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Information and services provided through Make Me Heal and this Site are intended for educational and informational purposes and are not a substitute for the advice of your physician or other medical professional. Federal health officials said in June that the latest data on silicone breast implants show they are relatively safe, despite frequent complications that lead about one in five women to have the implants removed within ten years.
Silicone breast implants were pulled off the market in 1992 amid concerns that leaks from the implants could lead to cancer or autoimmune disease. Thousands Still Choosing Silicone Still, there are plenty of satisfied customers among the nearly 400,000 women who receive breast implants each year. We no longer support commenting on stories, but you can find us every day on Facebook, Twitter, email, and many other platforms. I've been reading a ton on here and love seeing others stats but I noticed that most girls weigh much less than me.
I have pictures of what I would like, so i'll bring those but i'm also a little nervous that the amount will be more than I thought it would be simply because I weigh more.
You look great for weighing 160 I am about the same weight a little shorter by one inch not too much but I am not thin and tone like you I think implants look bigger on thin girls. You may have noticed that Mentor’s gummy bear implants are called the CPG, and that Allergan’s gummy bear implants are called the 410. The reasons are actually unclear to everyone, but it appears to be how the different companies worked within the FDA’s capricious regulations.
Some have called Sientra’s round implant a gummy bear implant, but in any clinical situation it behaves indistinguishably from the round silicone gel implants made by Allergan and Mentor. The Sientra gel is definitely softer than that of the 410, and perhaps more so than the CPG.
The surface of the 410 is call Biocell® and it is made by rubbing salt crystals into the outer layer of the shell, and then dissolving them. With the Sientra receiving FDA approval in March 2012, they were the only company selling shaped implants in the United States for all of that year and into 2013. Most people are amazed when they learn that a doctor doesn’t have to be board certified to do plastic surgery.
This ad from a medical journal shows what Sientra itself sees as the highlights of their teardrop breast implant.
On the left is a Sientra round silicone implant and on the right is an Allergan round silicone implant. Notice how both the Sientra and Allergan implants lose their round shape when they standon their sides.
On the left is a 410 FM (full height-moderate profile) and on the right is a Sientra classic base moderate projection implant. When lying flat, it is obvious that the 410 on the left and the Sientra on the right have different shapes.
All our plastic surgeons are certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery and are members in good standing of ASPS and ASAPS. I would be in my 60s when I had to do this again, and who wants to have surgery unnecessarily when you are 60 something?" says Marion.
He basically said to pick out pictures and bring them in on monday (actual surgery will be on the 8th eeeek!) . Allergan and Mentor treated their gummy bear implants as a distinct product line from their standard round silicone gel implants and thus had to have separate FDA approvals for them.
And it is quite distinct from a truly gummy bear round implant, which looks round no matter what its position.

