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To continue with my series about breast augmentation, today I will be talking about the myriad of options there are for types, sizes and placements of implants.
I originally chose anatomical implants but later changed my mind because due to their shape, they can only be placed through a crease incision.
An implant with the same base diameter can vary greatly in size based on the amount of projection, or how far the implant sticks out of the body.
Within the range of possibilities given by your measurements, size choices are entirely up to your own preferences. Specifically, my breast width diameter was about 11.5cm and my fill volume was about 350 cc. Now that you have a good introduction on implant type, the next important decision is where to place the implant and through which incision.
Subpectoral implants are covered by the pectoral muscle for the most part and are harder to feel when touching the breast.
First I went with subpectoral implants, but after some research I found out that it can be difficult for some women to do chest exercises after surgery.
The last choice you will have to make is where you would like your surgical incision to be. When I first started looking into getting a BA, I didn't consider anatomicals at all because the doctors I consulted with here in WI did not recommend it. Since deciding that I'm willing to travel for a BA though, I'm realizing that I now have the option of getting anatomicals, depending on the PS I choose. Originally Posted by Linaki Just be sure that the PS you pick had LOTS of experience with them. Have any of you experienced flipping with anatomicals, and do you have to then do a re-operation? Hi, i didn't choose anatomicals, i went into see the Plastic surgeon asking for a very natural look and he does a mixture of rounds and anatomicals, and he thought i would get better results with anatomicals. The doctor I am going to does both rounds and anatomicals, but I suspected that I would get the look I want - lots of fullness in the lower pole, a very natural slope - with anatomicals and he agreed. I went into my consult completely against anatomicals because of the flipping concern and I have also read that round implants take on the shape of anatomicals once they D&F.
The high cohesive anatomical 'gummy bear' material also is a bit firmer than traditional silicone implants. Implant volume is typically measured in cubic centimeters (cc) and the width of the base is usually measured in centimeters (cm).
Usually, about 100cc equals one standard cup size so thinking about how much bigger you want to look can help you determine implant size. Recovery time is longer for this type implant but many women prefer this placement because they worry about feeling the implant too much through the skin.

The recovery time is quicker and pain from surgery is usually much less than subpectoral implants.
My PS sugggested them because i have a mild case of pectus carinatum and he said round ones would not give me a nice profile look, but anatomicals would help to create a gentle slope. Even one of the PS who I had a consult with said that the flipping was the reason he doesn't do them.. The risk of turning or flipping is very rare, but you do need a good Dr who is experienced with placing them, if the pocket is precise they don't turn or flip. I consulted with two surgeons and one of them offered anatomicals without me telling anything about my preferences.
They seem to be a lot more common outside of the US, so I didn't have any trouble finding a surgeon with plenty of experience.
My PS was part of the trials when the anatomicals were introduced and he has been doing them since so he supports them 100%.
While fat transfer augmentation is a great option for some women, it's fairly recent and comes with a very different set of decisions and complications, so I don't be discussing it here. Additionally, many sources say that round implants settle into a natural breast shape once inside the body.
Many brands also offer a 'moderate plus' projection option, which is between moderate and high.
During a consultation for BA, the plastic surgeon will usually take a set of measurements to determine what size range will work best. Since I have very light skin and scars usually heal white or light pink, I decided the areola incision would be the least noticeable for me.
As i have big frame 5'10 and i wanted to go not huge but quite big i was doubtfull because i thought you cannot go that big with them.
To be honest i have had no problems at all, but i think i would have been just as happy with rounds, at the time i was under the impression that rounds gave a fake look, but after joining this forum, that way of thinking was totally wrong, and you can get very natural results with rounds as well.
My surgeon also said he uses crease incisions with anatomicals in particular because it allows him to see what he is doing better and make a more precisely shaped and sized pocket to avoid rotation. I brought up my concern about them flipping and he has not had one patient have their anatomicals flip.
Determining the appropriate volume for your body is an important step in the process of choosing the correct implant for your augmentation.. Two important measurements in deciding implant size are breast width diameter and fill volume.
Find a Doctor that you trust and be guided by him, or her to give you the best results for you, either with rounds or anatomicals. As for the rounds taking on the shape of anatomicals, I have NEVER seen one picture of anatomicals that look 'round' but have seen TONS of rounds that look round.

Silimed offers a wide range of volumes for you and your surgeon to arrive at the desired result.Remember, your body is one of a kind and the style and size of a breast implant used by a friend, or acquaintance, may not be suitable for you. Breast width diameter is how wide each breast is from end to end and this determines how wide the base of the implant should be. You should know all your options and do extensive research on every option available.Stay tuned to find out what it's like to go under the knife and what recovery was like in Part III.
Yes, I'll definitely make sure whichever PS I choose has lots of experience with anatomicals, should I choose to go with those instead of round.
When talking about saline implants, you might see, for example, that a 300cc implant was 'overfilled' to 325cc, which will give a firmer and rounder appearance less prone to rippling. Fill volume determines how large of an implant can be placed in a first-time BA patient without over-stretching the skin or causing excessive complications. Because saline implants are filled inside the body, they can usually be placed through a much smaller incision than silicone implants. They are also significantly cheaper than their silicone alternatives, so they are a good option if you're looking to minimize cost. They are available in polyurethane surface only.Round implants are as wide as they are high and can provide fullness in the upper breast area, with very good results. Although many women love their saline implants and claim they feel soft and natural, they are filled with water and can have a bit of a 'water balloon' feeling. Also, saline implants rupture more frequently than silicone implants and can deflate inside the body.Unlike saline implants, silicone implants are filled with a highly viscous gel and their volume cannot be changed. Because of this, they must be placed through an incision that is large enough to accommodate the implant. For example, if you have a wide chest wall, but are of short stature, you will likely suit a short, but wider implant.
Cohesive gels are designed to maintain desired shape, whilst maintaining softness and natural movement. Both saline and silicone implants are available with smooth or textured shells and each have their benefits. Textured implants have a surface that attaches to the tissue on the outside of the implant, forcing it to stay put. They also reduce the risk of capsular contracture but increase the risk for rippling if the tissue underneath attaches in an uneven way.Personally, I went with textured silicone implants because I felt both saline and silicone options at my surgeon's office and there was no contest - silicone felt so much softer and more natural to me.

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