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Plastic Surgeon in Florida providing Lipo, Liposuction, Aqualipo, NaturalFill, LazerLift, Cellulaze, and Smartlipo in Tampa, Melbourne, The Villages, and Orlando Florida. Bassin Center for Plastic Surgery Tampa offers the latest, least invasive, and most advanced surgical procedure and cosmetic treatments. Aqualipo’s water-jet fat removal technology doesn’t “suction” fat, but instead uses a spray of sterile fluid to flush out the fat for easy removal. Congratulations to the lead specialist at Orlando Hair Restoration Center, Patrick Tafoya, for his recent publication in the first chapter of a textbook, Hair Transplant 360.
As a hair transplant specialist practicing a variety of hair transplant and restoration techniques, including the Linear Strip Method and NeoGraft in Orlando, Tafoya has designed many innovative hair transplant technologies.  These technologies include the Ergo-scope microscope and the Tafoya Practice Scalps to improve hair restoration in Florida. Have you considered a facelift, liposuction, or breast implants, but feel you can never find the time to set aside the time for surgery and recovery?
Traditional breast enhancement requires invasive incisions to insert implants beneath your chest muscles. Traditional liposuction requires weeks of recovery before resuming normal activities.  Although this treatment is aggressive and effective, advanced technology allows for a less invasive procedure while retaining beautiful results. At Bassin Center for Plastic Surgery we offer minimally invasive procedures that allow you to turn back the clock without watching it!
Cellulaze is ideal for candidates who are not significantly overweight but are experiencing cellulite in their thighs. Liposonix in Orlando can help take off that “last inch” that you’ve been unable to conquer with diet and exercise in your abdomen, love handles, hips, inner or outer thighs, bra bulge and legs. We all love the feeling of the summer sun basking on our bodies, unfortunately we do not always love the effects that the warm rays have on our complexion. Allow yourself to enjoy the warmth of the summer sun without worrying about wrinkles or fine lines!
Do you sit poolside, envious of others as their hair flows through the waters, soaking up a cool splash while the sun reflects off your balding hairline?
At Bassin Center For Plastic Surgery, we use the latest, most innovative method for hair restoration, NeoGraft. Traditional hair restoration procedures, such as the strip method, require significant downtime after the procedure.
As we age, our skin loses its collagen, causing it to sag and contributing to the development of wrinkles and fine lines.
EndyMed 3Deep™ is FDA approved and non-invasive, meaning most patients are able to return home and resume normal activities immediately after the treatment. EndyMed 3Deep™ is an in-office treatment that can be performed in our Orlando, Tampa, Melbourne, and The Villages locations. Aqualipo® is a revolutionary liposuction technique that uses an innovative water-based fat removal system to gently wash unwanted fat cells away.
Are you interested in increasing your bust size but hesitant to try silicone or saline breast implants? NaturalFill® Natural Breast Enhancement™ can also be a good option for women who are unhappy with the appearance of their saline or silicone breast implants. For more information about NaturalFill® Natural Breast Enhancement™, please schedule a private consultation with Dr.
In America, it’s said that one shouldn’t wear white to a wedding because it steals attention away from the bride. With the QuickLift™, patients can return to their normal activities just one or two days post-operatively.
People dream of being able to remove the fat from unwanted areas, such as their thighs, hips, and stomach, and moving that fat to more pleasingly plump body features like the butt and breasts.
You’re cordially invited to an open house at the Bassin Center for Plastic Surgery’s Viera, Florida location. Ideal for those who want to remove excess fat in the arms, tummy, thighs, buttocks, and back, Aqualipo eliminates unwanted fat in areas you just can’t conquer with exercise and diet alone! With over 27 years of experience, and performing more than ten thousand hair transplants during his career, Patrick Tafoya is at the forefront of hair loss treatments.
He is an active member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) and has presented at ISHRS and American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery conventions for over 20 years.
Rigo Mendoza of Bassin Center For Plastic Surgery performed the first live treatment of Cellulaze in Tampa on CBS Tampa Channel 10 News this past February. At Bassin Center For Plastic Surgery, we understand your time is precious, and we’re here to help work around the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Although performed as an out-patient procedure, breast implants can involve a extensive recovery period, requiring you to take time away from daily activities and work.
The innovative Aqualipo is gentler, allowing you to drive yourself home and resume normal activities immediately after the procedure with little bruising, swelling or bleeding thanks to its innovative technology which uses h20, not suction.
