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Although breast augmentation operations are relatively safe these days due to improvements in medical science, there are still certain side effects that you would do well to know of before opting for one.
Firstly, there is a possibility that your nipples can suffer a loss of feeling after undergoing the surgery. In rare cases, the saline implants might also cause funny noises that can clearly be heard. In addition, research studies have indicated that there is a chance of a smaller amount milk being produced by females who have undergone boob jobs. Most women opt for Breast Augmentation Surgery to look great and get accepted in their social circles. After placing the breast implants, scar tissue is formed which surrounds the implant surface.
In very rare cases, a severe illness called Toxic Shock Syndrome may occur which can prove to be fatal.
Many women have reported a decrease of sensation in the nipples or other areas of the breast after Breast Augmentation Surgery.
WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING PATIENTS FOR BREAST AUGMENTATION AS THE CLINIC IS CONCENTRATING ON STEM CELL TRANSPLANT AND HGH THERAPY, THANK YOU. Women who feel their breasts are small, that as a result of gravity or childbearing their breasts have lost volume or firmness.
Women who have reached their full maturity development, who know that a breast augmentation will bring them better satisfaction of themselves, but not a complete unattainable perfection.
The techniques depend on the desired outcome of the patient and the preferences of each plastic surgeon.
The general procedure starts with defining what type of incision both the patient and surgeon agree on: underneath the breast, just above the crease (inframammary), around the nipple area (peri-areolar), in the armpit area (transaxilary), or in the naval area (TUBA).
We have over 20 years of breast surgical experience and are second to none, plus you'll enjoy a week's vacation in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. There is a tendency in plastic surgeons to prefer under the muscle (sub-muscular) placement of the implant rather than placement under the gland (sub-glandular). Implants used vary in shape and sizes, all of them are silicone-shelled elastomer, and Silincone filled implants. The most common implants used are the round silicone ones of the Round Collection, since they provide a more voluptous result, especially if placed under the pectoralis major muscle. NO, while it might be possible with some surgeons to allow only local anesthesia, we would rather have this procedures done correctly and will use general anesthesia in the sub-glandular placement of the implant. Yes, there is no direct correlation between inability to breastfeed and having a breast augmentation procedure. The risk of losing sensation in your nipple is a 2 to 3%, regardless of where the incision is placed.
It depends on the type of skin you have, or the amount of extra skin you had before the breast augmentation, and the placement and size of the implant you and your surgeon decided on.
Breast Implants Augmentation, mammaplasty, is a cosmetic procedure that uses implants to enlarge and shape the breasts. Every surgical procedure involves a certain amount of risk and it is important that you understand the risks involved with augmentation mammaplasty.
Long term results: Subsequent alterations in breast shape may occur as the result of aging, weight loss or gain, pregnancy, or other circumstances not related to augmentation mammaplasty.

An individual's choice to undergo a surgical procedure is based on the comparison of the risk to potential benefit. While every patient experiences her own individual risks and benefits following breast implant surgery, clinical data suggests that most women will be satisfied with the outcome of breast implant surgery despite the occurrence of problems inherent with breast implant surgery. Pain is one of the big determinants in deciding whether to undergo a Breast Enlargements Augmentation, or any type of Breast Surgery procedure, thata€™s why we dedicate a large amount of time regarding Pain Control. You can read about Implants, what they look like, how they feel and all the risks you take once you decide that Breast Enlargement Augmentation Surgery is right for you.
Side effects of the procedure can include infection, hematoma (blood or tissue collecting around an implant) and complications that can happen with anesthesia. In very rare cases, the breasts can become so sensitive that they become painful when touched. Additionally, do bear in mind that saline enhancements feel cold to the touch, unlike warmer, natural breasts.
It is not recommended that you undergo this medical procedure if the subsequent applies to you.
However, prior to making a conclusion, you should always consider the possible adverse reactions that can arise from bust enlargement.
