28 - Tom's Run

The second of the Currie Chutes.

This starts below the Saddle (on the Currie side) and the top part is a pretty wide open, moderately steep pitch that can be powder heaven. Farther down the trip through the rock bands results in some seriously steep pitches that are somewhat confined, but still wide enough to make normal turns in. Your skis will appreciate you being careful in the early season, for there will be rocks lurking under the powder. Shortly beyond this section, Tom's run joins Concussion just above the flats at the top of Gilmar Trail.

The actual boundaries between Tom's Run are generally a mystery to me, but you can ski pretty much anywhere, as along as you aren't foolish enough to fall off of one of the big rock outcroppings.


The top of Tom's Run, with the entrance to Saddle on the left.


The nice open area around the top of Tom's Run


Tom's Run is in the background, on the other side of the Concussion gully, in this shot.

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