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A Lower Body Lift, or Belt Lipectomy is the combination of a Tummy Tuck, Outer Thigh Lift, and Posterior Buttock Lift performed in the same operative session. The image to the left shows the pre-operative markings that I make on my patients the morning of surgery. Before I actually make the surgical markings, I first discuss the exact scar placement with my patient . On the left side (Traditional)  of the diagram, the yellow cutout pattern represents the amount of fat that would be removed with the conventional Body Lift technique.
On the right side of the diagram (Lockwood), using the Lockwood technique, there is less empty (yellow) space.
In another post, I will do some line drawings to explain the technical details of how the empty space impairs healing. Le body lift est mon intervention preferee car le resultat est toujours tres spectaculaire.  Je suis devenu au fil des annees le leader mondial de cette operation car j’en ai plus de 500 cas a mon actif (plus grosse serie mondiale).
Cette intervention avait quasi disparue dans les annees 70-80 a cause des techniques anciennes qui pouvaient s’accompagner de suites operatoires lourdes (recuperation longue) et compliquees (infections et mauvaise cicatrisation). J’ai donc (aide de mon ami le Dr Claude LE LOUARN de PARIS) completement reinvente cette intervention avec comme seules idees en tete d’eliminer les complications et d’ameliorer l’efficacite. Au final, on aboutit a une cicatrice circulaire, au niveau de la ceinture, tres facile a cacher par un string. Et donc, de la meme maniere qu’on peut lifter (remonter) le visage, on peut aussi lifter le corps.
Bien sur, s’il y a des problemes de volume, on peut aussi retirer la graisse en meme temps par liposuccion. If you have sagging skins in your stomach area, then procedures such as mini tummy tuck or tummy tuck can be a cure to your problems.

If you like to see how the before and after will look like, below is a set of body lift surgery photos. The results from the new body lift surgery shows that the patients have a better s curve because it balances the skin texture from the front to the back.  However, despite these improvements, body lift is a full blown surgical procedure.
Less empty space is better because the tissues come together with minimal tension, so they don’t come apart in the post operative period. It has to do with blood supply, strength of tissues, and the fact that nature abhors a vacuum. J’enseigne cette technique partout dans le monde et j’ai ete directeur de these a la faculte en 2010 (body lift inferieur) et en 2013 (body lift superieur) (cf photos). C’est l’intervention magique pour remonter les fesses et l’exterieur des cuisses mais aussi le ventre, le pubis et le devant des cuisses. Typically, if you have shed lots of weight, you will face the problem of having sagging skins that makes it a very unsightly sight.
If the sagging skin is in the arm or breast, then you can use procedures such as mini arm lift or breast lift to help to get rid of the excessive skin in these areas. Patients have to go through several hours of operating time, with an even longer downtime period that can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks.
If you like to know how much does body lift cost, I would suggest making a call to the your local clinic and ask for some price quotations as prices do range quite significantly between cities and countries, although the average body lift surgery cost is around USD6000-7000.
This is a project of ours that attempt to use new media to gather and distribute useful and relevant information about this new liposuction procedure. Many Body Lift patients have experienced massive weight loss and therefore have lots of hanging skin.
With too much fat removed, this results in more tension being applied to the skin layers, which can create problems in the recovery. Likewise, there is less space for fluid accumulations, and the blood supply coming from the muscles below is better preserved.

Depuis la limitation tres forte des honoraires des chirurgiens (decembre 2012), la prise en charge par l’assurance maladie n’est plus possible. Malgre l’ablation d’une grande hauteur de peau, le volume des fesses a ete conserve par recuperation de la graisse des hanches.  La remise en tension sur l’exterieur des cuisses est aussi tres spectaculaire.
Fortunately, there are many current procedure that can help patients resolve such problems. During this time, patients are advised to wear the compression garment so as to help maintain the shape of the body. Body lift is now available in many countries including Canada, UK, Australia and of the US. With more tension on the skin layer closure, the risk of wound separation in the post op period is higher.
Instead of just focusing on the stomach area, the new procedure stretches the skin to remove excess skin from both the stomach and the back.
If too much fat is removed in the subcutaneous layers it can lead to problems with the wound closure and fluid collections.
This is what makes the Lockwood technique superior to the Traditional Body Lifting technique! Such an approach yields a more even result and a tighter look in the patient’s overall appearance. I believe that the Lockwood technique provides the best method for excising precisely the right amount of fat and skin.

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