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Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty concerned with the correction or restoration of form and function. Disclaimer: This health video may contain graphic material and viewer discretion is advised.
Kim has had nose jobs and breast augmentation, but she always managed to keep it out of the weird zone. Plastic surgery used to combat age related beauty problems usually end up as disasters – but not in the case of Kris Jenner.
Take a look at Scarlett’s before and picture – plastic surgery is definitely a boon in her case. She is the fashion icon for many and her beauty and style is undoubtedly one of the most discussed topics among the celebrity watchers. Britney also finds a spot on our top 10 best celebrity plastic surgery list – thanks to her flawless nose job. Carrot Top Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos Carrot Top Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos in Hot News Carrot Top Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos Comedian Scott Thomsop, who is well-known as Carrot Top, once tells a joke that people think he has plastic surgery where actually he just uses a lot of makeup to make him look good. Though cosmetic or aesthetic surgery is the best-known kind of plastic surgery, not all plastic surgery is cosmetic; it also includes many types of reconstructive surgery, hand surgery, microsurgery, and the treatment of burns.
Sushma updated March 15, 2014We hear a lot about celebrity plastic surgery – most of it is naturally criticism for the overdose of plastic surgery and how bad it looks.

Unlike a few unfortunate celebrity plastic surgery addicts like the ‘catwoman’, Kim got it right and actually looks better with plastic surgery. The Kardashian mom seems to have it all under control, despite regular visits to the plastic surgeon.
Looks like she got rid of that large prominent nose and had some work done on her lips too. The diva may have gotten into quite a few controversies and fell headlong into a number of disasters. Going strong with flawless facial enhancement procedures, she seems to have lost quite a few years from her face and actually looks 10 years younger. But did you notice the brand new nose after she came out of the plastic surgery clinic and isn’t it gorgeous on her? And why should she hide it – don’t you think she looks fabulous with all that facelifts, Botox and chemical peels to keep her skin young and alive? Disasters are quite common among celebrity plastic surgery cases – especially in Hollywood. She sports a much slender nose, which suits her face and a very desirable curvaceous body – all thanks to good plastic surgery! After a few initial mistakes, the pop star seems to have got it right with facelifts and Botox, especially by reigning in her quickly increasing age.

But the one good decision she made was choosing a good plastic surgeon to shape up her nose to suit her pretty face.
Let’s take a look at the top ten celebrities made the best use of plastic surgery to enhance their beauty. Not that the Rhinoplasty has made a lot of difference to his looks, but he sure is one of the hottest young celebrities around. His face turn into really bad look; it becomes broader and the skin looks tighter at the jaw bones. However, everybody can see that his past and present facial look is able to reveal the truth that he has performed plastic surgery on his face. Carrot Top might be taking steroids because his thin figure has surprisingly changed into bodybuilding figure.
However, no media and viewers can decide whether Carrot Top’s physical appearance is due to plastic surgery or the use of steroids.
The good news is, in fact, the outcome is contrary different as people are making negative comments on his new looks.

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