The Classic Base Moderate Projection is their only full height implant, comparable to the four different Natrelle® 410 F height implants and the three different Mentor CPG 3 tall height implants.
The shaped Sientra implants maintain their shape better than any of the standard round silicone gel implants (including their own,) but certainly less so than the 410.
The surface of the Mentor CPG is called Siltex® and is made by making an impression on it with a textured surface.
The Sientra manufacturing facility is inspected by the very same FDA inspectors who also inspect the Mentor CPG production line in Dallas and the Natrelle® 410 production facility in San Juan, Costa Rica. Since only a limited group of surgeons participating in clinical trials were able to use the CPG and the 410 during that time, the Sientra shaped implants became the most commonly used shaped implants in the United States. Sientra took the highly principled position to only sell their implants to board certified plastic surgeons. Some would say that the goal of mimicking the feel of the breast should not be the only goal, because softening the gel to do so correspondingly impairs the shape integrity of the implant, which is also an important consideration.
The shapes are fairly similar, but notice that there is a little bit of a buckling on the Sientra, but not on the 410. A surgeon’s preference for one over the other is based upon their own perspective as to which shape would best fulfill a particular patient’s request given her anatomy.
But Sientra wisely grouped both their round and teardrop implants together and so they are considered to be the same from a regulatory point of view.
The surface of the Sientra implants looks more similar to Biocell® than to Siltex®, but the method they use for making it is proprietary. It is unclear whether they are using high strength to describe the shell, the cohesiveness of the silicone, or some other property. One should also be aware that Brazil is now a first world economy and now makes significant contributions to the world economy. When the Mentor CPG and the Natrelle® 410 get approved, it will be interesting to see which of the implants become the most popular in the United States. That of course restricts their sales, but they understood that the results in breast augmentation surgery are mostly dependent upon the surgeon using them. It is also possible that a softer implant would be more prone to develop a fold in its shell, so that even if it were more similar to breast tissue in feel, any fold in the shell would be a greater tradeoff in creating the ideal implant.
While the Sientra round is billed as highly cohesive, gummy bear, or even form stable, it doesn’t look much different than the Natrelle® implant.
Were they to maintain their round shape, they would make a breast that looked like a coconut. But now the Food and Drug Administration has evaluated the safety of the second generation of silicone implants and the results are mixed. FYI I am having booby shock because I'm measuring a lot bigger than I anticipated but I still LOVE them!!!! I don't think they base cc's on weight as much as they base it on your BWD (mine was 16.5), your starting size, how tight your muscles are, and the look you are going for. Their plastic surgeons continue to make some of the most important innovations in aesthetic surgery. But with only one projection available, choices of full height implants are more limited than with the other manufacturers. The projection is extremely high and the footprint is entirely round, so it resembles a breast less than the typical anatomic cohesive implant. The CPG, 410, and Sientra are all equally excellent implants, but each manufacturer chose a different balance of softness and form stability.

However it is made, it is successful at minimizing Sientra shaped implant rotations to a very low number.
Whether it is a meaningless marketing term or a description of a unique quality of these implants has not been disclosed. So you can rest assured that if your plastic surgeon is suggesting Sientra implants, that they are a real plastic surgeon.
These are very subtle issues, but one that each plastic surgeon will weight differently when selecting a cohesive breast implant for each patient. Once inside the body, the pressure and support of tissues will change the degree of collapse to some unpredictable extent. He said he also doesn't decide on a specific size prior to surgery and will do what looks best when he's in the actual surgery. Just remember that this is what your PS does for a living, so if you show them pictures of what you want, they will do everything in their power to make sure that is as close to how you will look as possible. Still, you want to be sure that your plastic surgeon has specific experience using gummy bear breast implants.
This ad also demonstrates that Sientra was the first FDA approved shaped breast implants in the modern era. Plasitic surgeons will put different relative values on the greater form stability of the 410 v the greater softness of the Sientra breast implants. In 2007 an American investment group purchased the rights to import Silimed breast implants into the United States, and named the company Sientra. One other note- look at how round implant on the left standing on its edge looks perfectly round.
It is still an excellent implant, but should be grouped with the standard round silicone gel implants made by Mentor and Allergan. So if the silicone gel leaks, it doesn't travel through the body, it doesn't cause systemic problems.
They may look like that lying flat on a table, but when they are standing upright they fold as seen in the photos toward the end of this section. So the MRI is really detecting a cosmetic concern," says New York City plastic surgeon Matthew Schulman. Sientra took over the trial, and successfully received FDA approval for its round and shaped highly cohesive breast implants in March 2012. At the same time, you wouldn’t want an implant like that because it would make a breaset that was obviously round and fake. So you have to at least expect that sometime in your life, you are going to need a reoperation. For years afterward she felt ill, suffered multiple bouts of pneumonia, had trouble breathing and pain in her chest. As it turned out, Knecht's implants had leaked; a biopsy found silicone in her lymph nodes and in her lungs.
Moreover, that data are limited to just the last two or three years a€” not enough, Wolf says, to make any real claims about the long-term safety of the implants.

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