Have you picked out the perfect bikini, but feel required to pair that bikini with a wrap to hide unwanted dimpling on your thighs?
Using a micro-incision, a cannula is inserted into the skin, and targeted laser, attack the structure of cellulite, liquefying the fat, shrinking pockets of fat, and permanently removing the appearance of cellulite. By now, you’ve probably picked out your favorite swimsuit for summer, gotten a pedicure to match, and have had at least one waxing treatment to accompany your bathing suit body!
Using high-intensity, focused, ultrasound energy, this procedure penetrates through the skin layer to eliminate targeted fat cells.
Using radio frequency, this nonsurgical treatment requires only a hand piece to heat deep layers of your skin. Now, you too can enjoy the pool’s refreshing water flowing through your luscious locks without experiencing the hassle or scarring of conventional hair restoration. NeoGraft applies pneumatic pressure, or suction, to extract individual hair follicles from a patient’s scalp. Results from the strip method also take up to six months to show, as opposed to the three months after NeoGraft. Bassin prides himself in being able to recreate the natural appearance of the scalp when performing NeoGraft. Rigo Mendoza, a highly accomplished Tampa, Florida plastic surgeon.  Board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Mendoza is committed to helping patients look their best with beautiful, balanced and natural-looking results. Roger Bassin now offers EndyMed 3Deep™ in Florida, a procedure that uses the latest advancement in radio frequency technology to improve body contours, reduce cellulite, and promote skin tightening in treated areas.

Each treatment takes between 30 and 45 minutes to complete, depending on the area being treated. Participate in this amazing Groupon offer and get Aqualipo® at the incredible discounted price of $999 for the chin, upper abdomen, or lower abdomen, or $1499 for the love handles, outer thighs, inner thighs, hips, upper arms, or bra line! Now’s your chance to join the Aqualipo® revolution in liposuction at an incredible discounted price! Roger Bassin discuss how NaturalFill® Natural Buttocks Enhancement™ can help you have a perkier, shapelier, sexier bottom.
Roger Bassin visited Fox News Live WOFL to discuss how he uses NaturalFill® Natural Buttocks Enhancement™ to help give his patients the feminine, shapely form they're looking for.
What used to require a week’s stay in the hospital (say, a facelift) now can be performed with excellent results and minimal downtime as new techniques continue to become available. Whereas a mini-facelift typically only tightens the skin, a QuickLift™ addresses the underlying facial tissues and muscles in addition to the skin. Unlike older facelift surgeries, which require risky maneuvering around facial nerves and major blood vessels, the QuickLift™ procedure is relatively un-invasive. Bassin’s QuickLift™ patients are between the ages of 40 and 75 years old and have noticeable sagging on the mid- to lower-face. Rigo Mendoza, MD, at The Bassin Center for Plastic Surgery’s Tampa location, offers NaturalFill® Natural Buttocks Enhancement™ in Florida. This VIP event will begin at 11:00 am on Saturday, October 22, 2011 and will feature live demos and seminars on non-surgical cosmetic treatments, including EndyMed 3DEEP™, DOT Therapy, and Thermage®.
Cellulaze™ in Orlando targets bulging pockets of fat, thickens the dermis, and can dramatically smooth the appearance of cellulite on your thighs. As we suit-up for summer, are you still battling that unwanted bulge on your stomach, thighs, legs or arms? Unlike traditional liposuction in Florida, Aqualipo ultilizes advanced techniques to gently remove fat, minimizing bleeding, swelling, and bruising. We offer minimally invasive plastic surgery treatments to allow you to rejuvenate your appearance without taking too much time away from your life.
Often described as bumps, dips, or dimpling, cellulite alters the appearance of your thighs. Although you may be close to reaching bikini bod perfection, some troublesome areas of unwanted fat may be holding you back from full beach potential. Liposonix takes only 30 minutes to an hour to complete, and you may resume normal activities immediately after the procedure. These affects can add years to your appearance, leaving you regretful of those summers spent under the sun. The heat causes collagen to contract and also helps to stimulate the production of new collagen for a tighter, more youthful-looking skin tone. The follicles are kept in a moist, misted collection canister, decreasing the chance of contamination and increasing the survival rate of follicles. Post-op, patients report a “tightness” sensation in the area where scalp was extracted and a noticeable, permanent, linear scar around the extraction area. Mendoza has extensive advanced training in plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, reconstructive surgery, and hand surgery.  With Dr. Whether you’re looking for a Florida tummy tuck, Florida breast augmentation or rhinoplasty in Tampa, Melbourne, Orlando, The Villages and Vero Beach, Florida plastic surgery locations, Dr. Now offered at The Bassin Center For Plastic Surgery, EndyMed 3Deep™ can be used to treat large areas like the waist, abdomen, buttocks, hips, and thighs, and small areas like the neck, upper arms, chest, and knees.
