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Collagen and botox injections are made to create fuller looking lips- a common indulgence among Hollywood stars. Although Botox injection is done with the smallest needle available in the market and not significantly uncomfortable, we provide local anesthesia, anesthesia cream, and ice application for those who are extremely sensitive. If you have permanent lines (creases) such as in the frown lines, an additional treatment with hyaluronic acid (Restylane, Juvederm) may be effective to alleviate the deep lines.
Botox can be used to correct unwanted wrinkles of frown lines (below) to lower the upper lip to cover the gummy smile (right), crow's feet, forehead wrinkles, and many more indications. [Pictures from Allergen, Inc.
Hyperhidrosis (over-sweating) of armpits, hands and feet are now effectively treated with Botox injection. Please consult our specialist for more details. Hyaluronic acid (HA) injection is effective to correct smile lines (nasolabial lines), the oblique line under the eyes, Marionette lines, lip augmentation, and more. Diet therapy We use prescription medication to control your appetite and increase the metabolism of carbohydrate and fat.  Before starting the treatment, you need a brief meeting with our specialist doctor.  Please visit our office for more information!
Placenta Extract injection Placenta Extract is medically approved in Japan and manufactured from materials extracted from human placenta. At our cosmetic surgery and medicine clinic in Barcelona, we get hundreds of patients from abroad who, while enjoying a stay in our wonderful mediterranean city Barcelona, want to have that extra beauty touch by experienced doctors in a private environment and at cheaper fees than UK or USA. At Antiaging Group Barcelona, our aim is to boost your wellbeing with our wide range of cosmetic medicine treatments, using the most advanced safest equipment and the least invasive techniques to get you a natural rejuvenated look and shape.

We offer many cosmetic medicine procedures, for both face and body, ranging from botox to chemical peels or ultrasounds and radiofrequency (non-surgical treatments for cellulite).
Fillers can assist in restoring lost facial volume due to the aging process, resulting in a fuller, younger-looking face.
Botox can be used to treat frown lines, forehead furrows, lip lines, crows feet and dimple chins. Lip enhancement or lip augmentation is a commonly requested cosmetic treatment by our UK patients. You are visiting the fabulous city of Barcelona and these treatments won’t stop you from doing so.
Would you like to send us a picture too?This might help us speed up the whole process and save you time. If Kim really had collagen shots, the risk of allergic reactions from collagen injections alone are scary. We utilize this mechanism to immobilize unnecessary motions of muscles in frown lines, forehead wrinkles, and so forth. Robert Kure has been treating people with facial lines with Botox for more than 15 years since his previous practice in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. Robert Kure) has been trained not only in plastic surgery but also in neurosurgery in the United State, and is qualified to treat patients with Bell's palsy.

It works since it is a high molecular sugar that can attract nearby water to the molecule, therefore the tissue will swell up and expand.
The fillers are injected to provide face areas with more volume such as in the jawline, chin and cheekbones.
This is probably our number 1 beauty treatment for people on holidays in Barcelona who want to return home with an amazing, young and healthy look.
This is a non-surgical procedure in which we use hyaluronic acid to create fuller plumper lips. They are non-surgical treatments so they won’t require any stay in hospital and you can resume your normal life right after the treatment.
At our clinic in Barcelona we master the fillers technique by designing the perfect contour for the characteristics of your face, so you end up with more volume and definitely a natural younger look. The effects are not permanent and might last for up to 6 months, depending on each patient.

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