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Now it is really hard to imagine that you may not have heard of Rihanna before but in case you haven’t note that Rihanna is one of the top singers across the world today. From that point she hasn’t looked back ever and has gone on to sell 20 million albums a total of 60 million singles. Now due to recent images of Rihanna rumours have emerged that she has actually gone under knife to have her looks enhanced.
Many fans of Rihanna from around the globe have compared her recent images to the ones taken a few years back and have jumped to the conclusion that she has in fact undergone cosmetic surgery procedures. Rhinoplasty in other words is also known as the nose job and many people are quite sure that she has undergone a nose job.
Apart from a rhinoplasty people have also speculated that Rihanna may have undergone breast enhancement procedures because in some images she appears to have a bigger cup size than she had before.
One fan speculated that the increase in breast size may be due to good use of make-up and also because of a push up bra. Now what you need to know is that none of these rumours and speculations have been confirmed by a reliable source yet and thus believing them completely is something you should definitely avoid. She also went on to say that if she finds something wrong with her body she will choose to deal with it differently rather than undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures.
Apart from that every change in the face and body should be attributed to cosmetic procedures.
Rodrigo Alves — better known as the “Human Ken Doll” — has gone under the knife again for his 35th plastic surgery procedure. The 32-year-old Londoner traveled to Colombia earlier this week for his most recent operation, which involved further defining his facial features. While he’s obviously quite open to plastic surgery, he’s using his experience to educate others about cosmetic operations.
Rodrigo, who has spent more than $325,000 on plastic surgery, says his appearance on Botched inspired him to create a TV show where he works with doctors to give back to people seeking plastic surgery.
Rodrigo has always been honest about his procedures — and now he’s slamming “Human Barbie” Valeria Lukyanova, who claims she’s only had breast implants and the rest of her tiny figure (pictured below) is the result of hard work, diet and exercise. Given her well-earned reputation for candour (the first book revealed her rock star husband Ozzy's attempt to kill her, her multiple plastic surgeries, as well as the drink and drug addictions of her highly dysfunctional children), she is understandably keen to reprise the confessional tone of the first offering.
The simmering tension came to a head, the Mail has been told, during The X Factor auditions in Manchester in June, when the pair are said to have stormed out of filming following a high decibel row in front of astonished members of the television crew. Rihanna was actually born in Barbados on 20th February 1988 and her original name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty. So the question that all the fans and other curious people from around the world are asking is whether Rihanna has actually gone under the knife to improve her looks are the rumours untrue. These people are quite sure about their claims because when you see the compared images you will notice that her nose looks flatter in one image and looks wider in another. In fact Rihanna has herself admitted that she does not like the idea of going under the knife because it scares her. So full, in fact, that she is completing her latest opus slightly less than two years after releasing her first bestselling autobiography, Extreme.

