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You don’t have to look further than the celebrity magazines at the supermarket check-out counter to find examples of people who have had one plastic surgery procedure after another.
Experts agree that plastic surgery is not a physical addiction, but it can be a psychological addiction. Most people have plastic surgery because they want to keep their youth for as long as possible.
The rate at which we appear to age is largely determined by genetics, especially the genes we inherit from mothers. One disturbing trend is that as more people take “selfies” and post images of themselves on social media sites, they become increasingly aware of how they look to others. Plastic surgery can be a wonderful thing, and certainly helps people all over the world, whether it is to fix a physical problem or help improve self-esteem. About Edward FrancisEdward Francis is interested in writing about health and fitness related issues.
Aging has a way of getting to most people, but celebrities seem even more susceptible to it’s influence!
Star Magazine, print edition January 28, 2013, reports that Courteney is hooked, but her friends aren’t so enthused, and “told her that her face is looking more and more fake and compared her to the queen of plastic surgery, Janice Dickenson!” Courteney previously joked to New You Magazine that she is “very open to prolonging the inevitable.”Her friends have vocalized their concerns, but their warnings fall on deaf ears (deaf from Botox injections, maybe?) and “they may have an intervention if she doesn’t stop!” I think Courteney looks pretty good—that is, I wouldn’t go so far as to compare her to Janice Dickenson, who I think has started to look like dry clay in the shape of a human face. What is Plastic Surgery Addiction?Plastic surgery is all over the media these days, touted by top stars as their means of attaining physical "perfection".
As people look in the mirror each day, and see more wrinkles and sagging skin, they may decide to take action to make themselves look younger. If a person has a negative self-image this can exacerbate it, and cause them to focus more on problems with their appearance.

Considering that we’re talking about a psychological type of addiction, only the person getting all that surgery can decide when enough is enough. It only becomes an issue when someone continues to get more and more plastic surgery in the hope it will fix flaws that only they can see. No, they don’t age any differently in terms of biology, but wrinkles have a way of working through their bodies, into their finger tips, and then on to their credit cards! It has become accepted and indeed commonplace in today's society, especially with the advent on non-invasive procedures such as Botox. Does it make them feel better about themselves, and if so, why do they need more and more procedures? When a person has BDD, they can become obsessed with any small, or even imaginary, defect in their body or face. One study we looked at identified that about a third of patients who had a nose job showed symptoms of BDD. Often it can start with non-surgical procedures like Botox, but eventually, many of them opt for plastic surgery such as facelifts, tummy tucks, eyelid lifts and others. Many people, especially baby boomers, are ready to take whatever action they can to reverse that ageing progression, at least on the surface. It’s impossible to accept that our flaws define our personalities when we see artificial perfection all around us. Having ten nose jobs and still not being happy with the result is a clear sign of plastic surgery addiction. In the end, for an addict, it may create more flaws and issues that one could ever imagine to begin with.

In the latest ridiculous plastic surgery report, it seems that Friends veteran and Cougar Town star Courteney Cox has joined Britney Spears in the extreme celeb makeover department, and has dished out a whopping $100,000 on cosmetic procedures! In fact, in 2007 the American Society of Aesthic Surgery reported that almost 13.2 billion dollars was spent on plastic surgery, a 17% increase over the previous year. They believe she’s had a face lift, a neck lift, and the trendy new Ulthera treatment, which “is meant to lift, tone, and tighten your skin with ultrasound technology.” Add to that repair of the little details—Botox in her forehead and around her eyes, lip filler, and fat injections to fill the hollow concaves of her face. The total number of people undergoing cosmetic procedures has skyrocketed by 457% and growing since the statistics began to be recorded, and nearly 11.7 million surgical and non surgical procedures were performed in the year 2007. Statistics are unavailable for the year 2010, but the media coverage and public awareness keep growing at astronomical rates. Plastic surgery can be extremely addictive; people get hooked on the rush or high of being "beautiful" or being just like popular celebrities, often at their own detriment. But how and why does this happen?Causes of Plastic Surgery AddictionCosmetic surgery addiction can be caused by a condition called body dysmorphic disorder, wherein an individual is preoccupied with a slight or imagined "abnormality' in their appearance, which a person without the disorder might interpret as a quirk, individualistic, or perfectly acceptable. This obsession often causes significant social or occupational impairment, as well as emotional problems. People with body dysmorphic disorder will often seek plastic surgery in order to alleviate their distress, but since they have a mental disorder and not a physical one, they will always find something new that is perceived to be "wrong" with them. Body dysmorphic disorder cannot be alleviated by plastic surgery, and can only be addressed by mentally coming to terms with reality.Social factors also play a large role in plastic surgery addiction.

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