90 - Tower Six Trail

This is a cat track that runs across Lizard Bowl all the way from the top of the Boomerang chair to Dancer and then reverses direction to run back to the Bear's Den. Combined with the short section down from the top of the Bear Chair to the top of Boomerang, it is the easiest way out of Cedar Bowl for a low end skier. For most advanced skiers, it provides transit to the Lizard Bowl runs when getting off of the Boomerang chair and also marks a frequent avalanche closure boundary. The topography of Lizard Bowl can often mean that while there is a risk of a slide off of the cliff bands running into upper Lizard Bowl, there won't be sufficient snow volume to run all the way down to Tower Six road. This allows the patrol to open the lower bowl while keeping the upper bowl closed. Of course sometimes the risk is greater and the whole bowl will be closed.

Last modified on 2007-11-19
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