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So what did Carrot Top do with his face and what did he look like, before he went under the knife?
Okay, we like the skinny to strong transformation Carrot Top, but looks like you got a little too carried away with the face redesign. We've all seen countless cases of bad plastic surgery, but the good cosmetic procedures are much harder to spot. German actress and former fashion model Diane Kruger seems to have gotten some new breast implants.
Kate was always beautiful, but her nose job, tooth veneers, and possible gum-reduction (not to mention a good eye brow waxing!) refined her look and made her even more stunning. Michael Douglas is currently 66 years old, and considering what he has been through these past few years (he battled cancer, his wife was hospitalized for bipolar disorder, his son went to jail, etc.) we think he looks pretty great!

In one of the most well-known examples of good plastic surgery, Ashlee Simpson swapped her large Roman nose with a more slim, straight version in 2006. Jennifer Aniston does not deny that she has had not one, but two nose jobs to "correct a deviated septum," (yeah right!) but some people think her plastic surgery addiction goes beyond just slimming down her naturally-wide nose.
In the 1990's, Ginger Spice, AKA Geri Halliwell, was the most buxom of her girl group, The Spice Girls. Hunky actor Timothy Olyphant got himself a new set of veneers, and we think they make his smile even better looking than before!
People still love to make fun of Lady Gaga's "Poker Face," but she looks much better after having a nose job!
But experts also point out the chances for surgical alterations to his lips, jaws and cheeks.

Maybe it is for the good – those dramatic eyebrows and frozen surprise on you face does go well with your reputation for being one the most entertaining personality we have ever known.
Scott Thompson may have become Carrot Top because of that shock of bright red hair he flaunts. Nonetheless, every attempt seems to have gone wrong and has brought Carrot Top closer to being a victim of bad plastic surgery. So off he goes to the plastic surgeon and comes back with a brand new face that puts him right on top of plastic surgery disasters.

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