This tissue, also called fibrous capsule, keeps the implant firmly in place, avoiding dislocation. This in turn, contracts the breast implants causing severe discomfort, pain and changes in breast shape.
For severe infection, the implant is removed surgically and replaced with a new one. However, there is a resting period after the removal of the implant, usually a few months, allowing the breasts to heal completely.
Why is it that under the muscle placement of implants is more prevalent in patients that placement under the gland?
Will I loose nipple sensation if I decide to get a peri-areolar incision for my breast augmentation? Breasts augmentation will make your breasts bigger, it will not improve nipple asymmetry, nor move the breasts together nor lift droopy breasts. The Plastic Surgeon will discuss with you the placement of the implant, and where to locate the incision. Although the majority of women do not experience the following complications, you should discuss each of them with your plastic surgeon to make sure you understand the risks, potential complications, and consequences of breast augmentation. Find out more about Silicone Implants Augmentation, whether they are safe, and if you are a right candidate for these types of Implants. All these unwanted effects can easily be handled though, and do not happen very frequently. There is also the chance that the saline enhancements in your breasts feel irritatingly chilly during winter conditions. Do not opt for breast surgery if you or a household member has had an autoimmune condition such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus or long-term fatigue affliction.
The complications arising post Breast Augmentation Surgery may require re-operation or may just subside on their own. Following is a list of all possible complications arising on account of Breast Augmentation Surgery. Capsular Contracture can be treated by re-operation where the scar tissue lining the implant is surgically removed. Contour problems are also common. Sometimes, the two breast implants touch each other in the middle of the chest.

These two points are of extreme importance, you as well as your doctor can agree on the pros and cons of the different choices, and which would be the right one for your particular case. There are certain risks associated with Breast Augmentation Implants that is important for you the patient to be informed of. Problems associated with breast implants can be inherent to this type of implanted medical device or relate to complications of a surgical procedure. A little pump is the latest innovation in reducing post- operative pain when undergoing Breast Augmentations, or a Lift, combined with a Breast Implant Augmentation.
A more important concern are the various complications that can occur soon after the boob job itself. Do also note that bust enhancements get in the way of mammograms and makes breast cancer more difficult to pick up on. Breast Augmentation is a procedure that can help patients that have had children, and want to look fuller, or for patients after breast reconstruction want to look natural again. Additional advisory information regarding this subject should be reviewed by patients considering surgery that involves breast implants.
However, if the amount of blood collected is quite small, the body clears a Hematoma automatically.
Scars heal within a year and the pain will be soothed by treatments and tips recommended by your doctor.Types of Breast ImplantsDepending on the shape, breast implants can be round, oval or oblong, and their surfaces can be smooth or textured. However the down side is that if the surgeon is not an expert in this procedure, the implants can end up being placed too far in the middle, creating an unnatural look an we refrain from this insertion procedure due to related complications such as cc, hematoma or infection, an incision will have to be placed on the breast to be able to correct any of these problems.
In terms of composition, the patient can choose between saline implants with silicone, gel or mixed.Saline Implants or with physiological serum are recommended for people over 18 years and can be used without particular consequences because the substance within it is found in 70% of the human body.
Since the degree of obstruction of visibility is low, the mammography results are more accurate in comparison with other implants.Silicone Implants have a tactile look and feel natural because of high consistency and viscosity of their gel-forming content.
They are recommended for women over 22 years and are elastic do not to change their shape or pattern in time.
Maybe not everyone knows that  silicon is a substance extracted from sand found on the seafloor. This can be easily modeled and its main advantage is that has a long lifespan.Joint Implants combine the safety of saline implants silicone with gel qualities. This occurs when the capsule that forms around the prosthesis begins to tighten, and treatment consists of excision capsule incision and replace them with another mammary implant.
Other consequences of breast augmentation may consist in sensitivity disorders, bleeding or infection.After a trauma, breast implants may break. If cracking a saline implant, saline solution will be absorbed by the body and deflate without harming the body.
If a gel silicone implant crack, its content does not flow in the body due periproteic capsule.
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