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Funny Puppy Pictures One of the largest collections of funny pictures, Video and photochops on the net. A rare red panda became a surprise house guest just before Christmas for one family in the Chinese city of Leshan. Read “Selena Gomez Plastic Surgery Before and After” if you want to know Selena Gomez getting a boob job and lip injection? Selena Gomez, thisA Disney starlet.A did plastic surgery of breast implants, this is confirmed by the plastic surgeon. In July 2014,A Selena Gomez was rumored to take another breast implant to make her breasts look at least 1 cup size bigger! Selena Gomez’s lip injection was confirmed by a source close to Selena Gomez, who said Selena did do the lip injection. Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos: Liquid facelift and Breast Implant and Lip Implant!
Plastic surgeons confirmed Lindsay LohanA has had fillers injected into her lips and cheeks.
Compare with the photos in 2003 and 2009, you will see her face fuller and her lip becomes overly plumped than before because she’s got a handful of gummy worms sewn into her top and bottom lips. Though Lohan said a€?ridiculous and totally untrue” and her family said her alreadyA hadA gorgeous body. You can decide which point of entry {Periareolar or Inframamamary) and which position you prefer the set point of the implant {Subglandular or Submuscular} Submusculara is more painful and a bit longer to heal.

Comparing her pictures when she was a teenager to present day, we can see the huge difference of her breast size.
Nicki Minaj likely follow Kim Kardashian footstep, she was rumored to have several kinds of plastic surgery procedures like Buttock augmentation, breast implants and also a nose job.
In addition to a nose job, Beyonce likely has undergone another plastic surgery like breast augmentation. Well, There are many celebrities with implants out there, but Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, Victoria Beckham, Beyonce Knowles and Salma Hayek are some of the top celebrities with implants. Nicki Minaj Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos: Nose Job, Butt Implant and Breast Implants! Nicki, the 30 year old singer, did change a lot during the past and ita€™s certainly not just because of the makeup.
Nicki Minaj has had a nose job, and you can clearly see the changes if you take a close look at the before and after photos! According to reality star Coco, Nicki admitted to her that her glutes werena€™t God-given, and said, a€?Yeah, I thought she came out with it. If you compare Nickia€™s butt shape now with her butt in her teens, ita€™s more certain that Nicki had a very flat butt before, but now the shape has changed a lot. Nicki has had breast implants to match her huge butt, and ita€™s evident if you compare the photos of Nicki Minaja€™s before photos with her after photos below! Selena Gomez Plastic Surgery Before and After.A A Selena Gomez has been changed a lot around these years and plastic surgery seems to be one important factor! The rumor raised when she was spotted leaving the Bedford restaurant in New York City, wearing dark shades without a bra and her breasts looked much larger than before! Jonathan Shifren said Selena Gomez has done breast implants because you can see the outline of the implants’ upper portion which is a clear sign of breast implants. Lindsay Lohan has done plastic surgeries including breast implants and facial.A Can you imagine this floundering star is only 26 years old! Some said she has used the latest plastic surgery technique called a€?liquid facelift.a€? whichA combines botoxA with fillers to redefine the face. Aside from buttock augmentation rumor, Kim Kardashian was also rumored to have breast implants in the past.

Kim firstly reveals breast augmentation when she accidentally showed her nipple on Good Morning America show.
The spice Girls star finally admitted that she has had breast augmentation in the past after long time in denial. Some media said that Beyonce possibly has breast implants since her recent photo reveals that her bust has been increased and there is a mark on her armpit that’s indicated a boob job has been performed.
Although Salma has ever denied any kind of plastic surgery, but people believe she could be having breast implants in the past.
Just check out the a€?Nicki Minaj Plastic Surgery Before and After Photosa€? below, and you will find Nicki has had plastic surgery procedures including a nose job, butt implant and breast implants. Though she rejects this immediately when anyone mentions it, her friend Coco once let slip that Nicki revealed to her that her butt was not real.
And because this is usually seen inA the immediate post-operative period, so he estimated that her breast implants were taken recently.
It is common for some women who has had butt implants, then they also need breast augmentation to make it match to the rest of their body. Judging her photos before and after a boob job, Victoria has clearly transformed her breasts from small B cups to 32C-cups.
The procedure is done by inserting implants through the armpit, and it is usually done for people with darker skin. Observing her recent photos, it seems her breast appears larger, although it can be the result of loss weight, but people strongly believe that’s the result of implants. But he also pointed out her breast implants were not perfect because they were placed too high and her nipples were pushed to a lower position. Michael Salzhauer also added that it is common for a patient who has had buttock augmentation, then she decides to have breast augmentation to balance their proportions.

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