There are, however, two rather juicy potential chapters that have, as yet - perhaps understandably - not been committed to the page. He knew she'd lost her bargaining power, and he wanted to let her know that she was lucky to have a job on The X Factor, which is the biggest show on the box. She came to America at a young age of 16 and it was there that she started her career as a singer. Rhinoplasty is usually the procedure you undergo in order to enhance the look of your nose. Then there are natural causes also that you need to consider since Rihanna is quite young.So whether Rihanna has actually undergone cosmetic procedures or not is question people around the world will continue to raise until and unless there is no conclusive proof. But then, as she is wont to repeat, her 54 colourful years have contained too much to cram into just one volume.
The first, the Mail has learned, involves an astonishing feud with her only brother over the death of their brutal father last month. Indeed, he is said to be delighting in his role as meddlesome puppeteer in this vicious catfight. Plus, being the savvy businesswoman she undoubtedly is, she has her eye on doubling her money by matching the two million sales of the first book.
The second centres on the bitter behind-thescenes hostilities between the formidable Mrs Osbourne and Dannii Minogue, her new fellow panellist on the current series of ITV1's The X Factor. A source very close to the self-styled 'Mr Nasty' told the Mail: "The truth is that Simon doesn't like Sharon very much. After acting as manager to her rock star husband since 1979, she has had to come to terms with the fact that she has taken over his mantle as the family's major breadwinner since the former Black Sabbath singer's career took a sudden, and quite dramatic, nose dive. It is fair to say, however, that the writing process has not been unalloyed joy for the irrepressible Mrs Osbourne. Sources on the ratings-topping Saturday night talent show reveal that such is the level of vitriol between the two women that, away from the cameras, they can barely bring themselves to speak to each other. His latest album Black Rain - which, ironically, is the first he has recorded sober (he gave up his notorious drink and drugs habit two years ago) - has been a commercial disappointment. Sharon, by all accounts, is furious that the show's creator and fellow judge Simon Cowell brought in the pop singer sister of Kylie Minogue for the new fourth series, which returned to television last Saturday.
To add to their woes, the once successful annual Ozzfest tour featuringher husband and a host of heavy metal bands, which Sharon has masterminded for 11 years, has run into severe trouble.
Insiders say there was instant animosity between the two women, fuelled in the main by the fact that Sharon - who had previously been the only woman judge - views the younger and prettier Miss Minogue as direct competition. He felt Sharon was getting too big for her boots, and that she had, quite frankly, become increasingly demanding during the last series. She was letting it be known that she expected more money, and was behaving like she was the only reason the show was such a huge success. They have this month sold the gaudily decorated A?6 million Beverly Hills home that was the backdrop for The Osbournes to singer Christina Aguilera and her husband Jordan Bratman. Quite a few of us wanted to see the back of her, too, because, to be perfectly honest, she has very few friends on The X Factor team.

They are 'downsizing' to a six-bedroom, ten-bathroom, A?5 million pile in Hidden Hills, California. Strangely, given that this year's Rich List estimated the Osbournes' fortune to be A?100 million, official records show they have taken out a A?4.25 million mortgage on the property.
Not, it should be said, that the couple, who celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary last month, are exactly strapped for cash. Sharon is said to be looking for a home near Cowell in London's exclusive Holland Park, because she finds the 25-mile drive to the family's mansion in Buckinghamshire tiring during filming of The X Factor.
Sharon, who was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2002, has also been complaining to friends that she is in constant pain and is having trouble eating since having surgery to remove a gastric band which she had fitted to help her lose weight. Meanwhile, she is also finalising plans to make a secret pilgrimage to Manchester in the coming weeks to join family members at the unveiling ceremony of a gravestone at the city's Agecroft Jewish Cemetery, marking the grave of her impresario father Don Arden, who died last month at the age of 81. Arden, who revelled in the soubriquet "the Al Capone of pop", was the notoriously violent music manager who once dangled rival Robert Stigwood out of a window and boasted of having enemies beaten up. He and his daughter had a venomous 20-year feud after Arden accused Sharon of stealing Ozzy - whom he managed - when she left the family business to set up on her own. So acrimonious was the split that she accused her father of threatening to have her killed, and she lost the baby she was carrying after being attacked by Arden's guard dogs. For years she told her three children with Osbourne - Aimee, now 24, Kelly, 22, and 21-year-old Jack - that their grandfather had died in the war. But father and daughter were reconciled five years ago when Arden became ill with Alzheimer's and she paid the bills for his care at a private nursing home in Los Angeles.
Following his death, she had his body flown to their native Manchester, but said she was "too traumatised" to attend the funeral. But earlier this month, an anonymous family member went to a Sunday newspaper to accuse Sharon - in a last act of defiance - of deliberately ignoring her father's last wish that he should be buried next to his wife Hope in a Surrey churchyard. Last night, family members told the Mail that the episode has led to a bitter rift between Sharon and her brother David, whom she accuses of leaking the story to the press. They say David angrily objected to his sister's plans for burial, which led to a slanging match between the two before the funeral. The row has become so bitter since then that David - who remained close to his father throughout the froideur with Sharon - has not been invited to the unveiling ceremony or a memorial at a nearby synagogue. Arden's sister, Eileen Somers, told the Mail: "Sharon is very upset about the comments, which were very hurtful and unfair. He was so often the peacemaker between Sharon and Don, who were always just too similar to get on.
For this messy family feud - not to mention her war of words with Miss Minogue - would surely make for compulsive reading in those forthcoming, highly lucrative memoirs.

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