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In this post, we will discuss and share few cases of before and after plastic surgery pictures of bollywood celebrities. If we talk about bollywood celebrities who did plastic surgery then we should mention the name of Priyanka Chopra. In 2010, Lindsay went to jail twice, told off a judge with her fingers, got fitted with a SCRAM bracelet, failed numerous drug tests and went to rehab a couple of times.
Mel Gibson proved again that he was a racist pig by threatening his girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva, with a phone rant full of racist expletives after she accused him of domestic abuse.
When a small baggie of cocaine allegedly fell out of Paris’s purse, first she told police the cocaine was really gum, and then she said she’d borrowed the purse from a friend and didn’t know there were drugs in it. John Mayer may be a good musician, but he really needs to learn how to keep his big mouth shut. Due to an “allergic reaction” to alcohol and drugs, Charlie Sheen went on a naked, drunken rampage and trashed his hotel room.
At the MTV Music Awards, Lady Gaga managed to piss off the entire world with her nauseating meat dress.
Jesse James, married to Sandra Bullock, cheated on her with a tattooed lady he met on MySpace. In 2010, Heidi was slammed in the press for having had 10 different kinds of plastic surgery, including a nose job, a butt augmentation and a pair of giant balloons grafted to her chest.
It’s not so much that Snooki was arrested for public drunkenness, it’s what she said to the cops that was truly embarrassing: "You can't tell me what to do--I'm Snooki!
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Gone are the days when plastic surgery was considered to be the option only when one had met with an accident that resulted in severe damage to the face.
The recent rumors about Selena Gomez having done a nose job surgery have been making rounds for quite some time and it isn’t something unexpected.
The cute baby faced 23 years old Selena too decided to go for the most opted surgery procedure before her birthday.
Though allegedly Selena Gomez has done other cosmetic surgeries too such as breast augmentation and lip injections, rhinoplasty has given to her face a completely new dimension.
The nose job plastic surgeries trend is gaining foothold even in the normal working professional people too at a very startling rate.
Born on 11 august 1969, Jennifer Aniston is an American producer, actress and businessperson.
Kylie Jenner might still be a teenager but plastic surgery rumors are already surrounding her.

Heidi Montag is one of the countable celebrities who have at least admitted to have undergone some plastic surgery to modify their looks.
She even got into the spirit by making herself at home and cocooning her feet in a pair of warm-looking padded slippers. Here the gorgeous Rebecca Adlington works the season-less trend in this red and black style which features sheer panel accents, it's the perfect piece to compliment her relaxed look. Rebecca quenched her thirst for speed on London's South Bank where she unveiled the UK's fastest broadband on wheels.
As we know that Keona Mitra made a disastrous plastic surgery and her mistake quite visible on the screen. Apart from these celebrities, other celebrities which did plastic surgery treatments are Anushka Sharma, Preity Zinta, Kareena Kapoor, Karishma Kapoor, Juhi Chawla and many more. In fact, so many celebrities misbehaved that we had a hard time narrowing down the list to our top 10. But her most embarrassing moment in 2010 was her performance in “Machete,” in which she played a “trampier, campier” version of herself. Not only was he married to a super-hot chick, but the world found out about his 15 mistresses, the call girls he’d hired and the alleged sex tape yet another lady was releasing. As a result, his agent fired him and Mel got booted from his gig in “The Hangover 2.” Mad Mel has officially turned into Mean Old Man Mel.
In 2010, he described his relationship with Jessica Simpson as "sexual napalm," shared his dreams of writing pornography and claimed his "d*ck is sort of like a white supremacist" because he hadn't slept with any African-American women. In case you didn’t know, the AA people define alcoholism as an “allergic reaction” to alcohol and drugs. All we could think about when we saw her onstage was how smelly and greasy her boobs must be.
The embarrassing part of this story isn’t that he stepped out on one of the hottest ladies in Hollywood, but that he was caught using MySpace. Is if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, her husband threatened to release a sex tape and convinced her to take out a restraining order on her mom. See the funniest YouTube videos, pictures and images online or chat with Smosh readers in our online forums.
Over the past decade, very rapid medical advancements coupled with the hype created by media over the perfect looks have created frenzy among people to get the most perfect looks. Many celebrities around the world have done one or more cosmetic procedures to get the perfect look. The most surprising thing is that females all over the world opt for this procedure if they want to cut off few years from their real age but evidently Selena wanted to add up a few more years to shed her baby face reputation.
A fail safe option for off-duty days, the classic plaid button down really is a capsule closet must-have as it's got endless styling options and is ideal for layering.

We'll be styling these everyday essentials with our favourite black jeans and biker boots for a tough finish.
The 800m freestyle world record breaker launched Britain's fastest widely available broadband on Virgin Media's very own fully connected mobile living room.
In order to enhance the beauty of their features, celebrities always prefer to use cosmetic surgery.
So, she decided to get chiseled nose and then she ended up her looks after doing this disaster plastic surgery.
After entering into the bollywood industry, she did nose job. Have a look at her picture below. People go under the knife in this nose that a little reduction here or there or a little enhancement can bring miracles for them. While the trend is at an alarmingly high rate among the female celebrities, the male celebrities in no way have been on back step. The noticeable European like undertones of her newly structured nose has garnered her more attention and praise over the past few months. Most of the celebrities who undergo the procedure avoid making any public announcement about them.
From wearing under a chunky knit and a pencil skirt or with a sharp blazer and white skinny jeans, the plaid shirt has got some serious fashion stamina. Well, mostly people don’t know that plastic or cosmetic surgery has benefits as well as disadvantages too.
Well after seeing the picture, we can say that Shruti Hassan looks more beautiful after doing nose job.
The nose job plastic surgeries, botox injections, butt implants, breast augmentation and liposuction; all are some of the most popular cosmetic surgeries procedures to achieve celebrity like or magazine cover looks. Thousands of people all over the world go through rhinoplasty every year to get a perfect beautiful nose.
If compared with her 2011 photographs, there is a distinct difference in the setting of her nose and the beautiful slight uplift that wasn’t much noticeable before the surgical procedure. Before and after picture comparison of last two or three years can show clearly that she has done rhinoplasty but like majority of celebrities vehemently rejects to accept it.
Release me!" Her punishment was to spend the day signing autographs as part of her community service.

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