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BoA has been reported to have had plastic surgery for her eyes at least three times, along with numerous operations in other parts of her body.
I not familiar with the lady in red but you mean to tell me she had surgery on her bellybutton!?! Boa plastic surgery before and after pictures show us the indications of the surgeon’s works.
Two other of her facial parts; forehead and jawline are also getting plastic surgery allegation. Actually many of female South Korean celebrities are also getting the same plastic surgery procedure. In this article we’re going to highlight some of the worst examples and go from LEAST extreme to MOST extreme. BoA might actually be the hottest girl in Korea naturally, but she decided to go under the knife anyway… Not sure why.
I have been brought here by Facebook and when I read your headline I was so excited to read an article that shows the presure that women experience everyday to look a certain way, I was also going to share this on Facebook… until I read it. These successful women have altered their physical shape not only because of media but because of people like you also. The use of language seriously needs to be altered if there will ever be a day if woman are not only seen as people on pedestals to be judged by people like you. I have been brought here by Facebook and when I read your headline I was so excited to read an article that shows the pressure that women experience everyday to look a certain way, I was also going to share this on Facebook… until I read it. The use of language seriously needs to be altered if there will ever be a day if women are not only seen as people on pedestals to be judged by people like you. I have no idea why this posted three times after I edited it but at least my point will be received! A large portion of those people getting surgery performed are Chinese, as it is near impossible to trust the cleanliness or credentials of a Chinese plastic surgeon. Japan practiced plastic surgery more than 90 years ago with unwilling patients that they took from Northeast China, Mongolians and Russians.
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Xlyrix - place karaoke lyrics, Xlyrix - all lyrics database xlyrix is a searchable lyrics database featuring 1,000,000+ song lyrics from 20,000 artists. Images showing the drastic transformation of 20 different women who’ve undergone plastic surgery procedures were recently published online. Pictured above is a 26-year-old Wuhan woman named Yumei Xie, who works as a jazz instructor.

Last, this 56-year-old woman from Sichuan sought treatment for the sagging skin on her face and neck, wrinkles, eye aging and age spots.
All images, unless otherwise noted, were taken from the Internet and are assumed to be in the public domain.
Yet, she continues to be one of the biggest-selling acts both in her homeland and in other Asian countries like Japan and China. See Shin Se Kyung,  who also got at least jawline reduction surgery to enhance their beauties. In fact 1 out of 5 Koreans have some kind of procedure done. That extends to celebrities too.
They do this either for health reasons, or to uplift themselves which goes to show a human person’s insecurity and lack of self-confidence. Featuring the hottest Asian American models like Vicki Li, Dannie Riel, Lynn Chu, and more. This includes double eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty using a silicone implant to augment the bridge of the nose. The image on the left shows Liu before plastic surgery, while the one on the right shows her face post-operation.
Yan had eyelid surgery, a nose job, chin implants, Botox injections and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) skin treatments. The picture on the right shows her after rhinoplasty, chin implant and facial liposuction procedures. Huang underwent double eyelid surgery, a nose job and laser treatment for the freckles on her face. She got breast implants, nose reconstruction surgery and also underwent a chin restoration operation. Due to her postpartum breast atrophy and weight gain, she underwent breast reconstruction sugary, waist and abdomen liposuction and had Artecoll, a permanent soft tissue filler, injected into her face as well as IPL skin treatment. Xu underwent the V-line surgery, nose reconstruction surgery and recieved Botox injections. She underwent double eyelid surgery, chin reconstruction and face contouring with fat transfers in her cheeks and forehead. In the event that there is still a problem or error with copyrighted material, the break of the copyright is unintentional and noncommercial and the material will be removed immediately upon presented proof. Beat of Angel (Boa) actually has got her plastic surgery rumor since more than eight years ago. By looking at Boa Kwon before and after plastic surgery pictures you would find some significant changes on those facial features of her.

Korean celebrity plastic surgery is EXTREMELY common, especially since the pressure on celebrities to look amazing is even higher than for the average citizen. I still admire natural beauty (and hey, beauty isn’t just having a pointed nose, double eyelid, and oh-so sexy lips. Many of the women also underwent V-line surgery, a jawline contouring procedure popular in South Korea that gives the face a more narrow, heart-shaped appearance. Both women underwent nose reconstruction surgeries, eye reshaping operations, V-line surgeries, Botox injections and had laser treatment done on their faces. She also underwent the V-line surgery, had a chin implant put in, and underwent nose reconstruction surgery. Lin had a nose job, Botox injections, double eyelid surgery and received eyelash extensions and colored contacts. And actually I’m korean so I would know mostly females are into that and the average female in korea does not get it done, mostly celebrities. Wide eyes, high nose bridges and a narrow faces with pointed chins are coveted features among many Asian women, and a number of Chinese women (and men) are flocking to South Korea in hopes to attain this look at the hands of skilled surgeons. She underwent a double eyelid operation, V-line surgery, nose reconstruction surgery and had collagen injections as well as a skin rejuvenation treatment. Last, Yang got Botox injections in her forehead and cheeks, and underwent IPL skin treatment. I just wish you well and I hope that by changing your physical appearances, may your spirits be uplifted, because if not, that is just extra sad. In 2005, south Korean plastic surgeons that over 95% of Korean celebrities had plastic surgery. All deny it but it is so obvious that the changes that I can see without looking all that closely. In 2000 as Miss korea beauty contestant she had a more koreanic face = flat nose and her eyes are different. This is due to a long period of not mixing outside their own ethnicities after they arrived in the peninsula. There are more modern day mixing of genes there and this is when you don’t see the typical koreanic face.
I know Japan had their shares of plastic surgery but it is the celebrities that are doing it and not the high percentage of the regular population If you go into South korea and into their plastic surgery towns, you can find plastic surgery clinics hospital like you find restaurants and fast food joins here in the U.S.

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