosis or treatment from a licensed medical practitioner. Answer: Breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgeries available in the modern world. There are many studies which show that women who enlarge their breasts do have a boost in self-esteem, body image, and sexual satisfaction.
It is unfortunate that society teaches women that they need to have large or perky breasts in order to be considered beautiful.
Following the procedure the patient needs to wear the Lycra garment to reduce swelling, for about 3 weeks.
Two types of breast implants are used:Silicone breast implant- this implant has a firm, textured or non textured silicone shell filled with the gel like viscous silicone or the more fluid silicone.
Rhinoplasty is the popular way to search in the internet by Thai and it seems to be increase everyday which also means Thai people have more interesting in beauty, but we can see news in case of nose augmentation occurred some mistakes from the surgeon. The second technique is Korean Rhinoplasty (Nose Augmentation) which is the hottest trend in Thailand many years since Korean Series coming which is included Closed technique (Nose Augmentation from the inside which is popular and help your tip be thinner) and Open technique (Nose Augmentation  from the upper side which is suitable for tip alarpalsty and similar shape as Western style or anatomical shape) . Facelift Recovery After the surgery facelift recovery is more tedious than any other cosmetic surgery. We ready to give advise and help you such as Breast Enlargement, Sex change, Facelift, Liposuction, Rhinoplasty and Blepharoplasty.

Breast augmentation procedure is done in two main types to restore or increase the breast size. Breast implants are actually plays key role and placed under the breast muscle or tissue in order to increase the size of the breasts. Only the doctors can suggest you the right type of breast implant that suits best for your breast.
Saline implants breast augmentation surgery is safe and effective to restore the fullness of your breasts. You are expected no side effects because even if any leakage happens the whole solution will expel out of the body naturally.
Silicone gel implants are made up of viscous silicone substance held in an elastomeric silicone shell generally varies in its firmness and consistency. These two types are more beneficial as they are more natural looking plus with less weight. Breast implant incisions used today are designed to minimize the appearance of scars as much as possible, and the one you choose will have an impact on the final results of your surgery.
Periareolar Incision: This type of breast implant incision is very common, and it is also known as the nipple incision. Inframammary Incision: This type of incision is placed underneath the breast, along the crease or fold where the breast meets the abdominal skin. TUBA Incision: TUBA stands for trans-umbilical breast augmentation, and this type of incision is inconspicuously placed inside the bellybutton. The TUBA incision can also only be performed once, so when it’s time for a revision surgery, the plastic surgeon will be required to use another technique. If you are experiencing a serious medical condition call your local emergency services or your doctor.
Women who suffer from various sorts of psychological problems, including addiction issues such as alcoholism might show negative reactions to their surgery. What it means is that nothing prohibited can take place in the process or as a result of the process. There is over development of mammary glands, resembling that of in females or excessive adipose tissues in the breast region and extra skin over the breast area. Small incisions are made in the chest and around the areola to remove the excess fat.Glandular excision- in this procedure the overdeveloped mammary gland is excised through the incision under and around the areola. The patient can get back to work in a week and resume the exercise routine after a month of undergoing the procedure.Another breast condition treated with great accuracy and good results in breast surgery centers in London is the breast implant surgery. It is the popular choice as it gives more natural looking and feeling breasts.Sterile saline breast implants- these are made up of the silicone elastomer shell which is filled with the sterile saline fluid once placed in the breast. So the people in this group should find more information, including expert surgeons for the surgery to be safe for them. There are two favorite techniques; the first one is Alar Plasty in case of men, some are lucky that their noses are not too much excessive, you do not be worried about it because they are still handsome.

The style for nose shape is depended on each satisfaction, but you have to consult with the surgeon and make good decision before doing Nose Augmentation. Tanongsak Panyawirunroj has surgical experiences more than 10,000 cases, so he is professional surgeon in Thailand. Saline type of implant is filled with sterile saline solution made of strong silicone shell. All material provided on this website is provided for informational or educational purposes only.
The incision you choose will depend on your body shape and also the type and size of breast implants you decide to go with. This is a more difficult technique, and it involves a cut in the armpit fold and a small channel to the breast.
Using an endoscope, the plastic surgeon then creates a tunnel to each breast, and then empty, inflatable implants are pushed through, and filled to the desired size.
A husband should concentrate on his wife’s beauty instead of reinforcing these ideas to her.
Hence, for breast implants, a male doctor would not be able to perform the surgery because it would be prohibited for the female patient to expose her breasts to him. Gynaecomastia may be unilateral or bilateral and may occur due to many factors like obesity, hormonal imbalance, hyperthyroidism, testes cancer, Klinefelter’s syndrome etc.
The breast implants are required by the females having smaller breasts or those who have undergone the mastectomy procedure or other surgical procedures for the breast. Disadvantage of using this implant is that the outer shell tends to wrinkle with time and the look and feel is not as natural as is with the silicone implants. In case of women, it is the opposite site, if they have small and point nose, this can help them look pretty.
Yes, breast augmentation is the most popular and successful aesthetic surgery perfectly satisfies the needs of a woman who wants to maintain their body in a shape and fit. According to the requirement of increasing breast size, saline implants make use of different amounts of saline solution. For instance, Sayyid Sistani states that there is no problem for a woman to have a nose-job. When it comes to Gynaecomastia London is the place where you would get the best possible treatment. Sayyid Khamenei states that, in and of itself, there is no problem with getting a nose-job or plastic surgery on one’s ears.
He also gives permission for plastic surgery in general, which would include breast implants.

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