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Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty concerned with the correction or restoration of form and function. Disclaimer: This health video may contain graphic material and viewer discretion is advised.
Vaginal rejuvenation, or Labiaplasty, is a plastic surgery procedure for altering the labia minora (inner labia) and the labia majora (outer labia), the folds of skin surrounding a woman's vulva.
The size, color, and shape of labia vary significantly, and may change as a result of childbirth, aging, and other events. The Journal of Sexual Medicine reported that 32% of women who underwent the procedure did so to correct a functional impairment. Vaginal rejuvenation can be performed under local anaesthesia, conscious sedation, or general anaesthesia, either as a discrete, single surgery, or in conjunction with another, gynecologic or cosmetic, surgery procedure. Labial reduction occasionally includes the resection of the clitoral prepuce (clitoral hood) when the thickness of its skin interferes with the woman’s sexual response.

Post-operative pain is minimal, and a woman is usually able to leave the hospital the same day and resume physically unstrenuous work three to four days after surgery.
Find Your Own Top Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for Your Face Lift Surgery (or Any Other Cosmetic Surgery) for Men and Women. As we know that choosing the best board certified plastic surgeon is not always the most budget-friendly method for getting your cosmetic facelift. Cast a Wide Net: To find the best surgeon for yourself you should start asking everyone you know for a plastic surgeon referral. Though cosmetic or aesthetic surgery is the best-known kind of plastic surgery, not all plastic surgery is cosmetic; it also includes many types of reconstructive surgery, hand surgery, microsurgery, and the treatment of burns.
There are two main categories of women seeking cosmetic genital surgery: those with congenital conditions such as intersex, and those with no underlying condition who wish to alter the appearance of their genitals because they believe they fall short of a beauty ideal. Conditions addressed by labiaplasty include congenital defects and abnormalities such as vaginal atresia (absent vaginal passage), Mullerian agenesis (malformed uterus and fallopian tubes), intersex conditions (male and female sexual characteristics in a person) and tearing and stretching of the labia minora caused by childbirth, accident and age.

31% to correct a functional impairment and for aesthetic reasons, and 37% for aesthetic reasons alone. Seek a plastic surgeon who makes you feel at ease in their presence, eagerly shows you their portfolio, and who listens to your questions and provides good answers to them and acquires the required knowledge of his profession. Plastic Surgeon New York City has been voted US News Best Doctors, Patience Choice, Castle Connolly America’s Top Plastic Surgeon amongst several other awards due to his expertise and top bedside manner. You must pick up the right surgeon for your face surgery and the search should be made properly. Cosmetic Facelifts easily run from five to twenty five thousand dollars, with rates varying from doctor to doctor.

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