During the EndyMed 3Deep™ treatment, heat from radio frequency energy penetrates the subsurface layers of the skin, causing the contraction of existing collagen and the formation of new collagen. And, because this process does not require any artificial substances to be implanted or injected into your body, NaturalFill® Natural Breast Enhancement™ has minimal risk of medical side effects and less patient downtime than other breast enhancement surgeries. Since the fat cells remain intact during extraction, they can be immediately injected into the breasts. Mendoza can provide you with softer, smoother, and more natural-looking breast augmentation results. Mendoza can smooth out breast irregularities and dimples and decrease visible edges around implants.
We can help you undo the damage with our End of Summer Special.Now through September 30, enjoy 30% off Botox® Cosmetic, EndyMed 3Deep™, DOT Therapy, and Thermage® during The Bassin Center for Plastic Surgery’s End of Summer Special. While Kate Middleton looked beautiful in her April wedding to Prince William, it’s her little sister, Pippa, who has had everyone talking for two months. As lives get busier and busier, there’s an ever-increasing desire for instant gratification.
A QuickLift™ will give more noticeable results than a mini-facelift, but more subtle results than a full facelift. Instead of inserting silicone implants in the buttocks, NaturalFill® Natural Buttocks Enhancement™ in Tampa uses the body’s own fat, previously harvested using a procedure called AquaLipo®, to shape the buttocks to the desired proportions. Bassin, and their staff are more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about NaturalFill® Natural Buttocks Enhancement™ in Tampa.
Refreshments will be served and attendees will receive a 30% off coupon for their future visit. At Bassin Center for Plastic Surgery, we offer Aqualipo in Orlando, a minimally invasive, water-based technique to combat troublesome areas of fat. He has also been published in numerous other textbooks and workbooks, including Leavitt School of Hair Technology Medical Hair Restoration andFast Track Medical Hair Restoration.
These cutting edge treatments deliver similar results as more invasive treatments without the recovery or downtime. Using your own natural fat, you can increase the volume in your breasts, smooth irregularities, and reshape. Bassin also offers SmartLipo, a laser liposuction system that permanently destroys treated fat cells with minimal bruising or downtime. The revolutionary LazerLift laser facelift can be completed in as little as thirty minutes with considerably less downtime than a traditional facelift! Cellulite affects women's appearance and self-confidence, the cause of cellulite is unknown, but can be linked to lifestyle choices, genetics, and hormone imbalances. Patients have reported a smoother, shapelier figure after liposonix with full results being seen within 8 to 12 weeks. To help defeat the aging effects of the summer sun, Bassin Center for Plastic Surgery offers Thermage, a long lasting, non-surgical facelift.

Unlike other non-surgical facelifts, Thermage in Florida is able to improve loose jowls, sagging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles in only one 45 minute session. Once all follicles are extracted, they are placed in the desired area on your scalp using reverse pneumatic pressure, similar to the initial extraction. Although the strip method is able to produce natural-looking results, NeoGraft in Florida is becoming the more convenient, chosen method of hair restoration due to its less invasive technique. Mendoza on board, the Bassin Center for Plastic Surgery will now be offering a host of new Florida plastic surgery options in our Tampa, Melbourne, Orlando, The Villages and Vero Beach Florida plastic surgery locations, including tummy tuck, breast lift, breast augmentation, breast reduction, male breast reduction, rhinoplasty, vaginal rejuvenation and labiaplasty.  Dr.
NaturalFill® Natural Breast Enhancement™ does not require general anesthesia and is performed in office as an outpatient procedure. Typically, patients can expect to see a one cup size increase in their bust size per treatment. While her shiny hair, golden tan, and stunning maid of honor dress have been discussed by fashion magazines everywhere, it’s her shapely figure and perky bottom that women around the globe desperately want to emulate. Bassin, patients often use popular media figures for inspiration when looking for their ideal body.
This procedure is less invasive than silicone implants; patients who choose traditional buttocks enhancement with silicone implants can expect mild swelling for at least three months while NaturalFill® Natural Buttocks Enhancement™ patients will experience only two to three days of mild swelling. Mendoza will perform AquaLipo® in Tampa to remove fat from an undesirable area, such as the stomach, hips, or stomach, to use later for the NaturalFill® Natural Buttocks Enhancement™. Rigo Mendoza at Bassin Center for Plastic Surgery Tampa offer Cellulaze™ in Tampa, the first FDA approved procedure to reduce cellulite permanently. Traditional treatments could only hope to reduce cellulite temporarily because they just treated the surface symptoms. The procedure uses a SideLight™ 3D Cellulaze™ laser cannula to liquefy and remove fat, break apart connective tissue, and stimulate the production of collagen.  Stimulating collagen will help to thicken skin and further reduce the appearance of cellulite. Mendoza perform the first live treatment of Cellulaze in Tampa, the only treatment that provides permanent cellulite reduction! The biggest benefit of NaturalFill is where the fat originates; somewhere else on your body! Eliminate fat and tighten skin because it increases collagen, our laser facelift in Orlando will restore the youth to your face and neck, allowing you to look younger and refreshed faster than a traditional facelift!
Cellulite has even been linked to wearing tight, elastic clothing!  You may try to tackle these bumps with lotions and creams, in most cases the results from these over-the-counter treatments are minimal and temporary at best. After Cellulaze in Florida, you will have minimal bruising and swelling, and the incision is so small, scarring is minimal. The results will last 10-15 years, and these changes are significant, unable to be accomplished with lotions or creams alone. This procedure requires no stitches, sutures, or scalpels, and results can be seen in as little as three months. Most patients experience a warm sensation during the procedure and may have very mild redness or swelling in the treatment sight, but describe the procedure as being comfortable and relaxing.
Roger Bassin understands that his patients want excellent results with the least amount of downtime.
Bassin suggests NaturalFill® Natural Facial Filler™ be performed in conjunction with your QuickLift™ procedure. Also, NaturalFill® Natural Buttocks Enhancement™ uses the body’s own natural fat, so the results are permanent. AquaLipo® uses a focused jet stream of water, instead of lasers, to break up fat inside the body. Bassin Center for Plastic Surgery is the first practice in central Florida to offer permanent laser cellulite reduction. Cellulaze™ in Tampa, however, is able to provide long-lasting cellulite reduction because it targets the stiffened, underlying connective tissues which create pockets of fat. Our Florida plastic surgeon extracts your own fat from your abdomen, thighs, flanks, or love handles, using a minimally invasive liposuction procedure, Aqualipo, and transfers that same fat to your breasts. At Bassin Center for Plastic Surgery, we offer Cellulaze, a laser treatment to permanently reduce the appearance of cellulite. You’ll experience no downtime from Thermage, so you can return to the beach right after treatment, looking younger and more refreshed! NeoGraft provides permanent results and is a great alternative to traditional hair transplant surgery as it leaves no scarring and has less associated risk. Mendoza, please call the Bassin Center for Plastic Surgery at our Tampa, Melbourne, Orlando, The Villages and Vero Beach Florida Plastic Surgery Center at 813-872-FACE.  For more information about Dr. NaturalFill® for Face uses your own fat cells harvested from other parts of your body to smooth facial wrinkles and add volume to the cheeks and lips. This procedure allows you to enhance volume and shape without inserting foreign substances in the body, creating the curves you’ve dreamed of naturally. This liposuction technique allows the fat which is harvested to remain pure and is ideal for transplantation into the buttocks. Bassin, the results of the QuickLift™ are more natural than deep facelifts, which can result in an overly-pulled appearance. AquaLipo® is also less invasive than previously used liposuction techniques; the procedure is relatively gentle, and patients will experience almost no recovery time. Mendoza at Bassin Center for Plastic Surgery to discover how Cellulaze™ in Orlando, Florida can help you achieve smoother skin on your thighs, buttocks, and abdomen just in time hike your hemline for the summer sun. Bassin offers the QuickLift™ in Florida, a modified facelift procedure designed to address the signs of ages in the mid- to lower-face and neck. The fat which is harvested using AquaLipo® is then inserted into the buttocks using NaturalFill® to increase volume and enhance contours. NaturalFill®, much like AquaLipo®, is relatively gentle and painless; it does not require incisions or stitches, nor does it require general anesthesia. Individual patient results will depend on the amount of available donor fat tissue and the increased volume desired.
Bassin in Florida, NaturalFill®, AquaLipo®, or cosmetic surgery in Florida, please visit Dr.

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